LeBron post revisited.


In the middle of May, I wrote this aricle saying how LeBron James was one of the most immature athletes and how if the Bulls acquired him, that it would cause a problem. For that, I received a lot of people criticizing my article saying how I was wrong and an idiot.

So with that being said, I am here to show those fuck tards once again that I have back up. A well respected writer named Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports wrote this piece on July 16th basically showing proof on how LeBron James is indeed what I claimed him to be: A selfish punk.

In Wojnarowski’s article, he posts some situations where LeBron has showed his immaturity. Here is an excerpt from this article:

From Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski to managing director Jerry Colangelo to NBA elders, the issue of James’ immaturity and downright disrespectfulness had become a consuming topic on the march to the Olympics.

So you see ladies and gentleman? Even the most respected of basketball people can see how James is a selfish and immature prick. Now to the next excerpt:

After the NBA witnessed the behavior of James and his business manager Maverick Carter during the 2007 All-Star Weekend, the commissioner’s office sent word to USA Basketball the league wouldn’t force James on them for the Olympics. Before Team USA gathered for the 2007 Tournament of the Americas in Las Vegas, an unmistakable message had been delivered to James through Nike: Unless you change, we’re serious about leaving you home.

Wait everybody. There’s more:

Through Nike, James ultimately heeded the message and became more tolerable to coaches, teammates and staff. Team USA assigned Jason Kidd to babysit him at the Tournament of the Americas in 2007, to try to teach him something the Cavaliers never had a veteran to do: professionalism.

He had to be babysat? Really? I wonder if MJ ever needed a babysitter.

Within an hour of the Cavaliers’ season ending in Boston, James’ inner circle, including power broker William Wesley, agent Leon Rose and business manager Maverick Carter, stood outside the visiting locker room grumbling about coach Mike Brown…James had wanted Brown gone a year earlier after the Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference finals to the Orlando Magic – despite Brown guiding Cleveland to 66 victories while winning the league’s Coach of the Year award.

So James along with his immaturity needs his own posse to be with him at all times? And he complained about his head coach the season before? 66 wins and he thinks it’s the coach’s fault. Sure.

Once again, LeBron should not have any comparison on Jordan or any other great player for that matter. There are no comparisons because James is the biggest piece of crap in sports today. The guy is a punk and will always be. When he was in Cleveland, he was always dancing around the sidelines and showing off other teams. If you turds who want to disagree say that Jordan did the same thing, he didn’t. I don’t remember Jordan once ever dancing around the benches. If he talked shit to somebody, that somebody likely did it first.

For the last five years, I have said that LeBron James will never win a title because of his immaturity. James has had seven years to mature. If people also want to throw out that Kobe Bryant is immature, he has five rings and came into the league at the same age James did so he is doing just fine. Even though James went to the Heat with Bosh and Wade, he still will not win a title. You heard it from me first. I am sure he will have fun dancing around the benches in Miami shortly after the Heat lose in the second or third round of the playoffs.

4 Responses to “LeBron post revisited.”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it! I think that Lebron showed he isn’t born with the same mentality as guys like Jordan and Kobe by choosing to join Wade and Bosh in Miami. It somewhat surprised me that he didn’t want to take the lead and show that he is one of the best leaders of all-time and carry his team to an NBA championship. It seems like it would be so much sweeter to win 1 championship in Cleveland rather than win 3 in Miami. But that’s just me. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna know your opinion on my thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/forget-lebron-dwyane-wade-is-still-king-of-south-beach/

  2. Dave Says:

    Yes, great post. And now we all know that the Bulls never had a chance to acquire Lebron. James, Wade, and Bosh had all planned to make this big offseason drama scene and end up in Miami. It was a well-orchestrated plan of deception that was formulated two years ago as all three of them would attain free agency at the same time. They played the media, the NBA, and its fans for a bunch of fools. All three of them are self-righteous prima donas with the attitude and respect levels of 10 Milton Bradleys. I am happy none of them are on the Bulls. They will be too concentrated on partying up in South Beach to bring a world title to the Heat. The Bulls have a better chance with greater team depth, talent, and attitude!

    GO BULLS!!

  3. robert Says:

    Willl Lebron win a title it remains to be seen…They talk about the big 3 but what else do they have the bulls lakers spurs celtics etc won and won big time cause they could go 8 – 10 deep on you can the heat do that. it remains to be seen

  4. Sandberg23 Says:

    I was one who respectfully disagreed with you Fro on this. I have to say now after all of this that you were right about Lebron from the beginning. I never ever thought he would take the role of a role player along a superstar (Wade). The whole process was pathetic and then the lead up to THE DECISION. Which just made everything even worse. If the Heat win a few championships those are going to be hollow championships for him for sure. Those will be Wade’s championships not his. He ruined his legacy. Like Jordan said. I wanted to beat the best. I also had heard a couple different stories that he was unhappy with the Bulls FO because Reinsdorf basically told him that his cronies were gonna get cut off if he came to the Bulls and he was upset that Rose didn’t call him to try and recruit him to the Bulls. What a fucking DIVA. Needless to say every fan outside of Miami is going to hate the Heat after all of this.


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