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Sarah Spain article gets notice.

July 29, 2010

This website is not always intended to “gain attention” as other websites out there. We are here for the sole purpose of venting our frustration towards our favorite teams. Nothing more. Nothing less.

However, I did receive an email from a friend of mine in Chicago who told me he tracks ESPN 1000 on his Twitter. I have no idea why he has that but I think anybody who has Twitter is a loser. Anyway, he told me that a woman by the name of Marissa Krupa tweeted (Is that the proper term?) the article from a couple weeks ago that I wrote on this site to guess who? Sarah Spain. Here is what Krupa twatted:

@SarahSpain read it on a blog yesterday by a hater. Can’t find the link now… Prolly he was jealous he missed out on bidding! 😉 2:56 PM Jul 23rd via TweetDeck in reply to SarahSpain

I am amazed. Really? I am jealous because I missed out on bidding? Yes. I must say I am. I am jealous because I didn’t have the TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to take some slut to the Super Bowl that the Bears eventually lost then get laid by this girl. Right. I wouldn’t give a dime for any kind of “companionship”. If memory serves correct, I got laid within the next week or two after that game for the cost of…nothing. I didn’t pay a thing. She was just as good as Sarah Spain. And you know what the good thing was? I didn’t have to go all the way to Florida for this woman and dish out thousands of dollars. All I did was get in my ’82 Cavalier and drive about two miles down the road. She was some bar slut who put out easily and had the smell of old cigarettes.

Good day Marissa. I hope Sarah is showing you the ropes.

Open Thread.

July 19, 2010

LeBron post revisited.

July 19, 2010

In the middle of May, I wrote this aricle saying how LeBron James was one of the most immature athletes and how if the Bulls acquired him, that it would cause a problem. For that, I received a lot of people criticizing my article saying how I was wrong and an idiot.

So with that being said, I am here to show those fuck tards once again that I have back up. A well respected writer named Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports wrote this piece on July 16th basically showing proof on how LeBron James is indeed what I claimed him to be: A selfish punk.

In Wojnarowski’s article, he posts some situations where LeBron has showed his immaturity. Here is an excerpt from this article:

From Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski to managing director Jerry Colangelo to NBA elders, the issue of James’ immaturity and downright disrespectfulness had become a consuming topic on the march to the Olympics.

So you see ladies and gentleman? Even the most respected of basketball people can see how James is a selfish and immature prick. Now to the next excerpt:

After the NBA witnessed the behavior of James and his business manager Maverick Carter during the 2007 All-Star Weekend, the commissioner’s office sent word to USA Basketball the league wouldn’t force James on them for the Olympics. Before Team USA gathered for the 2007 Tournament of the Americas in Las Vegas, an unmistakable message had been delivered to James through Nike: Unless you change, we’re serious about leaving you home.

Wait everybody. There’s more:

Through Nike, James ultimately heeded the message and became more tolerable to coaches, teammates and staff. Team USA assigned Jason Kidd to babysit him at the Tournament of the Americas in 2007, to try to teach him something the Cavaliers never had a veteran to do: professionalism.

He had to be babysat? Really? I wonder if MJ ever needed a babysitter.

Within an hour of the Cavaliers’ season ending in Boston, James’ inner circle, including power broker William Wesley, agent Leon Rose and business manager Maverick Carter, stood outside the visiting locker room grumbling about coach Mike Brown…James had wanted Brown gone a year earlier after the Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference finals to the Orlando Magic – despite Brown guiding Cleveland to 66 victories while winning the league’s Coach of the Year award.

So James along with his immaturity needs his own posse to be with him at all times? And he complained about his head coach the season before? 66 wins and he thinks it’s the coach’s fault. Sure.

Once again, LeBron should not have any comparison on Jordan or any other great player for that matter. There are no comparisons because James is the biggest piece of crap in sports today. The guy is a punk and will always be. When he was in Cleveland, he was always dancing around the sidelines and showing off other teams. If you turds who want to disagree say that Jordan did the same thing, he didn’t. I don’t remember Jordan once ever dancing around the benches. If he talked shit to somebody, that somebody likely did it first.

For the last five years, I have said that LeBron James will never win a title because of his immaturity. James has had seven years to mature. If people also want to throw out that Kobe Bryant is immature, he has five rings and came into the league at the same age James did so he is doing just fine. Even though James went to the Heat with Bosh and Wade, he still will not win a title. You heard it from me first. I am sure he will have fun dancing around the benches in Miami shortly after the Heat lose in the second or third round of the playoffs.

People who piss me off in Chicago sports: Sarah Spain.

July 12, 2010

As fans of most sports teams in this city, we tend to deal with a lot of idiots both in the Chicago media and on websites like this one. In December, I wrote an article similar to this one I am about to present about an idiot named Chet Coppock.

Today, we focus on another turd in Chicago sports. This woman is not only an attention whore but someone who was basically given a job because she became famous for being a skank. Her name is Sarah Spain. She currently works for ESPN 1000 as an update anchor. She is famous for trying to sell herself on eBay in exchange for a ticket to the Super Bowl when the Bears were in it in 2007. You read that right folks. She tried to “offer her services” so she could go to the Super Bowl. Now I am not an expert on the law or anything but I believe that constitutes that she is a…wait for it…prostitute.

On her eBay auction before it was pulled, she added, “I am not an escort. I am just offering my companionship in exchange for a ticket to the biggest game of the year.” eBay later pulled the auction but she did find a way around it by offering “pom-poms” in another auction. Some idiot even offered $20,000 for this skank.

