People who piss me off in Chicago sports: Sarah Spain.


As fans of most sports teams in this city, we tend to deal with a lot of idiots both in the Chicago media and on websites like this one. In December, I wrote an article similar to this one I am about to present about an idiot named Chet Coppock.

Today, we focus on another turd in Chicago sports. This woman is not only an attention whore but someone who was basically given a job because she became famous for being a skank. Her name is Sarah Spain. She currently works for ESPN 1000 as an update anchor. She is famous for trying to sell herself on eBay in exchange for a ticket to the Super Bowl when the Bears were in it in 2007. You read that right folks. She tried to “offer her services” so she could go to the Super Bowl. Now I am not an expert on the law or anything but I believe that constitutes that she is a…wait for it…prostitute.

On her eBay auction before it was pulled, she added, “I am not an escort. I am just offering my companionship in exchange for a ticket to the biggest game of the year.” eBay later pulled the auction but she did find a way around it by offering “pom-poms” in another auction. Some idiot even offered $20,000 for this skank.

Still don’t think this woman is not an only a whore but an attention whore? I found her MySpace page. Every link on the left hand side is full with links to articles pertaining to her. And check out the right hand side of that page. It shows the idiot who actually spent the thousands of dollars on her. At the time, it was a 3rd year medical student named Alan Shatagi. If you look at his pictures on her MySpace page, the first word that might pop up in your head is “douchebag”. He must be the dumbest fucking medical student in the world. What a loser. I can probably put money down he dealt with a case of chlamydia after that “date”.

What’s also funny on that page is that she has a certain segment towards the bottom of the page ripping on “haters”. Really? She must be really fed up with the criticism she receives from people that are calling her a prostitute for having that auction. Well once again. Someone who offers themselves in exchange for services is a…prostitute. So yes. Count me as a “hater” on this one. After every update, she says, “You’re listening to ESPN 1000. I’m Sarah Spain.” Instead, she should say “You’re listening to ESPN 1000. I’m a pathetic skank who sold myself on eBay for Bears tickets.”

So remember people. If you offer yourself on eBay for tickets to a big game, you just may land a career job making six figures a year just giving “sports updates” Monday through Friday every 20 minutes for a few hours! I should have known better. ESPN 1000 is known for hiring morons (Dan McNeil, Chet Coppock and now Sarah Spain). That makes me think: I wonder what Sarah would do if Chet pulled his pants down in front of her.

14 Responses to “People who piss me off in Chicago sports: Sarah Spain.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    ha ha…good article, Fro. And not so crappy…your reputation could be at stake! 😉

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I appreciate the kind words. No worries. Another crappy article is bound to be written soon!

    By the way, are you ready the Bears to start training camp in a couple weeks? I am quite sure that myself along with the folks over at the Fire Mike Martz website are ready to gather up some classic Lovie quotes.

  3. ksmc2000 Says:

    Just another self-promoting bitch who knows jack shit about the game. Have you seen the video she put out where she was fucking Steve Bartman?

  4. robert Says:

    The all star break is a damn good time to fire a manager and gm

  5. robert Says:

    ALex Rodriguez said last night JOe Girardi preaches the fundamentals and they have to work on them from day 1 of spring training through the end of the world series….Joe Girardi will not let the you quit working ont he fundamental side of baseball which includes situational hitting and manufacturing runs

  6. ziggy izigg Says:

    Too me it seams very creative. Offering to go to a game and get so much attention and then a job. Get real people. What world do you think you live in. We are all animals thriving on attention, working on emotions, and driven by what society has created. A bunch of hypocritical part time columnist you are. or Southern Baptist Oops sorry same thing. Now Many Southern Baptists are great people. So I apologize to those if affended. But the truth be had so many people spend time criticizing everyone else . Go look at that girls credentials. Scholar , Athlete, Come off it Do your homework before you spit out such nonsense. And if you were just trying to get attention yourself as most do with this type of Blogging, You are not very good at it. I just happened to pass by when I was looking online at ESPN and saw her name. She is doing something right. And Fro Dog Get Real what a name Classic. But who knows you are probably pretty cool, when not acting a fool.

  7. ziggy izigg Says:

    After Review Maybe Fro Dog is not the person of interest or the Author. I don’t spend much time with this stuff, though I have met the lady one time and just researched to find this.I was a little miffed and get tired of people criticizing instead of encouraging. The reality is look at television and the movies. We are driven by sex and sex sales. There is always more than meets the eye I believe and to not judge is something of character. And about the Southern Baptist. I just had so many people stating as a child I was going to hell because I didn’t believe. It is humorous now. But I shouldn’t have brought religion into play. As there is only ONE. A higher power. As long as you believe and lead and sandbox rules apply. Then no foul. or Penalty Go Bears! Da BEARS

  8. Seone who made a profile after reading garbage Says:

    Lol you’re s complete idiot.. This entire article is garbage.. You’re probobly a fat jealous virgin who asked her to prom and got denied. Find a new hobby

  9. I am in love with Elena Delle Donne. | Fire Tom Thibodeau - Fire Dale Sveum Says:

    […] changes soon: She’s apparently, becoming friends with our good friend and residential HOOR, Sarah Spain. Elena, stay as far away from this woman as you […]

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  11. Marcus Golstein Says:

    Your problem with Sarah Spain requires that you seek help. I don’t know her. I don’t think you know her. But I am sure that she has landed some work that you thought should have been yours. Those who game the system best take the prize. So instead of focusing your energy on trashing Sarah Spain, you should try making yourself more employable. Might work out better that way angry man.

  12. Hayden Says:

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    People who piss me off in Chicago sports: Sarah Spain. | Fire Matt Nagy – – – Fire Ryan Pace


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