If the Bears feel Justin Fields is the quarterback of the future, then they should shut him down for the remainder of the season.


Hey, before you call me an idiot, just know that this team is 3-7 and is going nowhere fast. Why bother playing someone who is supposedly the future with nothing to gain? He is coached by fucking idiots and the risk of injury is extremely high. Seven games to go and all are meaningless. Just play Trevor Semen and let Fields rest his body. It’s pointless to play him.

Of course, the Bears won’t do that. So chances are, Fields gets an injury that could significantly impact the future. The Bears could very well be picking another quarterback in the two drafts.

4 Responses to “If the Bears feel Justin Fields is the quarterback of the future, then they should shut him down for the remainder of the season.”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’ll partially agree with you. I think they want to see him with a few dozen more throws under his belt before doing so, and I would partially agree with that as well. Maybe after the Eagles and Packers games they should definitely consider it. Packers are shit, especially after last night, and I don’t think they win at Chicago if Fields plays. The Eagles could definitely looking at a trap game against the Bears too. And I just think when playing the best, you bring your best, that’s just me I suppose. There’s three more games in the season after that; Bills, Lions, and Vikes. Sit him for those.

  2. chucky Says:

    I’m at the point where I just don’t care anymore. Play him, sit him, I don’t give a damn. I’ve had all of the stupidity and fucking bullshit from this (dis)organization that I can stand. Ted Phillips and the McCaskeys can all go fuck themselves.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I highly doubt the Bears could win the next three straight. But if they somehow pull those wins out of their asses, my concern is them thinking they still have a chance and then something stupid happens like an injury.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Aaaaand, he was carted off the field yesterday…


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