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You have to be kidding me.

September 28, 2010

Who here said the Bears would start off 3-0? Anybody? Yeah. Me either. They won yet another game they had no business winning. I hate to be the party pooper on this but they still haven’t proved they are for real and I think many will agree with me on that. Then again, I’d rather be lucky than good.

So let’s take a look at this: The Bears should have won this game easily by at least 10 points. It started off with Robbie Gould missing a field goal on the first drive. Later in the first half, Cutler threw a unnecessary pass for an interception in the end zone. For the touchdown pass that Cutler threw to Olsen late in the half, it was an inch away from being intercepted. So with that being said, the Bears were about as close to being in trouble as it could be.

Then we move to the second half. Cutler marches the Bears down the field. Earl Bennett gets down by contact at the 1 (Just barely but contact no less). So Lovie challenges the play which I thought Bennett was not down so I can’t blame him for that. However, I can blame Lovie for once again proving he is an idiot by going for it on 4th down. Cutler doesn’t throw the pass right on the money but Clark still should have caught that ball. How stupid of Lovie not to just take the points there? He almost costs the Bears yet another loss. Then in the 4th quarter, Cutler throws yet another interception but once again, the Bears escape disaster on a roughing the passer call.

On defense, there still needs to be a lot of adjustments. Rodgers had his way with the Bears secondary all game. Luckily, Peppers blocked a field goal and then late in the game, Briggs and Urlacher caused a fumble on what should have been a game-winning drive for the Packers.

Oh yeah. Devin Hester. About damn time. He needs to do that a few more times so maybe it can get through Lovie’s thick head that Hester has no business being a receiver. I’d also like to add that the Bears running game needs to get going. They simply cannot rely on just passing the whole game.

So I will take the 3-0 record every time but I am not getting excited. I’ve seen this story before. And I also know who the coach of this team is.

I am sure I’ve left some stuff out mainly because I am typing this late at night but feel free to add your insight to this.

Open Thread.

September 23, 2010

Let it all out.

Bears improve to 2-0; Fro Dog digs The NFL Red Zone channel.

September 19, 2010

Now that is surprising ladies and gentlemen. The Bears who just about everybody picked to lose went into Dallas and beat the Cowboys 27-20. Let’s get to it.

The defense for the most part played great only allowing 13 points. They caused three turnovers. At times when the Cowboys drove down the field, they made stops resulting in either a field goal or a punt. D.J. Moore was a key factor getting two interceptions albeit on deflections but I’ll take it. He also helped out when Charles Tillman actually did something and caused a fumble with the Bears recovering it. Lance Briggs was a big part on defense getting six tackles.

I hate to rain on the parade of some fans out there, but the secondary still worries me. The Bears had Zack Bowman try to cover Miles Austin for most of the game and he ended up getting 10 receptions for 142 yards. As I said many times before, the Bears need to try to find someone better whether that is on the waiver wire or in free agency.

Jay Cutler had probably his best game so far since being traded to the Bears. Even while running for his life on nearly every play in the first half, Mike Martz started calling short slant plays that eventually resulted in first downs and eventually a touchdown by Greg Olsen. I don’t think anyone ever doubted that Martz is a smart guy. The problem was using his offense with a shitty offensive line. Luckily, Chris Williams had an “injury” and left the game. I am going to guess he realized he sucked and wasn’t going to be able to defend DeMarcus Ware. Another good move was by Mike Tice with getting Frank OmiGod to shift to the left side when Williams left. The line was only half bad then but good enough in the 2nd half.

Once again, problems on 3rd down for the Bears offense. Here’s a stat for you guys (Cue Irish Yeti and his students): The Bears were 1-11 on 3rd down. That has to change. Not many teams will get lucky with their defense like the Bears were for the second week in a row.

So I am happy with the 2-0 start. However as I mentioned many times, the secondary still needs to work on things as well as the offensive line. Along with trying to find a cornerback who can actually play the position, the Bears need to look for another offensive lineman. I still don’t trust Frank OmiGod or even Kevin Shaeffer. The 2-0 Packers come to town next Monday night with first place on the line. That is the test to show us if this team is a contender or not.

By the way, the scumbags over at Comcast decided to show the NFL Red Zone channel for free on Sunday. If you guys have DirecTV or Dish Network, I believe it’s on the same package as the NFL Network. IF you have Comcast like I do, you have to dish out an extra $8 for the Sports Entertainment Package. It is pretty cool but still not worth the extra cash. Comcast steals enough money from me and there are websites where you can watch the games for free.

Open thread.

September 16, 2010

All of your ANGER! should be unleashed here.

The refs must have been Bears fans.

September 12, 2010

The Bears avoided disaster by beating the much improved Lions Sunday afternoon. There were a shitload of bad penalties, stupid turnovers and a call by the refs that was supposed to be a game winning touchdown for the Lions but wasn’t. Let’s get to it.

Unless you are Irish Yeti or some other turd sandwich, you would (the normal sports fan) know that stats don’t mean shit. If you win, you did your job. If you lose, you didn’t. Same goes in this case. If you look at just the stats, the Bears should have annihilated the Lions. They outrushed them, out passed them and played just as good on defense if not better. The Bears had numerous times to score. They had great field possession nearly every time they took over as well as playing great defense forcing many three and outs.

Defense: The Bears proved me wrong Sunday on defense with the exception of the last drive. They let Shaun Hill actually throw the ball and get first downs. They have to tighten up late during games. But before that, the front four did get pressure on Stafford and Hill resulting in three turnovers (The third being on the 4th and 10 to end the game). Julius Peppers caused a fumble while injuring Stafford for the rest of the game. We saw Brian Urlacher play tremendous getting eight tackles. When it seemed like Jahvid Best or someone else were to get a gain of a few yards, Urlacher was waiting to stop that from happening. Nice to see he is healthy. Lance Briggs also did very well getting nine tackles along with causing that fumble on Shaun Hill inside the 1. Speaking of that fumble…

1st and goal at the 1: How the fuck do Smith and Martz not call a quarterback sneak in that situation? That had to been the four dumbest plays in a row I have seen in quite some time. PATHETIC as our friend Genrebuster would say. A quarterback sneak in most situations would guarantee at least a yard. Luckily as I mentioned above, the defense bailed the shitty offense out.

Offense: Once again. Look at the stats and you think the Bears kicked ass and scored a lot of points. However. Four turnovers in this game is unacceptable and shitty. First turnover was Cutler throwing an interception with four defenders surrounding Johnny Knox. Second was Greg Olsen coughing up the ball in the red zone. Then in the 1st half also, Forte fumbled it going up in the air. Enough with the fumbles. The Bears got rid of Rashaan Salaam a long time ago.

Blown call at the end: Thank God this was in the rule book. Apparently, since Johnson was still moving even after the catch, the part of the process of catching the ball was the factor. However in my opinion, that should have been a catch. Everyone and their mother knew that should have been a catch. As I said in the title: The refs must have been Bears fans. I’ll take it.

Your thoughts in the thread.

Open Thread.

September 9, 2010