HAVE MERCY! When is the Marmol experiment going to end?


June 6, 2012…yet another miserable outing by the former Cubs closer. Just give him a gas can and a flamethrower, that would be more entertaining. I hope they can unload Marmol soon. Thoughts?

24 Responses to “HAVE MERCY! When is the Marmol experiment going to end?”

  1. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Dang Jim Hendry left us with some amazingly overpaid players…

  2. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Let’s take a look…Dempster and Garza can bring you the most back in trades so I would assume they are going to attempt to do just that. The problem is, the longer they wait, the less they are going to get…a pitcher and an outfield prospect of a mid to high level is the best possible scenario.

    Nobody is going to take Sorriano unless Ricketts offers to pay at least 3/4 of the contract. Everytime Marmol takes the mound, the value goes even further down. You would be lucky to get a bag of peanuts in return. Thoughts?

  3. chucky Says:

    Matt….my understanding is if Dempster and Garza can pitch well the Cubs can get more back if they wait until the trade deadline. Teams like the Yankees or the Red Sox will be more willing to shell out more out of desperation.

    Thanks to that fat bastard with the bad hair Moe Hendry, the Cubs may never end up dumping Soriano, or Marmol. That stupid retarded motherfucker really raped the Cubs by saddling the Cubs with two of the shittiest contracts in history. For that crime alone Moe should be waterboarded for twelve consecutive hours, then set on fucking fire.

    Fuck you Hendry, you dumb fucking cocksucker!!!!!!!

  4. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Yeah. I could see the Detroit Tigers panicking with their garbage rotation. Maybe we could get one of their good pitching prospects plus somebody else for Garza?

    The Cubs can’t keep Soriano much longer. When Anthony Rizzo comes up, either Soriano must go or Bryan LaHair gets traded. I know Soriano won’t accept a bench role…hell, he complained when he was dropped below No. 6 in the batting order last year with his .289 OBP! Soriano’s contract ends after 2014.

    I don’t know what they can do with Carlos Marmol. Who’d be stupid enough to take him? At least Soriano might be a halfway-decent DH. Marmol wouldn’t cut it on some Triple-A clubs.

    As far as Castro…he’s not getting traded no matter how much ESPN Chicago wants to hype such an idea. They would never get enough for him.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Keep LaHair, dump Sorry-Oh-No.

    Blow this terminal cesspool of misery up once and for all.

    A bag of shells for Marmol sounds about right.

    That said, you guys all make good points.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    …..I don’t think I can endure 2 more years of Soriano starting. Any suggestions for a new team to root for?


    tick tock….tick tock….

  7. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Dear Dale Sveum,

    STOP BENCHING BRYAN LAHAIR. I want to see LaHair in the lineup on Saturday against Scott Diamond. I don’t care if he’s left-handed. I don’t want Jeff Baker in the lineup.

    Yours truly,


  8. chucky Says:

    Dear Dale Sveum

    What Pie just said. Frankly, I never want to see Jeff Baker start another game, ever. Since this is a “lost season” anyway, fuck the “percentages”. Play LaHair. What do you have to lose?

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Pie and Chucky….agreed.

    Dear Bobblehead Doll Stat Geeks:

    I’ve never understood the righty/lefty thing with “promising” players. How the hell can you improve if you don’t get a solid/ongoing opportunity to hit (the righty/lefty)?

    LaHair is looking like one of the brightest spots on the Cubs horizon, at least for now. He should be given every opportunity to succeed…or fail.

    There is nothing to lose.

  10. chucky Says:

    While we’re putting an end to the ever useless Carlos Marmol experiment, can we dump that fucking dork Casey Coleman too? Send this batting practice “pitcher” back to single A where he belongs. He is not, nor ever will be, a major league pitcher.

    Of course, I’ll probably get chastised for saying that because Coleman is at least “serviceable”.


  11. jimmyd Says:

    Hey All,

    I’m pretty much done with this bullshit. It’s been a decade (or more) that we’ve had pretty much the shittiest bullpen in the major leagues…no fucking lead is safe. It’s embarrassing and somebody needs to finally do something about it.

    The end.

    Jimmy D.

  12. Pie In The Sky Says:

    The Cubs could sign 6 free agent relievers right now and I don’t think they’d be this bad.

  13. Pie In The Sky Says:

    My gawd…

    Francisco Liriano on the mound tomorrow. You know what that means (hint: left-handed pitcher).

  14. jimmyd Says:

    On another note, it’s nice to see that Alfonso Soriano is igniting that “hot streak” talent of his (when it doesn’t matter). He didn’t hit a single homerun during the first 6 weeks of the season, but now that the SCRUBS are completely out of contention (in June) he’s hotter than a firecracker. Way to go, MR. CLUTCH!!!