Still don’t think this woman is not an only a whore but an attention whore? I found her MySpace page. Every link on the left hand side is full with links to articles pertaining to her. And check out the right hand side of that page. It shows the idiot who actually spent the thousands of dollars on her. At the time, it was a 3rd year medical student named Alan Shatagi. If you look at his pictures on her MySpace page, the first word that might pop up in your head is “douchebag”. He must be the dumbest fucking medical student in the world. What a loser. I can probably put money down he dealt with a case of chlamydia after that “date”.

What’s also funny on that page is that she has a certain segment towards the bottom of the page ripping on “haters”. Really? She must be really fed up with the criticism she receives from people that are calling her a prostitute for having that auction. Well once again. Someone who offers themselves in exchange for services is a…prostitute. So yes. Count me as a “hater” on this one. After every update, she says, “You’re listening to ESPN 1000. I’m Sarah Spain.” Instead, she should say “You’re listening to ESPN 1000. I’m a pathetic skank who sold myself on eBay for Bears tickets.”

So remember people. If you offer yourself on eBay for tickets to a big game, you just may land a career job making six figures a year just giving “sports updates” Monday through Friday every 20 minutes for a few hours! I should have known better. ESPN 1000 is known for hiring morons (Dan McNeil, Chet Coppock and now Sarah Spain). That makes me think: I wonder what Sarah would do if Chet pulled his pants down in front of her.

WWE House Show in Rockford Review.

July 11, 2010

When WWE comes to Rockford for an event, I try my best to make it there because is a rare occasion that they come there every year. Adding to that, I am about a half hour away from Rockford while I am about an hour from Chicago. When I was younger, they would come to town at least a couple times each year. On Saturday, WWE had a RAW house show so Stacey and I decided to go and bring along with a good friend of mine of the last 15 years.

I said this last year and I’ll say it again: Going to a WWE event always gives a fan the best value for the money. You can pay $15 and get two to three hours of entertainment and the best part about all of it is that you never go home dissapointed.

Sean, Stacey and I arrived to the Metro Centre at around 4:30. We always go early to meet the wrestlers and get autographs along with other fans. We had to wait a good half hour before anyone arrived. The ones that came to sign autographs were Brie and Nikki Bella, Natalya (Got a picture with her) and John Morrison (Sucks). David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd were with Natalya but did not stick around to sign autographs.

John Cena was the last one to stop by and he ended hugging a few girls and threw some headbands towards us. If I didn’t have a camera in my hand, I would have had a chance to get one of them. Edge got out of his car with a Quebec Nordiques shirt on. A few fans made some Blackhawks chants and I ended up asking why he wasn’t wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater because he is from Toronto. We also saw Santino and Wade Barrett.

The first match of the night was Mark Henry vs. Zach Ryder in which Henry won about five minutes. The match was short but the crowd was completely going nuts for Henry. He’s been in the WWE for almost 15 years and never have I heard such a loud cheer for him. I couldn’t believe it but a really cool thing to see.

Edge came out for a short promo and started ripping on Rockford. Pretty funny. Next up was The Great Khali vs. William Regal. I went to take a piss during this match. As soon as I got back, Khali pinned Regal. Sean and Stacey told me I didn’t miss much. Moving on. Santino Marella as the special guest referee for the Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres match? About time a divas match was worth watching. Alicia Fox isn’t too bad of a wrestler either.

Evan Bourne vs. Edge. I read the reviews of this match and everybody said the same: Best match of the night. Lots of action. Bourne looked to hurt himself towards the end of the match. Seeing Evan Bourne wrestle in person is pretty sweet. I am really praying he gets a chance to be in the main event. He deserves it. The shooting star press finishing move is one of the coolest moves to watch in person.

The Uso brothers vs. The Hart Dynasty. Good match throughout. Jay and Jimmy Uso are really good against Hart and Kidd. I don’t want WWE to screw up this storyline. Next up is the triple threat U.S. Title match between Miz, Morrison and Ted Dibiase Jr. An OK match at best. I may be in the minority here but I really am liking Ted Dibiase Jr. His character is just like his dad’s but I think it could still work because most fans in this generation including myself didn’t really get a chance to see his dad wrestle.

Last match of the night: Sheamus vs. John Cena in a lumberjack match for the WWE Championship with the NXT guys being the guys outside the ring. When Cena’s music hit, the crowd went completely nuts. My ears were hurting a bit during this part. There were few boos for Cena. The match was actually pretty good. The NXT guys ended up getting beat up by the WWE guys like Bourne, Henry, Hart Foundation, etc. The crowd went nuts after the match.

Overall, a very good show. All three of us were getting exhausted about halfway through the show, but we hung in there. It was basically dark in the arena and we actually had to step onto the concourse to get some light to wake ourselves up. We saw a lot of wrestlers up close and met a few such as the Bellas and Natalya. Another very good experience for me at a WWE event.

Stacey and I at ringside.

The Great Khali saluting the fans.

Brie and Nikki Bella walking towards us to sign some autographs.

Natalya Neidhart and myself.

Lovie Smith says the Bears are a good football team.

July 2, 2010

Here is the proof guys. If Lovie says it, it must be right. Right?

Just another example on why Chicago is the center of the delusional universe.

Coming up next week here on the webiste: An interesting article on a member of the Chicago media who really pisses me off. Stay tuned.