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Final open thread of 2015

December 31, 2015

Well, folks, it’s another year in the books for us here. Some of us celebrated another Stanley Cup by the Blackhawks. We also congratulated each other on making it another year on this website that was started in 2008. I just cannot believe that as a group, it’s been nearly ten years of people coming and going with some sticking around. It just sucks that only a few of us have actually met each other.

That’s why for 2016, I say let’s make it a goal for all of us to meet in the city for a night of food and a game. That means our friends from Wisconsin as well as some of you guys who are in other states. If it’s possible, we should make it happen.

Happy New Year everybody.

Nobody cares: Bears 26 Buccaneers 21

December 28, 2015

Bears win. Yay? Lovie was his usual self in the press conference by telling the media that his Buccaneers played well enough to win, but turnovers did them in. Sound familiar?

I didn’t hear the rest of the press conference but I am guessing it went something like this:

“We made too many mistakes today. We have to get those things corrected. We’re a good football team. We’re just not playing like one right now. Jameis is our quarterback [and a rapist]. We’re a running football team. We get off the bus running. We’ll get this fixed later in the week and be prepared for next week”

The death march that is the 2015 Chicago Bears will conclude next week at Soldier Field. The Cellar Dweller Championship will be on the line as they take on the Lions. Who wants a higher draft pick more?

Open thread

December 23, 2015

Enjoy the holidays. Let’s pray that the McCaskey’s get coal in their stockings. Oh, and the Bulls suck too. Fuck those overpaid, underachieving assholes.

Damn, I need a bar skank to take away this pain.

Salt in the wound: Vikings 38 Bears 17 (The chicken edition)

December 20, 2015


Well, I was half-paying attention to this game right after the Vikings marched right down for a touchdown after the Bears went three and out on their first drive.

So, instead of talking about this shit fest, I have decided to recap what I had for dinner last night. That would be some delicious Southern-style marinated chicken with mashed potatoes, corn and a cold Mountain Dew.

I have lived by myself for the last eight years. At the time I first went out on my own, I was working in a restaurant delivering food and washing dishes on other days to pull in extra cash. During that period, I learned how to cook, both from my co-workers and on my own. As time went on, I have been trying new recipes for food aside from the basics so I wouldn’t get bored just eating the Mac and Cheese, sandwiches and pizza like I did before.

For some reason, I can never perfect the chicken I make on my own. I usually just buy some, throw salt, pepper and butter on it and put it in the oven. For the last few years, I usually go to a local meat market to buy some chicken, steak and beef that has already been spiced up.

I did the same thing yesterday. A few months ago, I bought some garlic chicken breasts that was buttered up. Yesterday, I ended up getting some Southern-style  marinated chicken similar to what you see in the picture. This is the first time I had bought this type.

I have to say, my expectations were surpassed. It was just marinated enough with pepper to make it spicy, but not too much. I was thinking about adding some butter but figured, I would try half of it first without it.

This was probably the most delicious chicken I have had in quite some time. Combine that with potatoes and corn and it was a fantastic dish. When I make sandwiches, I usually just take a chicken breast, put pepper, Cajun seasoning and cover it with some mozzarella cheese. I have to say that I am fairly proud of myself for making such a wonderful decision.

It’s real simple to make, especially since the folks at the meat market took care of most of it for me. I get the oven to 375 degrees and it’s ready in about 45 minutes.

I think recapping this delicious food feels much better than recapping a Bears or Bulls game. I, for one, dig it. Feel free to share what you guys enjoy cooking.

Open thread

December 18, 2015

The Bears sure do suck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the Bulls fighting for first place this weekend with a four-game winning streak and the Blackhawks doing much better despite only having four defenseman to play with. Corey Crawford has three shutouts in the last four games.

Why do most NFL teams suck this year?

December 15, 2015

Stat time (cue The Yeti): 21 out of the 32 teams are under .500 this season in the NFL with three weeks left. I don’t know the last time the NFL was this bad, but I feel I have some theories that some of you may be thinking as well as to why the NFL sucks big time. Many others around the football world may have some the reasons. Now, for the Bears, they suck because they are mismanaged and not coached very well. They are the exception to these reasons I am about to give.

I should correct myself with the word “theories” and replace it with “facts”. I truly believe these are just some of the reasons why teams are just so bad.

