Lovie Smith says the Bears are a good football team.


Here is the proof guys. If Lovie says it, it must be right. Right?

Just another example on why Chicago is the center of the delusional universe.

Coming up next week here on the webiste: An interesting article on a member of the Chicago media who really pisses me off. Stay tuned.


31 Responses to “Lovie Smith says the Bears are a good football team.”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs lose to the Reds 12 zip.

    Is it true that they had 40,000 idiots … I mean fans at the stadium today?

    Lou said it best: “What can I do?”

    Can we perform a lobotomy on 40,000 people, I would like to know what is in those heads, other than the jello pudding.

  2. robert Says:

    AN open memo to Tom Ricketts Look at the Dbacks they had a good Idea

  3. robert Says:

    just when you thought you heard it all


  4. Jimmy D. Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been so fucking disappointed in this piece of shit franchise all year that I just haven’t found much that I wanted to comment about……until now. Yesterday, the Cubs and Reds are locked up in a tight game with the Reds having the edge 1-0 heading into the 7th inning. Ah, yes, the dreaded 7th inning for Ryan Dempster (this ass hat is terrific for 6 innings and absolutely no more than that….why can’t anybody else figure this out). Anyway, we head into the top of the 7th and proceed to let the Reds bat around (go through the batting order) without giving up a SINGLE HIT!!! Are you fucking kidding me??? Is this T-Ball for millionaires? Now, after batting through the order, the Reds finally got a couple of hits (doubles off the ivy) and scored more runs.

    Somebody please END this embarrassment. It’s absolutely time to pull the plug and start with a completely new approach.

    The old saying sums it up best, “The pace of the Captain is the pace of the ship”. Our leadership is horrendous and that’s where the cleansing needs to begin.

    Have a terrific 4th of July holiday weekend. I’m off to the lake for some fun and relaxation.

    Jimmy D.

  5. Dusty Baker Says:

    What do you think of me now?

  6. The Sheeple Says:

    Baaa baaaa baaa baaa baaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaa

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    baa baa baa baa baa baa baaa baaa baaaa

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    baaa baaaaa baa baa baa baa baaaaaa

    baa baa baaaa baaaa baaaa baa baa baa baa baa baaa baaa baaaaa

  7. chucky Says:

    Don’t worry Dusty. We all still think you’re a fucking goddamned asshole. Your sorry ass thumb print is still all over this bullshit team.

    14-3 and it’s top of the 9th.

    Losing 3 of 4 to the Cincinnati fucking Reds.

    12 games under .500 on July 4.

    This team has zero wind in it’s sails.

    FUCK THIS BULLSHIT. I’m ready for Lovie Smiths weekly line of bullshit now. Bring it on.

  8. erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky says: “FUCK THIS BULLSHIT. I’m ready for Lovie Smiths weekly line of bullshit now. Bring it on.”

    But, but, Chucky, the sheepie say there’s still time. The season ain’t over yet. This is our year. It will happen. Al Yellon and the Bleed Cubbie crew still believe.

    I mean, they’re still going to the ballpark; 40,000 plus sheepie turn out for every home game. If I’m Ricketts I bend over pull down my drawers and tell fans like us to kiss it. He doesn’t have to do anything, not as long as the sheepie keep supporting this excrement. He’s making money, who cares if they win, he’s smiling all the way to the bank.

    Cubs have had no ownership that cares about winning. No Steinbrenners for the Cubs, we only get the Ricketts; sheepie with bucks.

    Ready for 20 more years of losing? It’s gonna happen! Count on it.

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, Fro:

    As long as the Cubs have waved bye bye for the season, we might want to talk a little basketball.

    I’m a Laker fan, but if the Bulls sign Bosh and Wade (with Rose and Noah already on the team) they’re looking like a championship caliber team.

  10. Mark Cuban Says:

    Ricketts is a douche.

  11. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    This team will be at least 20 games below .500 by August.

    To all the sheeple that have been around the last couple years, I just have one question for you: Where are you now you little fucking pricks? So delightful that you dumb fucks continued to come here and call us retards and how we are the dumbest fans in the world. Well…take a look at our thoughts of this team the last couple years and look at yours. Who was right and who was wrong?

