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Open thread.

April 11, 2013

For you fake wrestling fans, a new article is up at Falls Count Anywhere.

Some things to talk discuss here:

1. Bulls continue to slide. Joakim Noah may be out for the season thanks to ThomASS and his way of handling players. Foot problem? No problem! Just rest up for two days and go right back out there to play against the Pistons. Now I know why everyone else is hurt.

Enjoy watching your team exit the first round Jerry Reinsdorf. Don’t worry about the coach you allowed Gar/John to hire so he can ruin everyone else’s career. Don’t hold anyone accountable. Don’t fire anyone (because they are your friends!). Just sit there and continue collecting your cash. You. Fucking. Hack.

2. Two weeks from now, the Bears will be on the clock in the draft. What position should they go for first?

Anything else you want to talk about, you can as well.

What was I thinking when……..(?)

April 7, 2013
anybody home?

anybody home?

Ladies and gentlemen, your thoughts. Consider this an “open” Cubs thread.

This could be the year…

April 3, 2013


The not-so-lovable lovers are back. And they beat the powerhouse Pittsburgh Pirates in their opener behind Samardzija’s 9 strikeouts.

So, here we are….again. Just not as many of us. For me, things have changed. After all these years of losing and PATHETIC ownership/management, my interest continues to fade. I don’t even know who is on the current Cubs roster.

There’s a part of me that really hopes that Theo can do for the Cubs what he did for the Red Sox…soon. Oh…it wasn’t Theo’s direction that made a difference? Regardless; the Red Sox erased years of futility…you shouldn’t compare them to the Cubs anymore.

Then again, this COULD be the year. Go Cubs Go!

turn your head….and cough

Bulls lose to the Wizards. Again.

April 2, 2013

Well, I must say, watching the Bulls is beginning to be pure comedy. The Bulls, for the second time this season, lost to the 28-win Wizards on Tuesday night. Unlike the first game where the Bulls just weren’t in the game at all, they decided to piss the game away in the second half. The shitty play started happening in the second quarter and during this time, I was picturing Wizards head coach Randy Wittman telling his players the following: Guys. Let’s take a deep breath here. We have the Bulls right where we want them…with them up 10. We’ve seen this before when they’ve played other teams. If we just get a couple baskets here, they’ll fall apart before we know it.

Well, lesson learned. Late in the fourth quarter, Kirk Hinrich decided to meet his quota of doing something stupid every few weeks by taking not one, but two technical fouls in a row, thus leading to an ejection. Then, in the last two minutes of this game, both Jimmy Butler and Nate Robinson missed two free throws each to seal the deal and a total of five was missed on the night. What was the difference in the game? Four points.

Before someone who doesn’t watch sports comes here (Irish Yeti), let me clarify that I do realize that the Bulls cannot win every game. It’s the law of average so to speak. I expect them to lose to teams like the Spurs, Thunder or some other team but for crying out loud, when they can’t beat the Wizards, Bobcats or Kings, you know they are bad.

But hey. I am not a genius. I just watch the games like everyone else. The Bulls are inching even closer to that glorious, .500 record. Too bad the season is about to wrap up because if there were more games, .500 looked pretty realistic. The Bulls will be playing the Pacers or Nets in the first round, where they will promptly, lose in six games. Write it down and in a month, we’ll see who’s correct. If I am wrong, it means the Bulls lost in seven games. My bad if that happens.

Fire Tom Thibodeou.

Open thread.

April 2, 2013

Bears and Bulls talk coming up in the next week.

Until then, the floor is yours.