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April 28, 2013

First off, a shout out goes to Fork and CT over at Hockeenight for arranging another get together at Galway Bay in the city Saturday night. It was a good night to see everyone and help raise some money for the charity, Camp I Am. It’s an organization for burn victims and a bunch of us donated which raised quite a bit of cash. Unlike the last time, Yeti didn’t show up so we couldn’t discuss stats or his beard (by cracky). How sad.

Next up, I will not have a draft recap for the Bears (Don’t worry. It wouldn’t be that great anyway.) due to my busy schedule. For the best draft coverage, my guys at Fire Ron Turner have you covered. I am, once again, impressed with the moves Phil Emery is making. They have stacked the offensive line in both free agency and the draft starting with Kyle Long. Likewise for the linebackers. And from what I have read, Phil Emery still isn’t finished with getting the roster ready for camp in three months. Just think about it. If Angelo is still in charge, the Bears have Manti Te’o, Matt Barkley and whoever else just because the meatballs suggested them. Emery told the media over the weekend that now, there is competition and everybody will have to compete for their spots. About damn time. I’m on board and you should be too.

Lastly, the Blackhawks begin the playoffs Tuesday against the Wild. As we have seen in the last few years, no playoff series is easy. The Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in sports. The Blackhawks have their work cut out for them but this season has been fun so far. Out of the 48 games they have played, only two or three stick out as losses in which they weren’t in it. That’s a sign of a very good team.

We interrupt you with this special bulletin.

April 27, 2013

Disregard the last post. I declared the game over when the Bulls were all, but dead when they were down 14 with a few minutes to go. Apparently, the Nets are just like the Bulls in a lot of aspects.

I’ll save Yeti the time. I’m wrong. Therefore, I’m a dumbass.

Now, GONNA DRINKEN. I’ll take two waters.

Reasons why the Bulls continue to lose.

April 27, 2013

Well, the Bulls had yet, another double-digit lead and looked unstoppable in the early stages of Game 4 against the Nets. Then, with an 11-point lead with under two minutes to go in the first half, the Nets go on an 8-0 run to get within three. The second half arrives and the rest is history. The Bulls refused to play defense and they couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives. Here’s what happened in this game to get the Nets going:

1. Nate Robinson thinks he’s awesome and decides to start a fight with another PATHETIC excuse for an NBA player in C.J. Watson. For some odd reason, the Nets wake up and don’t look back after this.

2. A shitload of turnovers.

3. A bunch of missed free throws.

4. Oh yeah. Tom Thibodeau is a dumbass for continuing to let Joakim Noah play when he clearly, is hurt and is hurting the team more than he is helping.

Game 5 is Monday.

For Jimmy D…and DVX.

April 24, 2013


A bag of shells.

April 21, 2013

Alfonso Sorianosorianofinger

Thanks to jimmy d. for the motivation…the PATHETIC Chicago Cubs sure aren’t providing any for me to give a crap. SOS.

The day Mr. Clutch is no longer a Cub will be cause for celebration, at least for me. Too bad Fanboy Ricketts didn’t clean house when he bought the Cubs.

tick FUCKING tock.

Here’s to you, Mr. Clutch

Idiot head coach for the Bulls doesn’t “get it”; will lose first round series because of it.

April 19, 2013

The last two games of the regular season should have been games for the Bulls to rest key players in order to make a run in the playoffs. Even though they probably won’t even get out of the first round, all I ask out the teams in any sport that I root for, is to have the best possible chance to win. If they lose simply because they were beaten by a better team, so be it. However, when they lose because of stupid decisions by the players or coaches, then that’s another thing.

ThomASS Thibodeou is an example of losing because of his stupid decisions. The last two games of the season, he thought it would be a good idea to play Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson instead of keeping them off the court until Saturday. Instead, more wear and tear were put on their bodies. The Bulls are limping into the playoffs instead of being 100% healthy. That’s just music to my ears.

What happened to Kobe Bryant was just a matter of time. Kobe was second in the NBA in minutes played (Right between Luol Deng and Joakim Noah). What happens? He tears his achilles tendon and will probably miss all of next year. The worse out of this is that his career could be over too. I use to hate this guy but as I’ve become older, I’ve respected him especially after he won his last two titles without Shaq. In short, Derrick Rose tore his ACL and won’t be the same again because he played too many minutes and played in meaningless minutes. Joakim Noah keeps having flare ups of plantar fasciitis in his foot. He probably won’t be the same again either. That leaves Luol Deng who has had his fair share of injuries in the past and who knows, he may very well be injured in this playoff series.

No Derrick Rose. Noah and Deng will probably be limping around after the first couple of games along with Taj Gibson. Well, maybe if ThomASS could be a half-assed coach, they may give the conference a run for it’s money. But he’s not. He will continue to run his players into the ground.

Regardless if Derrick Rose comes back or not (don’t bet on it), Nets in six. Fire Tom Thibodeou.

So I am flipping through the channels at work…

April 18, 2013

…And there he is. Lovie Lee Smith on my television the second I change it to ESPN around 2:30 today. He has become an “analyst” for NFL Live. As I type this, he is discussing the draft.

Nice to see ESPN finally hiring some smart people who know a lot of about football.

Bulls playoff article coming the next day or so. Back to work I go.

Gallery of whores.

April 17, 2013

dusty jim-hendry-out-chicago-cubs-gm macfail

If that seems harsh, keep in mind that these fellas sucked on it for a long time and were paid extremely well for their “efforts”. The Cubs are still feeling the effects of their “expertise”.

Fanboy Ricketts refused to clean house when he purchased the Cubs, which set the organization back even further.

I can’t take the current Cubs seriously, not until all remnants from the previous regime are gone and that includes Sorry-Oh-No, who will be laughing all the way to the bank his entire life. Another overpaid, underachiever who never came through when it really mattered.

“When it really mattered”…for those of you who don’t comprehend, here are a few names of ball payers who once delivered when it mattered most: Will Clark and Steve Garvey (I just threw up in my mouth), Albert Pujols, Reggie Jackson…there are many. All you have to do is look at the teams that win.

105 years. tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

What’s the point? Or, Theo bumped his head!

April 14, 2013


This is NOT a joke.

I don’t get it. This LOSER is the BEST option out there? So, the Cubs continue to be the farmclub for bums that can’t make it elsewhere.

What’s next…Milton FUCKING Bradley?

How long can this go on? On 2nd thought, don’t answer.

Yeti must be REALLY happy! Keep counting those beans!

Wanted: Priest, Goat & Holy Water.

April 13, 2013


The closer saga continues.

tick tock………