Sarah Spain article gets notice.


This website is not always intended to “gain attention” as other websites out there. We are here for the sole purpose of venting our frustration towards our favorite teams. Nothing more. Nothing less.

However, I did receive an email from a friend of mine in Chicago who told me he tracks ESPN 1000 on his Twitter. I have no idea why he has that but I think anybody who has Twitter is a loser. Anyway, he told me that a woman by the name of Marissa Krupa tweeted (Is that the proper term?) the article from a couple weeks ago that I wrote on this site to guess who? Sarah Spain. Here is what Krupa twatted:

@SarahSpain read it on a blog yesterday by a hater. Can’t find the link now… Prolly he was jealous he missed out on bidding! 😉 2:56 PM Jul 23rd via TweetDeck in reply to SarahSpain

I am amazed. Really? I am jealous because I missed out on bidding? Yes. I must say I am. I am jealous because I didn’t have the TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to take some slut to the Super Bowl that the Bears eventually lost then get laid by this girl. Right. I wouldn’t give a dime for any kind of “companionship”. If memory serves correct, I got laid within the next week or two after that game for the cost of…nothing. I didn’t pay a thing. She was just as good as Sarah Spain. And you know what the good thing was? I didn’t have to go all the way to Florida for this woman and dish out thousands of dollars. All I did was get in my ’82 Cavalier and drive about two miles down the road. She was some bar slut who put out easily and had the smell of old cigarettes.

Good day Marissa. I hope Sarah is showing you the ropes.

3 Responses to “Sarah Spain article gets notice.”

  1. Alan Lerner Says:

    The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

  2. Gene Krupa Says:

    (drumroll………………………….) Marissa you ignorant twit. (drumroll………………………….)

  3. I am in love with Elena Delle Donne. | Fire Tom Thibodeau - Fire Dale Sveum Says:

    […] soon: She’s apparently, becoming friends with our good friend and residential HOOR, Sarah Spain. Elena, stay as far away from this woman as you […]


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