Happy Birthday Fire Jerry Angelo.


The toilet: Where every comment posted shall go.

Phew. Fire Jim Hendry/Fire Jerry Angelo has reached it’s second birthday at this residence. And for all of you stat whizzes out there (Cue Irish Yeti), we have reached a total of five years as a group at both the old site and this one. Who would have thought?

If it wasn’t for any of you guys, this place does not exist. We don’t have all of the crew we use to have as recent as a year or two ago but I still very much appreciate the few who have stuck around. Thank you.

11 Responses to “Happy Birthday Fire Jerry Angelo.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    Thanks for keeping it going Fro… and same to all those that have contributed thoughts and rants to the site.

    I’m still hanging onto the hope that Hendry, Rothschild….and many of the current players will be gone sooner rather than later.

    Ricketts has really disappointed me so far. Never in my lifetime have there been so many disgusted Cubs fans.

  2. robert Says:

    Ricketts said when he took over….There will be accountability…he is a comedian….ps NIEMMI OUT TURCO IN

  3. hendrySWALLOWS Says:

    How bout the kick in the nuts the blackhaws just gave niemmi, I hope he shuts out the hawks wherever he goes and goes to the hall of fame

  4. hendrySWALLOWS Says:

    genrebuster, what do you think of this scenerio next season…. Bob Brenley-manager, Ryne Sandberg-bench coach, Greg Maddox-pitching coach or even new GM??

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Niemi out…man, I don’t know about that…2 thumbs down.

    hendrySWALLOWS (nice moniker, btw): I could live with that scenario. Not sure Brenley is my 1st choice…that said, he has been critical of the status quo (I like that) and he did win a WS…Sandberg and Maddux are win-win anyway you can involve them.

    Hendry has to go…when he is done swallowing, of course. La la la!

  6. erniesarmy Says:


    Hey, it’s like the good ole days of Cub baseball glory!

    Move over Pirates! The Cubs are coming for that cellar so you better watch out!

    In other news Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was seen near Wrigley Field with a sign taped on his back that said: “Am I an Idiot or What? Please, do me a favor and kick me!”

  7. ksmc2000 Says:

    Thanks again Fro for keeping this site going. Sorry if I have let you and the rest of the guys down, but I’m as pissed off with this fucking team as you were at the end of the 08 season. As for all the sheep that flock to Wrigleyville to support this shit, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The only way for the fans to get Rickett’s attention would be to stay away.

    Currently the Cubs record sits at 46-60. They finished the 06 season at 66-96. I don’t think these fucking bums have 20 wins left in them for the rest of the season.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    Keith, I’m with you. Never thought I’d get to the point where I didn’t give a crap about the Cubs…but I’m about there. I keep hoping that if they keep losing, Hendry will be gone.

    Ricketts is a real disappointment. I thought this guy was a real fan but apparently he’s just another wealthy idiot who wants to own a baseball team and make a few bucks. Can you imagine Steinbrenner putting up with this “crap masquerading as baseball”?”

    I rarely watch the games anymore, even when they are on standard cable…but I see the Cubs have endured 17-2 & 18-1 loses over a 4 day span. Can we get a new pitching coach…PLEASE? Isn’t it obvious to anybody else that Rothschild is average…at best(?).

    My friends, this team is truly PATHETIC. This has been Hendry’s team for quite awhile and even though the players play the game, it is HIS fault from where I sit. The ridiculous, long-term contracts, prima donna players getting away with bad behaviour for far too long…and you gotta love the ticket prices. Aren’t Cub’s tickets currently near the top (most expensive) in the league?

    As long as the idiot sheeple continue to accept this 3-ring circus of utter crap, NOTHING will change. Yes Keith, they should be ashamed of themselves…but they are sheeple so it is to be expected. BARF.

    One more thing: Since Lou has announced that he is retiring, why not leave now? I suspect he’s pretty much checked out at this point.

    Is anybody else disgusted by the thought of Trammel managing this team (long-term)? It seems that there are too many other viable options for that to happen…but this is the “new Cubs” (same as the old one)…and Ricketts has that “gleam in his eye”…so anything is possible…except for the Cubs winning it all (of course).

    One more thing: would somebody please tell Lil Z to shut up? At this point, who cares what he thinks/wants? I wager that the so-called anger-management classes are a bust in the long run. That said, I do hope I’m wrong on this.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Ernie, Ricketts just traded in his sign…the new one says “punch me in the throat dammit!”


  10. Sandberg23 Says:

    I think you guys are giving Ricketts to much credit. The sign should just say BAAA BAAAA BAAA. That’s the type of fan he is Genre. As long as Wrigley Stadium is packed, the beer is flowing, douche bags are in the seats, Toyota signs are outside the park with the Mac and Chesse monument noodle outside the park. Oh and don’t forget about the new bathrooms!! Everything is fine in his world, as far as he’s concerned. Everybody needs to jump ship as soon as possible. This bastard is making the Tribune Co. look like the Steinbreners. Send Lou the fuck home now and get Sandberg up here now!! He can’t be any worse then that fat tubby bastard that sits on his ass in the dugout and rocks himself to sleep every game can he??

  11. erniesarmy Says:


    Cubs owner Tom Ricketts new sign says:


    This was in regards to the multitudinous number of Cubs fans, er, I mean sheep, who just cannot find it within themselves to break the Wrigley Field addiction.

    Cubs lose games 18-1 and Suzie Cubbie Fan is in the stands, with all the other radish eating sheepie, eating pretzels and taking pictures of herself, and her boyfriend, with her new Hannah Montana cell phone. When asked why she came to watch a baseball team 11 games out of first place and 14 games below .500, she was heard to say, “What’s a baseball team? I thought this was football. Ohhh, honey, lookie there I think the cute little team with the darling blue outfits just scored a touchdown!”

    Tom Ricketts: “Hey, as long as they come to the ballpark, why tinker with success. He, he, he, bunch of suckers!”

    Tom ole’ buddy, you can just line up over there with P.K., William, and the Tribune Boys, to join them in the Hall of Shame of The Braindead Useless Owners in Baseball History You certainly have earned it.

    Oh, wait a minute, J.H. Hendry would like to introduce you to the H. of S. of T.B.U.O.B.H. when you are inducted. As you are will aware, Tommy, without J.H. you couldn’t have made the halls of this august group.

    No, Tommy, thank you for providing Cubs fans with another 10, 20, 30 years of useless baseball.

    Thanks, Fro, for keeping the blog active. You are one brave dude, especially with Yeti lurking in the shadows. Hey, Yeti! Where’d ya go? Don’t you like the Cubbies chances this year?


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