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Who/What is more bloated?

June 29, 2012

a. Jim Hendry

b. Alfonso Soriano’s contract

(The Soriano drawing appears at Cubbie-Blue, Chicago artist Tim Souers’ blog about what it feels like to be a Cub’s fan) 

Just saw this:

Soriano to the Mets? I vote YES.

What a load of crap.

June 28, 2012

Did anybody see the vido of Mark Cuban schooling Skip Bayless? Catch it before it gets pulled…

Too bad Cuban wasn’t allowed to buy the Cubs. My guess is that the Cubs would be in better shape NOW had that happened…

As for Ricketts and his siblings: they may be rich…but as owners of the Cubs they are TRULY PATHETIC.

Open thread.

June 25, 2012

Happy Monday.

Eating crow.

June 21, 2012

When you’re wrong, you admit it. I’ve said here for the last few years that LeBron James would never win a title. Last year, I wrote an article basically laughing at this fucker for pissing himself in the Finals last year against the Mavericks. Right after the Heat lost to go down 3-2 to the Celtics, I was already preparing myself to write another article saying that LeBron will never get a title. No excuses, but I still felt like the Thunder might have been screwed by the refs in the second game. To be honest though, the Thunder did the same shit the Bulls did to fuck themselves over. That would be stupid turnovers and a ton of a missed free throws (see Game 2-3 box score). He proved us wrong. We admit when we are wrong unlike the idiots who peak their heads in here every now and then only to not show up when they are prove otherwise.

I remember being a kid and hating on Kobe Bryant and to this day, I never realized why. After Shaq left, my opinion changed on him. The guy won without him. I never saw him showing off other opponents and never saw him act like a jerk to people. Sure, he had some personal issues but who he is as a person doesn’t interest me. It’s him as a basketball player. I respect him as a basketball player. My opinion still stands on LeBron James. I am sure he is a nice person. As a basketball player, not one bit. He has his ring now. Good for him. He’s still a fucking punk bitch who will continue piss off opponents by dancing  on the sidelines.

One last note: Eddy Curry also gets a ring out of all of this as well. Although I thought he was taking a step forward with the Bulls before that issue with his heart, this still sucks. Fuck him too.


June 21, 2012


What happened to “Irish Yeti”? At times, he contributed some good posts…intelligent, thought-provoking (I recall jimmyd commenting on that in the past). Since “Irish” Yeti has apparently left the building for good, here’s hoping that the current Yeti will dig a little deeper…but if  “drive by shooting” is his style, then don’t do it halfway…go for the gusto!

Yeti, I welcome your thoughts on the current trainwreck known as the Chicago Cubs, the current owner…whatever you’d like to weigh in on. Let it rip!

Cubs win! Cubs win! (baaaaaaaah)

June 20, 2012

…the Cubs are on the verge of sweeping the White Sox.

chucky, here is a little music to brighten your day…..

…just trying to keep the conversation going…after all, it’s a lost season, anyway you look at it.


Happy Sunday (Cubs open thread)

June 17, 2012



More housecleaning.

June 12, 2012

Like I said, blow it up….clean house!

BESAME CULO! (an example of what can happen when a bum hits the jackpot)

June 12, 2012

thanks to jimmyd for the motivation on this one…it’s getting harder and harder for me to give a crap about the ongoing trainwreck known as the Cubs.


When it REALLY matters, Soriano just hasn’t shown up; it’s no secret. Is the finger for us — the fans — or for Cubs ownership/management? Maybe both.

Possible translation: “Besame culo! I’m going to bat wherever I want…and I’m NOT going to sit on the bench, no matter how poorly I play. I usted es dueño de puta!

…hmmm, seems to me for 136 million dollars — that may not be the correct amount, cue Yeti — the Cubs own Soriano. But this is professional sports, where so many underachievers are excessively overpaid, and then do whatever they want.

That’s why ticket prices are so high. That’s why the price of food and drink at the ballpark is so excessive. This will never change as long as people are willing to pay these prices for shit/for shit/for shit/for shit/for shit (uh oh, broken record).

Many of us here were hoping the Cubs would “blow it up” and start over. That is really what’s needed and if Fanboy — who may be the biggest idiot owner in professional sports judged by his tenure to date — doesn’t get a clue, it could be years before the Cubs rebound from Hendry’s moves. The remnants must go, the time is NOW.

Theo Epstein is an intelligent guy but he can’t snap his fingers and will the Cubs to a World Series Championship.

As for our manager, Dale Sveum….so far, I’m not impressed one bit. Another boring stat geek…instead of letting a promising and talented hitter like Brian LaHair take his swings from both sides on a daily basis — hell, he might improve from his “weak side” given an opportunity to do so in real game situations — he sits the guy and “plays the numbers”. Here’s a number for you, Dale: 1908. Hopefully Sveum will be replaced soon, then he can enjoy his time off  and play the numbers at the race-track.

This is a lost season and we all expected it…so play the most promising kids; what more is there to lose? As for Soriano and other overpaid veterans who don’t produce WHEN IT MATTERS: sit down and shut up…you’re being paid.

What a truly PATHETIC organization. BARF.

HAVE MERCY! When is the Marmol experiment going to end?

June 7, 2012

June 6, 2012…yet another miserable outing by the former Cubs closer. Just give him a gas can and a flamethrower, that would be more entertaining. I hope they can unload Marmol soon. Thoughts?