What a load of crap.


Did anybody see the vido of Mark Cuban schooling Skip Bayless? Catch it before it gets pulled…


Too bad Cuban wasn’t allowed to buy the Cubs. My guess is that the Cubs would be in better shape NOW had that happened…

As for Ricketts and his siblings: they may be rich…but as owners of the Cubs they are TRULY PATHETIC.

8 Responses to “What a load of crap.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Looks like it has been pulled genre.

    That picture just about says it all, doesn’t it?

    Let the futility continue.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, I edited the link….check it out before it disappears.

  3. chucky Says:

    Holy shit genre! Cuban absolutely made Bayless his BITCH!

  4. genrebuster Says:

    You know, a lot of people have a problem with Mark Cuban…you could argue that he can be a blowhard at times…but how can anyone question his intelligence as a businessman and most importantly – to me as a long-suffering fan – his desire to win?

    Cuban doesn’t put up with mediocrity and bullshit the way Cubs ownership and management have for countless years. It is astounding to me that so many so-called Cubs fans are so willing (happy?) to put up with the incompetence, mediocrity, greed (it’s all about the money, NOT about winning) that we’ve been subjected to for far too long.

    That picture of the Ricketts family (barf) standing in an empty Wrigley Field is exactly what needs to happen.

    Until the Cubs are fielding a professional level contending team — demanding professionalism and best efforts from all players, and not putting up with wack-job primadonnas who destroy team chemistry…like Gameboy (Milton Bradley, RIP) and Lil ‘Z (Carlos Zambrano, RIP) — Ricketts’ should slash ticket and concession prices. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay major league prices to watch a PATHETIC minor league effort.

    Theo has his hands full, for sure.

    here’s a post dated 6/15/2011by Senser81 that appeared at VSN (Virtual Sports Network) , I think it’s excellent and the link is here:


    “Seeing the Mavericks win the NBA title reminded me of how Mark Cuban wanted to buy the Cubs a few years ago, only to be denied by Bud Selig.”


    “Say what you will about Cuban, but he is a very good owner. He took over one of the worst franchises in all of sports (Mavs), and immediately made them a first-class organization. I think if Cuban had been allowed to purchase the Cubs, the Cubs would be a much better organization and they wouldn’t be asking the city of Chicago to bankroll their initiatives.

    Flash forward to the present, and you have Selig allowing Tom Ricketts to buy the Cubs despite having nearly zero liquid assets for purchase, and in the span of a few months Ricketts has managed to alienate the fans, the city, and the media with his constant bitching and his nearly laughable pleas for financial assistance. Its interesting because the Cubs play in the same division as Selig’s Brewers, so keeping the Cubs bad ultimately benefits the Brewers.

    I just thought it was strange that more isn’t being made of this now that Cuban is in the spotlight again, and the Cubs are in such terrible shape thanks in large part to Selig.”


    Thanks for nothing Bud. I’ll rejoice the day you are gone from baseball.

  5. DVXPrime Says:

    Thank you, genrebuster. ‘Nuff said…

  6. DVXPrime Says:

    …and yes, I saw the video of Cuban smoking Bayless. Between that, and Jalen Rose calling him out about Bayless’ high school basketball “career”, how the hell does this man still have a job at ESPN?

  7. chucky Says:

    DVX….you just answered your own question. It’s ESPN.

  8. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Well, we’re all talking about him.
    In today’s society, it seems as though morons, “Internet stars,” and other trolls get more recognition then talented or humble folks.

    Just look at Chris Chase. The people who troll his articles are making Yahoo! a fortune. It’s all about eyes on the advertisements, not quality of content.


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