Welcome to Release Robbie Gould.


As you can see with the header, the mission to fire Gar Forman and John Paxson as Bulls’ top brass is taking a back seat for the time being. Now, I present to all of you a mission for the Chicago Bears to release Robbie Gould. Some may be wondering, why not ask the Bears to trade him? Well, the answer to that is simple: nobody wants him.

Robbie Gould has been here for too long and he has regressed as time has went on. He was awarded the largest contract for a kicker in NFL history two years ago. He has simply not lived up to that money. It’s time for a change.

As we all have witnessed here, we have a track record of getting results. Let’s see if we can get yet, another result in our favor.

Release Robbie Gould.

7 Responses to “Welcome to Release Robbie Gould.”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Steve Rosenbloom is on the money again:


  2. genrebuster Says:

    “Release Robbie Gould”….EXCELLENT.

    I couldn’t read the entire article, because I refuse to sign up/provide cc info for “access”…but Rosenbloom usually makes sense (to me).

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    There is a way around to getting to read those articles without having to pay. I usually do a Google search of an article that has the requirement to sign up. If you click on the article link through Google, you can read it without issues. But here what he said:

    “Just when you thought it was safe to trust the Bears, they bring kegs of bad and stupid to the party.

    Amid attaching importance to the next month of games while doing playoff math, the Bears’ failure was everywhere Sunday at Soldier Field against an opponent that was redefining failure.

    I mean, the 49ers are a joke when it comes to modern management, Blaine Gabbert is a sad excuse for a quarterback, and the roster smells like a group vying for the first overall draft choice.

    And that whole bunch of shameful just pantsed the Bears.

    There could be few things this embarrassing, but losing at home in overtime to a team that was 0-5 on the road this season ranks down there.

    The 49ers were allowing an average of 35 points in road games, but the Bears couldn’t get more than 20, and that includes overtime.

    This awful, insulting game required overtime because Robbie Gould missed two field goals, including a 36-yarder with no time left in regulation.

    This awful, insulting game required overtime because Shea McClellin and Adrian Amos — all of them — let the horrible Gabbert run 44 yards for the tying TD with 1:42 remaining in the second half.

    This awful, insulting game required overtime because every Bears unit threw up on itself.

    To think, this miserable result came after a week of reading all those nice things about Adam Gase and Vic Fangio, who became the Bears offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively, after they failed to get the 49ers head-coaching job.

    Gase’s offense had to call timeout coming out of the two-minute warning because it couldn’t line up. Like this was Trestman or something.

    That gaffe came after Gase’s new-look quarterback threw an old-style pick-six that every team has scouted and jumped recently.

    And that mistake came after the Bears started on the 49ers’ 41 and their 47 but had to settle for field goals because they couldn’t even get enough yards to fail in the red zone.

    Fangio’s defense gave up a 16-play, 81-yard drive to a team that had five yards –count ‘em, five – in the first quarter.

    Worse, Fangio’s defense allowed a 71-yard game-winning TD pass by a quarterback who can’t pass for even 10 yards, or at least he couldn’t before Amos channeled his inner Chris Conte in overtime.

    Before Gould’s two costly misses, the Bears punt return unit lost a TD because of a holding penalty.

    Yeah, the stench was team-wide. It was a bad-looking game all over the place. This was using battery acid for eyewash.

    Sure, that’s what you’d expect from two bad teams, but still, we didn’t expect this from the Bears, not after stunning Green Bay in Green Bay, not after all the optimism resulting from playing a relevant game in December.

    That’s it, then. Revelant game, singular. Resume the meaningless December you expected.”

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Wow. Rosnebloom NAILED it.

    Thanks for posting it, Fro…and for the Google tip, too.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    The general consensus was that the bears would be one of the worst teams (if not THE worst) in the NFL this season, so maybe we shouldn’t have expected this much.

    That being said, four of the Bears’ seven losses could have been wins if the players and coaches could have taken their heads out of their asses.

    This team can fucking play football; winning at Green Bay on Thanksgiving night showed that the Bears can actually be the Packers’ rival and not their bitches…like they’ve been for the last six or seven years.

    There is so much mediocre to bad football out there, and this team could’ve been no-shit contenders…but then again, when you can’t hold down inexperienced (Denver) or outright bad QBs (Frisco) maybe I was a fool to think this team had a chance at a respectable season. But then, last year the Bears got assclowned by such Hall of Fame candidates like Ryan Fitzpatrick (40 yard run on 3d and 1, vs. Dolphins) and EJ Manuel (last year’s home opener vs. Buffalo, obtw, he’s out of the league now).

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    This season is very similar to the 2008 one. That year, the Bears should have been 6-0 and went 3-3. Yet, they had 9-6 record going into the final game with the Texans. They needed two or three teams to lose along with winning and they would be in. Those teams lost, but so did the Bears.

    But that’s the difference between an elite team and a really bad team. The Bears are a really bad team with really bad coaches. John Fox is a fraud.

    And it’s good to see the guys on The Score agreeing with me that it’s time for Robbie Gould to go. Jason Goff asked Boers and Bernstein if Gould were to be cut, who would feed his family? I am not the only echoing that piece of shit who made that piece of shit comment two years ago. Meanwhile, folks like us could combine our incomes for the next few years and it won’t get close to what Robbie Gould makes. What an asshole.

  7. genrebuster Says:



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