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Caption this photo of the current inept general manager for the Chicago Bears.

November 28, 2022

I’ll start: “Congratulations. We just drafted you. You have no business being in the NFL. But here’s a four-year max deal.”

His only draft class has been a bust. And there is zero reason to be optimistic for next season. Just five more games on yet, another nightmare season. Fuck this franchise (I know I’ve said this countless times before).

Bears vs. Jets Thread

November 26, 2022

Same as last week. I may not watch all of it because I’d like to do something more productive with my day off than watch this batch of losers for three hours. But I could chime in at some point.

Feel free to give your own recap in the comments.

What do you know? He got hurt.

November 21, 2022

Fuck all of Chicago sports. Fuck Illinois football and basketball. All of these teams are rotten garbage.

Bears vs. Falcons Thread

November 19, 2022

No recap for this game. I may chime in through the comment section. But I just don’t have the energy to fully invest myself in the Bears this season. Instead, the floor is yours. Share your thoughts before, during or after the game.

If the Bears feel Justin Fields is the quarterback of the future, then they should shut him down for the remainder of the season.

November 17, 2022

Hey, before you call me an idiot, just know that this team is 3-7 and is going nowhere fast. Why bother playing someone who is supposedly the future with nothing to gain? He is coached by fucking idiots and the risk of injury is extremely high. Seven games to go and all are meaningless. Just play Trevor Semen and let Fields rest his body. It’s pointless to play him.

Of course, the Bears won’t do that. So chances are, Fields gets an injury that could significantly impact the future. The Bears could very well be picking another quarterback in the two drafts.

Release The Entire Defense | Bears lose 31-30

November 13, 2022

Enough. I’ve had enough. Fuck this recap. Fuck Jaylon Johnson. Fuck the entire undisciplined defense. I hate this franchise.

I seriously hate this entire franchise. A complete laughingstock.

Open thread

November 9, 2022

There are still eight games left of this shit show of a season.

This Sunday against the Lions, it could hit rock-bottom. The battle for last place in the division is on the line.

I’ve had enough | Dolphins 35 Bears 32

November 6, 2022

We can easily blame the referees for fucking the Bears on the final drive. And I assure you, that was a horrible non-call. But there were no guarantees the Bears would have scored. They had the previous 58 minutes to do something and didn’t.

Instead, blame the defense for being trash nearly the entire game. Even on those fourth down stops, the defense was absolute trash. A bad throw or three was the reason for those stops. Not because the defense was great. The receivers for the Dolphins were open all day game. HOW HARD IS IT TO COVER A RECEIVER? I’ve been screaming about that forever now.

The offense had the last two drives to do something and they didn’t. Fields had the game of his life and just seemed to have been let down by the offensive line once again.

I am not going to recap certain drives or plays as I’m too exhausted. Feel to add your thoughts. For what it’s worth, the almighty Lions are up next.

Have a great night everyone.

There is no God.

November 5, 2022

Here is my Saturday in sports:

The Blackhawks get their asses kicked and yet, another goalie injured.

The Illini lose any chance they had of clinching a spot in the College Football Playoff by losing to a shitty team.

Dusty Fucking Baker gets a World Series. And this is another reason why I hate baseball now. It’s the most cruel sport out there. Fuck him.

Fuck sports.

We all need to be cheered up right now. So here is Sarah Spain and her gigantic knockers.

November 3, 2022

This was a few weeks back. But I texted my internet dad and loyal reader, Jimmy D. His Packers are also suffering and while I am happy to see that, he is also hurting. And in return, that hurts me. I sent him a couple pictures of well-known media personality and prostitute, Sarah Spain, in attempt to cheer him up. I think it worked. For the new folks here, over a decade ago, she used her “appearance” to break into the media business and had the audacity to claim my “report” of her offering herself for Super Bowl tickets was false despite major media outlets saying it wasn’t.

But I do have some respect for her. Despite her being with a guy who looks like a total douche, her knockers are real and spectacular. So here they are. Enjoy.