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Fuck Robbie Gould and Kenny Albert with a rusty fence post: 49ers 26 Bears 20

December 6, 2015

There really isn’t much else to say. Robbie Gould, the most overrated kicker in football, threw yet, another game away for the Bears in his career by missing two easy field goals in this game.

I fucking knew it after the first miss that the Bears were going to lose this game. I told myself “remember that missed kick”.

Yet, the Bears got a gift at the end of the 4th quarter by some dude, who I already forgot his name, take back a 75-yard run to the 25 or whatever it was.

Gould misses again at the end of regulation.

Fuck Robbie Gould. Fuck him until he turns blue. And fuck Kenny Albert, too. If nobody believes he isn’t the kiss of death to Chicago sports now, then I don’t know what will convince them. Every big game he calls for a Chicago sports team, they end up losing. I would be very happy if someone ripped his vocal cords out.

Season over. Now, I can start looking forward to the offseason where I will pray that the Bears will release the highest paid and most overrated kicker in the NFL for someone who actually won’t bitch about money.

Open thread

December 3, 2015

Cubs pitching additions for 2016….(?)

December 2, 2015

David Price is going to the Red Sox – 7years/$217 million (!) – and Greinke is rumored to sign with the Dodgers or Giants. Thoughts?