Release The Entire Defense | Bears lose 31-30


Enough. I’ve had enough. Fuck this recap. Fuck Jaylon Johnson. Fuck the entire undisciplined defense. I hate this franchise.

I seriously hate this entire franchise. A complete laughingstock.

8 Responses to “Release The Entire Defense | Bears lose 31-30”

  1. John Says:

    Well, for the first time since 2013 it’s our offense that’s great and our defense that’s atrocious. Wow. Our defense looked bad today. They gave up a fourteen point lead. You know, when the Bears were forced to punt in their second to last drive, the announcers were all like, oh, yeah, this is a great thing because it’ll take time off the clock and you’ll pin them deep, but meanwhile I KNEW that they were not going to stop the Lions offense and boy did they show no resistance whatsoever. You know it’s bad when Jared Goff can slice and dice them on third and long. We had no pass rush. Again, on what was supposed to be our game-winning drive we looked about as hopeless as we did just last week against the Dolphins. Good news, this improves our draft position. We weren’t going to be making playoffs anyway and Justin Fields continues to develop. Abysmal number of penalties from what was supposed to be a disciplined defense. Unacceptable. It looks sure like our first rounder is going to be going to the defense.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro, you forgot to mention the real perpetrators of this goddamned mess. The fucking McCaskey Crime Family, along with Ted FUCKING Phillips. These motherfuckers need to be held accountable for making the decisions to hire incompetent fucking morons who should not be coaching pee-wee football, let alone NFL caliber teams, or coaching the Bears. Answer this one simple question for me: How do the Bears play an absolute complete game, in prime time, in front of a nationwide audience, where they ALWAYS fail, against the New England Patriots, and play like a steaming, flaming pile of goddamned dog shit today against Detroit? And one more thing, every fucking football “genius” over at 670 The Score predicted the Bears winning today. I, on the other hand, in our dark corner of the internet, predicted a Bears loss. Maybe I should have my own radio show. Of course, it would have to be on Sirius XM, because I would be using language to would torch a few eyebrows!

  3. chucky Says:

    John, forget about the draft. Ryan Poles will fuck that up like every GM has fucked up the draft for this shithole team.

  4. Skip Says:

    What you see is what you get time after time with the McCaskey clown show, they’ve hired 5 general managers and everyone has been an incompetent fool and the head coaches they have hired are just as bad !!! The Bears will never be contenders as long as the McCaskeys own the team !!!

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    What exactly matters when it comes to draft position? Whether the Bears pick first or 30th, it’s going to be a bust. This team ALWAYS finds a way to fuck it up. We’ve seen this plenty of times over the course of the last 30 years.

  6. John Says:

    You guys remind me of UrinatingTree. This is how he views the Steelers about every year. Sure, the Bears are trash, but they’re actually fun to watch as trash. I say that having been a Bears fan for nearly twelve years. The only times when the Bears were overall fun to watch were 2013 and 2018, perhaps also 2012. All other seasons they’ve either been a dumpster fire (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021) or underperforming (2011, 2019, 2020.) We can at least appreciate them like the Cowboys: they always choke but they’re sure fun to watch.

    You know why they’re fun to watch? Because we’ve got a good QB who’s actually making history. There’s a serious chance now that Justin Fields will break Lamar Jackson’s NFL rushing record from 2019. In fact, he’s already beating Lamar Jackson’s rushing totals from this year by over a hundred yards. Fields is going to be a Pro-Bowler this year.

  7. Fro Dog Says:


    With all due respect, I disagree about the Bears being “fun.” What is so fun about blowing a two-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter to supposedly, the only team worse than the Bears in the NFL?

    There isn’t anything fun about it. This team is complete garbage. I don’t care if Fields goes for 200 yards rushing. The defense was awful the entire game and the offense went AWOL in the final quarter.

    As far as those other years are concerned, I am not going to explain all of the games they blew in those years. But it’s very much like what happened today: Blown opportunities that could have been prevented with common sense. Instead, the Bears proved to everyone what they’ve been the last 15 years and it’s all in one word:


  8. chucky Says:

    John, you know what would be fun? Watching the Bears win the fucking Super Bowl. Fuck the records, fuck the Pro Bowl, and fuck this shit-ass coaching staff for running Justin Fields into the goddamned ground. He’s not going to get through the entire season at this rate. Did you hear the post-game? An hour after the end of the game Fields was still in the locker room, still in full uniform because of fucking exhaustion. Tell me how much fun it’s going to be watching him get carted off the field with a broken leg, or a goddamn concussion, or some other career threatening injury. And with all due respect, don’t be looking for all the positives with this team. We all had enough of that bullshit during Lovie Smiths reign of error. It got us absolutely nothing.


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