1. Over-saturation: Too much of a product is never a good thing. Now, I am no expert, but I do have my own business in real life. I have learned that too much of one product to sell can take a long time to sell. Having football on TV nearly every night of the week (both college and pro) is, for the lack of a better word, stupid. People are busy on some of these days and ratings have shown it. Yet, the greedy bastards in college football along with the ultimate fucker, Roger Goodell, are reasons why this won’t change.

Less is more in a business. Football on Sundays and Mondays is all they need. Sure, when I was a child, they had some games on Saturday at the end of the season. I am fine with that along with Thanksgiving games. However, I don’t need Thursday night games for the first 15 weeks of the season.

These Thursday night games tend to lower the quality of the game. We’ve seen it. Short rest, players not having enough time to recover from injuries and them not being in their normal routine during the season are all contributing factors. Less. Is. More.

2. Changing rules of the game: Well, I don’t have the stats in front of me (maybe Yeti does?), but it seems that there are more injuries in the last few years. When did this all happen? When Goodell was changing the rules of the game. From changing helmets, to how to hit players and all the way to virtually getting rid of kickoffs, he’s done it all. Want some hypocrisy? Roger Goodell makes the extra points longer and thus, gives the other team a chance to take back blocked/missed ones for safeties? What if players start getting hurt on those returns? Exactly. This guy is a greedy little fuck who could care less what happens to a player.

3. Money: The ultimate fucker loves his money. How does he make more for him and his business partners? Fining players for those illegal hits. And trust me, they say this money goes to concussion research. Well, just like a politician, he’s lying. Most, if not all of it, is going into the pockets of himself and the owners. Want more? Those Thursday night games load his bank account big time. Just last year, he moved one of the Wild Card games from broadcast television to ESPN. And fuck ESPN for doing that. They are fueling the fire that is, the NFL. This will make the NFL interested in putting more playoff games, if not, even the Super Bowl to ESPN one day. TV deals in general, fuel the NFL to continue to make money at all costs. Roger Goodell gets his salary from the owners and in addition, TV deals.

In conclusion, I am not advocating players to beat each other’s brains in. I am not trying to be Dr. Dan Bernstein of The Score, who continues to talk about injuries like concussions. It’s shitty what’s going on with that. These players are sadly, taking their own lives and there isn’t a solution to that. However, I think changing the rules of the game have lead to players changing their style and thus, leading to more injuries because of where the hits are being made. Even if the NFL were to change from tackling to two-hand touch, there will still be injuries (including concussions). Sadly, it’s part of the game.

Fuck Roger Goodell.

The Kiss of Death and Robbie Gould strike again: Redskins 24 Bears 21

December 13, 2015


Well, the Bears made a comeback. They tied the game in the 3rd. It appeared, once again, that the Bears had the chance to win. But, Kenny Albert and the reincarnation of Carlos Huerta did it for the second week in a row.

Fuck Robbie Gould. For the love of God, how bad does someone have to be at their job before they get fired?

I have zero motivation to talk about anything else that happened in this game. And why should I? I cannot believe this shit. I seriously cannot. The words that I put in this recap do not do justice of how I truly feel. I fucking hate this team and Kenny Albert can go swim in battery acid.

I seriously feel like calling up Fox Sports and telling them to go fuck a horse for making Kenny Albert call all of these games for the Bears. I feel sorry for Daryl Johnston and Laura Okmin. To hear that weasel talking in their ear pieces for three hours has to be the most horrific form of torture that mankind has ever endured.

Open thread

December 10, 2015

Since 1987, the Bears are a PATHETIC 3-13 against the Redskins. And that fucking ass clown Kenny Albert is announcing this game, too. Needless to say say, history isn’t on their side. The question isn’t whether or not the Bears will lose this Sunday. But HOW will they lose?

Starlin Castro is now a NY Yankee.

December 8, 2015

Your thoughts?

Welcome to Release Robbie Gould.

December 6, 2015

As you can see with the header, the mission to fire Gar Forman and John Paxson as Bulls’ top brass is taking a back seat for the time being. Now, I present to all of you a mission for the Chicago Bears to release Robbie Gould. Some may be wondering, why not ask the Bears to trade him? Well, the answer to that is simple: nobody wants him.

Robbie Gould has been here for too long and he has regressed as time has went on. He was awarded the largest contract for a kicker in NFL history two years ago. He has simply not lived up to that money. It’s time for a change.

As we all have witnessed here, we have a track record of getting results. Let’s see if we can get yet, another result in our favor.

Release Robbie Gould.