  12. chucky Says:

    Ernie… I have heard rumours that attendance is actually down a little bit the past few weeks. I’d be scared to death if some of those dopes started waking up.

    Matt… You just hit another one out of the park, no pun intended. You made some damn good points there.

  13. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Chucky, I just tell it like it is. Any average fan knows a bad baseball team when we see it. Heck. We’ve seen bad baseball our whole lives. We don’t have to be geniuses to figure that out and I doubt any of us are. I only dislike it when other people think they are better than us.

  14. Yeti Says:

    So, Fro, if the Bears suck, do you expect Lovie to say “Yea, I think we’ll suck this year.”? I don’t think there has been any coach in the history of sports who said before the season, “I think we’ll suck.” Everyone is optimistic.

  15. robert Says:

    I think roger nielson said it a few time about lousy canuck teams….

  16. Jimmy D. Says:

    Yeti??? C’mon. The history of sports??? What about Lou Brown….manager of the Cleveland Indians in Major League??? Didn’t he say that the team was gonna suck???

    Well, even if he didn’t say it, then as a lifelong Packer fan, please allow me to do the honors. THE BEARS STILL SUCK!!!

  17. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    How ironic is it when I call out “little fucking pricks” in one of my previous posts only to have Yeti come back the very next day. Now I can’t think of any off the top of my head of coaches/managers saying their team is going to suck but I am sure they are out there. Read Robert’s post as one example.

    Wasn’t the rant of Jim Mora when he was coaching the Colts many years back talking about how his team sucked? Does him ranting about the playoffs ring a bell to you?

  18. Yeti Says:

    If Lovie said “I think we’ll win 6-7 games this year” do you think management would be very happy? Coaches may say they suck after a game, but not before the season. Nielson probably said it during the season, which is a little different. What I’m saying is that no franchise wants their coach to say before the season even starts that they won’t be good. Just relax. There are many bones to pick with Lovie/Bears… This is not one. You’re reaching here. I do love how Jimmy D. used a movie to prove his point. I hope he was being sarcastic.

  19. Jimmy D. Says:


    I was actually trying to be comical…not sarcastic. But, either way, I was certainly not being serious. Just having some fun.

    Jimmy D.

  20. chucky Says:

    Have any of guys seen the blog over at the 670 the score website? There is some dumb-fuck sheep who calls himself “Go Cubs” just gushing over the Cubs sweep over the D-Backs. And how they’re “due for a big run because they are just too good to be under .500”. He also blasts White Sox fans for thinking they have a chance at the playoffs. The ultimate in kool-aid drinking sheeple. I can’t even fathom the level of complete stupidity this guy is at. I’ll cut and paste a few comments if you guys want, but I’ll warn you first, don’t eat before reading them. You’ll hurl on your keyboard.

    Oh, and Yeti, my preference for Lovie Smith would be for that ass-clown to just keep his goddamned mouth shut. He really hasn’t got anything intelligent to say anyway.

  21. robert Says:


  22. The People Says:

    Commie Bedwetter at 11:06 AM July 10, 2010

    The headline caption reads: Hendry Vows Cubs Will Be Contenders Next Year.

    Before I clicked to read the article, I assumed from the headline that Jim Spendry had announced he was resigning. But I was wrong.

    The Cubs will be contenders only when Spendry is gone and has no connection to the team. Till then, we are stuck with all his lengthy, bloated, no-trade-clause contracts with a bunch of underperforming, hot-dogging brats that he not only can’t trade but that he can’t give away.

    Everyone says fire Piniella. I say fire Spendry. Not tomorrow–yesterday.

    sowhatandmethree at 10:22 AM July 10, 2010

    I’ve said before that it is time for Ricketts to bring in his own people. Lou will probably retire, and there is no reason for keeping Hendry.

    Let’s also figure that Ricketts figured out the cost of the bad contracts when he lowered the price he was willing to pay for the team–so dump the deadweight players, to which Hendry gave contracts that could not be justified then and can’t be justified in hindsight.

