I am in love with Elena Delle Donne.



Alright. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire WNBA game. Ever. Since it’s inception in 1997 I believe, I have watched bits and pieces throughout the years. However, a certain young lady who has came to Chicago has made me watch a little bit more. Don’t worry. I won’t be writing any articles anytime soon about how the Chicago Sky need to do this and do that to get better and who sucks on the team. I am only concentrating on one person: Elena Delle Donne.

I first heard about her about two or three years ago when The Lakers Crisis Network (known to others as ESPN) ran a story about how she made certain decisions that affected her both personally and academically. I am too lazy to research the entire story but in short, she was recruited to play basketball at UConn which has had one of the best women’s teams in the country for quite a while. After being at UConn for just a short period of time, she transferred to The University of Deleware so she could be closer to her family; especially her older sister who had both autism and cerebral palsy.

I think it was also reported that many people were saying that this would hurt her draft status by playing basketball at a smaller school rather than a powerhouse like UConn. She ended up being one of the best players in college along with Brittney Griner over their college careers. Griner was taken first in this past year’s draft and Delle Donne was second. Currently, Delle Donne is the leader in All-Star voting and it’s the first time a rookie has done so. The Chicago Sky are on their way to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Well, hey. At least one Chicago professional basketball team is doing something good these days.

I cannot admire a woman as much as I do with her. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s also, quite the babe. Do I give a shit that’s she 6’5? Fuck no. Unless your superficial, that means nothing. I have made it well known on this site over the years that my taste is usually in older women but holy shit. Elena Delle Donne. Even the name gets you interested. She has the look as well as the brains. A woman needs both to get me interested. Now for the party-pooper part and I am praying this changes soon: She’s apparently, becoming friends with residential HOOR, Sarah Spain. Elena, stay as far away from this woman as you can.

That’s it from me. Here are two more pictures for you to drown in:

13 Responses to “I am in love with Elena Delle Donne.”

  1. chucky Says:

    DAMN! I might have to start watching the Sky too.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Yes you do! They are now 9-4 with their victory today over Washington. A lot of their games are on WCIU or WCIU 2 with the second channel being in standard defintion only. That’s not fun on my eyes. A few of their games are on ESPN 2 or NBA TV so for you guys outside of Chicago, check them out when you get a chance.

    The Sky have drafted most of their players and are now, becoming a scary team to play against unlike that other basketball team in Chicago. Even when teams like the Wizards or Jordan’s Bobcats see the Bulls on the schedule, they know that’s one of their few victories that they will get all year.

  3. cubs suck Says:

    Elena Delle Donne would get the D. Bye Bye Tear Hamilton, Maybe go rejoin Chauncy in Detroit so we can have some easy wins. Please take the ski mask with you that you were wearing when you cashed those checks from the Bulls.

  4. Yeti Says:


  5. Fro Dog Says:

    What about Sarah, Yeti?

  6. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Guys, isn’t all of this renovation talk about the World’s Largest Urinal just plain bullshit? I mean…why does Ricketts need to fight the city and all the rooftop owners just for some extra revenue? let’s see…if Ricketts wants updated technology all over the place, wouldn’t building a new stadium cost the same amount…maybe a bit more? At least the sheep won’t need to pee in large sinks…

    Or they could do the more simpler thing…you know this may sound crazy to the Wrigley brass…but maybe put a winning team on the field? do that and Ricketts can get all the money he wants and so much more, right? What a crazy idea!

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Ricketts is a complete and UTTER ASSHAT…until he proves otherwise. Just another rich MOFO trying to get more.

    Too bad the asshole Selig blocked Mark Cuban from buying the Cubs; I know I know, he’s loaded, too….but Cuban wants to WIN and has proven as much.

    I barely keep up with the Scrubs at this point, but will try to post a new thread before too much times passes…

    PATHETIC (still).

  8. chucky Says:

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!! Why is that goddamned Kevin fucking Gregg still on the Cubs roster. Stop chewing the goddamned bubble gum numbnuts and learn how to fucking pitch, or find another career. Personally, I’d rather you did the latter, since you’ve been trying for far too long. Epstein, get fucking rid of this idiot! He’s just another goddamned Carlos fucking Marmol!!!

  9. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    How dare you say that about Gregg! He has 17 saves and that’s serviceable damnit!!!!!!

  10. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Also…congratulations to Tim Lincecum for throwing a no-hitter. you see..he wins Cy Young awards, then has a couple of bad years but has found a way to bounce back even with his team below .500…yet he still finds a way to throw a no-hitter.

    You see everyone how a pitcher can bounce back with the correct mentality unlike some other pitcher who blows saves like they are going out of style and then, has the balls to tell the media that it’s the fans fault for not supporting him…take notes Carlos.

  11. chucky Says:

    Sorry Matt. You’re right. I forgot about that.

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Thanks for the post, Matt. I just borrowed it to start a new thread….please weigh in often.

  13. what Says:

    Uhhhhhh skylar diggins is way hotter. Not ever close dude


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