    Jimmy D.

  15. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Now we just need to find an AL team who doesn’t realize that Soriano only produces when we’re out of contention.

  16. DVXPrime Says:

    For the brave few among us watching the Cubs, live or on TV, are the Cubs drawing fans to see them as a visiting team, or is the ball park half empty?

    How full/empty has Wrigley been lately?

    At this point, I am perfectly happy with either of two outcomes:

    1) Superstation WGN/Fox Sports Chicago/ESPN televising Cubs games in a nearly deserted Wrigley Field (or half empty stadia where the Cubs are the visiting scrimmage squad)

    2) Drunken, angry fans staring brawls, throwing souvenirs onto the field, invading the field, and otherwise starting riots at Wrigley Field.

    Okay, #2 is kinda extreme in an Occupy Whatever kinda way, but somehow the fanbase needs to start sending Ricketts and Co. a message.

    As for the current roster fix conversation, I agree with waiting for the trade deadline to trade Dempster and Garza for whatever prospects the Cubs can get. This is going to sound stupid, but The Cubs may as well unload Soriano for whatever team is stupid enough to take him. Whether the Cubs deal him and eat his contract, or spend two more years paying him to pad his numbers after the Cubs are buried in the NL Central cellar is pretty much moot at this point.

    Dump Soriano, eat the salary, and fill his roster space with somebody who is young, hungry, and gives a damn about being a Major League Ballplayer all season long.

    When/if Soriano goes, Marmiol can share the bus ride out of town with him.

    Do we HAVE a serviceable closer?

  17. chucky Says:

    GOD-FUCKING-DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the in the fucking goddamn hell is Jeff fucking Baker starting at 1st base again? Sveum, what do you think you are gaining by starting Baker over LaHair because Liriano is pitching today? So far he’s 0 for 1. And my money says he’ll do jack-fucking-shit today too. Get your motherfucking head out of your ass Sveum! Stop playing the goddamned bullshit “percentages” that never fucking pay off in the end anyway. Otherwise, we’ll start refering to you as Dale Baker.

    Fucking moron.

  18. Pie In The Sky Says:

    They’re even in an AL park where they need an additional hitter and they still don’t put LaHair in the lineup. I thought this would be the perfect chance to get him 6 starts in left field. Instead, they have Reed Johnson leading off and Joe Mather playing CF?

  19. chucky Says:

    I’m starting to really wonder about Sveum. You’re right about LaHair playing in left. I don’t mind Johnson so much, but why the fuck is Mather even in a big league uniform?

    And fuck you James Russell. How many pitches did Dempster throw today? Was it really necessary to go to the bullpen?

    I know everybody said this team would suck this year, but do they have to try to suck? And be stupid on top of it? And to all the retards who would bash me for this rant, yeah, they won and I’m still complaining. Deal with it.

  20. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I’ll get to the conclusion for you…Sveum is an idiot. There seems to be a problem when a franchise is known for hiring idiot after idiot for a manager instead of going for the best possible option. We can rewind back to 2006 when both Joe Girardi and Bob Brenly were looking at the job. Instead, Louser Piniella gets it and we all know that was a train wreck. For the stat geeks out there, I never wanted Bobby Valentine either in the offseason. That guy is a great analyst but a horrible manager.

    Trade who you can, get as many pitching prospects as you can in return. Let me clarify that last statement…get pitching prospects who actually have talent. The bullpen we have now, they have Kyle Farnsworth syndrome. That’s the disease where you can throw 100 mph but never for strikes unless it ends up over the fence. Maybe all of these idiots will screw up their knees by kicking fans in the clubhouses.

    The end.

  21. genrebuster Says:

    Matt, EXCELLENT post.

  22. genrebuster Says:

    yeah, “Mr. Clutch”. I’ll add to that soon, thanks for the inspiration Jimmy D….need some sleep first.

  23. jimmyd Says:

    I kinda feel sorry for that kid, Jorge Soler. This organization will begin the ruthless deconstruction of this kid until he’s nothing more than a distant memory. So much talent…so little support. As tragic and “doom and gloom” as that sounds, it’s a summation of what has happened to all of the talent that has passed through the building at Clark and Addison. Truly tiresome!!!

  24. genrebuster Says:


    The Cubs (22-42) haven’t played well very often this season, but they’re in the midst of one of their better stretches, having won three of five overall and five of seven at Wrigley. Even Marmol eventually got the job done Friday, converting his first save opportunity since May 2 after losing the closer’s role for several weeks.

    “I feel great up there now,” he said. “I feel confidence. I think I’m going to keep my job. I’m going to continue to work hard.”


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