    Fred Merkle at 10:08 AM July 10, 2010

    ROTFLMAO! Are they planning to sabotage the planes of all the other NL teams? With the poison contracts the Cubs own, the only cntending they will do next year is for last place.

    dabear at 9:24 AM July 10, 2010

    Contenders next year? Yeah! Hendry – where are you working next year? Are you taking Lou with you? I hope so.

    itzscott1 at 11:10 PM July 9, 2010

    If B.S. were music, Hendry would be a brass band. Didn’t he say that thing about being contenders going into this season? And the season before too? The guy talks a good game, but lacks the talent to deliver. Wake up Mr. Ricketts!

    DrCrawdad at 10:59 PM July 9, 2010

    Man, I’m so excited about the pending release of, “Wait Until Next Year, Part 102.”

  23. The Sheeple Says:


  24. erniesarmy Says:

    “But general manager Jim Hendry said he doesn’t expect the Cubs will be in a rebuilding mode in 2011.”
    Of course he would say that, how can you “rebuild” something that you deliberately destroyed.

    The CUbs will be in contention with the Pirates and Astros for last place next year. And that will be a regular occurrence unless Ricketts decides to get his head out and take action. And he can start by firing Hendry and Kenney!

  25. robert Says:

    JIm Hendry is responsoble for that mess we call z….do you realize this is all could have been avoided had hendry signed pude rodriguez instead of that piece of shit Michael Barrett……Look at the 03 tigers and what happened to them after they signed Pudge…..Look at Rick Porcello Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman since Pudge left….Look at Strassburg with Pudge…Hendry turned PUdge down not once but twice….

  26. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    “Rickets is dissapointed”


    Hey Ricketts…You’re dissapointed? Then make some changes you stupid fuck.

  27. erniesarmy Says:

    Ricketts told the Des Moines Register on Friday that no one “could have predicted the difficulty we’ve had” this far this season.

    “I’ve talked to thousands of fans,” Ricketts said. “There’s nothing I can tell them that they don’t know. We’re watching closely how things are going on the field.”
    If he talked to “thousands of fans” why is he stilling sitting on the pot?

    He and Piniella and Hendry deserve each other, they are siamese triplets.

    Piniella: “Hey, wadda want me to do?”

    Hendry: “We’ll be contenders next year.”

    Ricketts: “Wha happened?”

    I am convinced Ricketts is in the business to make money, and nothing else. As long as he makes money he could care less what the team does. Cubs draw 40,000 fans each home game with this abomination on the field? Why mess with a good thing?

  28. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


    It’s official ladies and gentleman. Ricketts is a fucking retard.

  29. erniesarmy Says:

    I think this is what Matt Stairs was referring to:
    “”Lou is a great manager, one of the best managers of all time, for God’s sake,” he said. “Obviously the year hasn’t gone like we’d all hoped, but I don’t think the turning point is any one person.”

    So who or what is to blame for the poor first half?

    “I’m not going to assign blame to anyone or anything.. The fact is when we came into the season, we had what appeared to be a pretty strong lineup. It hasn’t worked out for whatever reason. Seems like the guys are putting it together now. Let’s just keep on winning.”
    Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the new owner of the Cubs. Meet the new boss same as the old boss, although I don’t think the Tribune was this dumb.

    I saw his picture. He does look like somebody who just feels so all warm and fuzzy inside whenever he comes into the ballpark. “Gee, folks, isn’t this neat?” “Gosh, Lou, can I have your autograph?” “I’m just so gosh darned proud of this team I could just kiss them all, including my buddy Jim Hendry.”

    That’s it for me guys, I’m joining Fro and Genre in retiring to the island of absurdity. This guy just lost a fan of 45 years. Adiios Amigos!

  30. chucky Says:

    This is long overdue but,


  31. Tommy Boy Ricketts Says:

    I’d like to Thank the 40,000 plus fans who purchased tickets for yesterday’s game…don’t forget to visit the updated restrooms on your way out!

    Go Cubs Go!


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