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Genre, Are You Busy on Friday Night 1/29/10?

January 29, 2010

The Blackhawks will be arriving  in Raleigh late Friday afternoon following their great overtime victory against the Sharks. They have a game on Saturday with the Hurricanes. If you are free, could you take Patrick Kane and his friends anywhere in your fine city that they desire. It seems that Kane gets himself in a little trouble when he takes either a cab or limo.


January 24, 2010

Open thread.

January 21, 2010

Fire away.

For some of you wrestling fans out there, you should check out Falls Count Anywhere. It’s a new site by a wrestling fan living in the Chicagoland area as well. Some good stuff so far.

Open Thread.

January 15, 2010

Fuck you Cristobal Huet.

January 11, 2010

How easy is it to blow a four goal lead with about 15 minutes to go in a hockey game? Unless you are Blackhawks goalie Cristobal Huet, you can’t.

I spent my Saturday night flip flopping between three games at once (Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini). The Blackhawks took a 5-1 lead into the 3rd period and all seemed well. Then, Cristobal Huet realized that he was Cristobal Huet and shit all over the lead and the game as the Wild won in a shootout 6-5.

In a span of a minute and a half, he gave up three goals. THREE. Good thing the Illini were winning the game in the final minute so I didn’t have to see it except for the highlights. But how fucking pathetic. When I tuned in with about 12 or 13 minutes to go, it puzzled me morethat Quennville refused to put Niemi in to try to put out the fire. I understand that he had to start the next night but still. Huet out there pretty much meant that they were going to lose that game. Everytime he takes the net, a real fan should have zero confidence in him. For the exception of one or two games last  year, he sucked complete horse cock. This year, he played well for a span of about a month to month and a half. Saturday night, he returned to being garbage. It was good while it lasted.

Despite Antti Niemi’s shitty game last night, he still should be the starting goalie. If Huet is starting come playoff time, the chances for a dissapointment are higher than with Niemi.

This just in.

January 5, 2010

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Ron Turner has been fired.

One stooge down. Two more to go.

WWE vs.TNA tonight.

January 4, 2010

Tonight is the night. WWE vs. TNA in a possible Monday Night rating wars…

All I have to say is: Don’t expect big things to happen.

With Monday Night Raw, our beloved Bret Hart is making a return. It will be his first appearance in a WWE ring since the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View in 1997 (We all know what happened there). Rumor  has it that he is trying to make a comeback into the ring. WWE has enough embarrassment with how things are being ran. The guest hosts is a joke. Sheamus, a guy who does not have any character or wrestling ability is the WWE Champion. On the show Smackdown!, Drew McIntyre is the same. Both guys are Triple H’s friends and that is why they are becoming top stars. It is pathetic and it is dissapointing to the other young guys who deserve to be pushed. For the last decade, it has been the Triple H way or the hard way. If you aren’t friends with him, you won’t go anywhere. By himself, he has kept future stars away from being superstars just for the fact that they weren’t “his guys”. He has been a main event hog and when he wasn’t, he bitched about it. If he wasn’t married to Vince’s daughter, I wouldn’t be bitching as much but that isn’t the case.

Bret Hart trying to wrestle again would be an utter embarrassment to the WWE.  For those who don’t know, Bret Hart had a stroke about five or six years ago and he is well into his 50’s. I am glad he is back on TV but I would  hate to see him try to wrestle.

With TNA, Hulk Hogan is attempting to make a comeback. Once again. This is a joke. What makes this more embarrasing is that TNA is also bringing along Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman (X-Pac). So basically, the 3rd floor of the nursing home is going to TNA. Enough already with this crap. Where are all the young stars at? TNA lacks young stars and will continue to until the garbage is picked up and thrown out. I am glad Hogan will be there but I am praying he isn’t wrestling. Where’s TNA trying to sign Ken Kennedy or Jeff Hardy? Both are rumored to be there but nothing is for sure yet. This isn’t like mid 90’s where Hogan still had a few years left in him to make it big. TNA is basically throwing their garbage against WWE’s pile of suck.

So anyway, I will record both shows and attempt to watch both fully (If I have enough patience). But I am prepared to expect the same old garbage.

A final say on the Bears season.

January 4, 2010

The regular season is finally over. Four of the seven wins this season by our beloved Chicago Bears were against the Lions (twice), Rams and Browns. Only one win was off of a playoff team (Vikings). It would be hard to say that this team is far away from the playoffs. A 9-7 record can get a team into the playoffs and any team can win on a certain day. If the Bears can just get into the playoffs, all bets are off. Unfortunately, they need to fix a lot of positions and there isn’t much room to work with. The Bears do not have a 1st or 2nd round draft picks and I doubt they would try to trade to get more draft picks.

I said last week that the win over the Vikings probably saved Lovie’s job. And that pisses me off. I never root against my teams but I think if they lost that game, it would have been better. The question still remains on Angelo and Turner. Angelo and Turner must go in my opinion. I cannot take another season of bubble screens, draw plays on 3rd and long and Devin Hester as a wide receiver while players like Devin Aromashodu and Joaquin Iglesias are on the sidelines. Going back to Devin Hester, the days of him being a wide receiver should be over. I am tired of seeing him out there looking lost and not knowing how to run a route properly. He isn’t smart when it comes to plays. That is why he should have stayed as a kick/punt returner.

We will see what happens in free agency and in the draft in April with whatever picks they may have. But I am sitting here and praying that sometime in the next couple weeks, Angelo and Turner will get their pink slips.