Bears improve to 2-0; Fro Dog digs The NFL Red Zone channel.


Now that is surprising ladies and gentlemen. The Bears who just about everybody picked to lose went into Dallas and beat the Cowboys 27-20. Let’s get to it.

The defense for the most part played great only allowing 13 points. They caused three turnovers. At times when the Cowboys drove down the field, they made stops resulting in either a field goal or a punt. D.J. Moore was a key factor getting two interceptions albeit on deflections but I’ll take it. He also helped out when Charles Tillman actually did something and caused a fumble with the Bears recovering it. Lance Briggs was a big part on defense getting six tackles.

I hate to rain on the parade of some fans out there, but the secondary still worries me. The Bears had Zack Bowman try to cover Miles Austin for most of the game and he ended up getting 10 receptions for 142 yards. As I said many times before, the Bears need to try to find someone better whether that is on the waiver wire or in free agency.

Jay Cutler had probably his best game so far since being traded to the Bears. Even while running for his life on nearly every play in the first half, Mike Martz started calling short slant plays that eventually resulted in first downs and eventually a touchdown by Greg Olsen. I don’t think anyone ever doubted that Martz is a smart guy. The problem was using his offense with a shitty offensive line. Luckily, Chris Williams had an “injury” and left the game. I am going to guess he realized he sucked and wasn’t going to be able to defend DeMarcus Ware. Another good move was by Mike Tice with getting Frank OmiGod to shift to the left side when Williams left. The line was only half bad then but good enough in the 2nd half.

Once again, problems on 3rd down for the Bears offense. Here’s a stat for you guys (Cue Irish Yeti and his students): The Bears were 1-11 on 3rd down. That has to change. Not many teams will get lucky with their defense like the Bears were for the second week in a row.

So I am happy with the 2-0 start. However as I mentioned many times, the secondary still needs to work on things as well as the offensive line. Along with trying to find a cornerback who can actually play the position, the Bears need to look for another offensive lineman. I still don’t trust Frank OmiGod or even Kevin Shaeffer. The 2-0 Packers come to town next Monday night with first place on the line. That is the test to show us if this team is a contender or not.

By the way, the scumbags over at Comcast decided to show the NFL Red Zone channel for free on Sunday. If you guys have DirecTV or Dish Network, I believe it’s on the same package as the NFL Network. IF you have Comcast like I do, you have to dish out an extra $8 for the Sports Entertainment Package. It is pretty cool but still not worth the extra cash. Comcast steals enough money from me and there are websites where you can watch the games for free.

One Response to “Bears improve to 2-0; Fro Dog digs The NFL Red Zone channel.”

  1. Nemo Says:

    Nice job, Bears!!!


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