You have to be kidding me.


Who here said the Bears would start off 3-0? Anybody? Yeah. Me either. They won yet another game they had no business winning. I hate to be the party pooper on this but they still haven’t proved they are for real and I think many will agree with me on that. Then again, I’d rather be lucky than good.

So let’s take a look at this: The Bears should have won this game easily by at least 10 points. It started off with Robbie Gould missing a field goal on the first drive. Later in the first half, Cutler threw a unnecessary pass for an interception in the end zone. For the touchdown pass that Cutler threw to Olsen late in the half, it was an inch away from being intercepted. So with that being said, the Bears were about as close to being in trouble as it could be.

Then we move to the second half. Cutler marches the Bears down the field. Earl Bennett gets down by contact at the 1 (Just barely but contact no less). So Lovie challenges the play which I thought Bennett was not down so I can’t blame him for that. However, I can blame Lovie for once again proving he is an idiot by going for it on 4th down. Cutler doesn’t throw the pass right on the money but Clark still should have caught that ball. How stupid of Lovie not to just take the points there? He almost costs the Bears yet another loss. Then in the 4th quarter, Cutler throws yet another interception but once again, the Bears escape disaster on a roughing the passer call.

On defense, there still needs to be a lot of adjustments. Rodgers had his way with the Bears secondary all game. Luckily, Peppers blocked a field goal and then late in the game, Briggs and Urlacher caused a fumble on what should have been a game-winning drive for the Packers.

Oh yeah. Devin Hester. About damn time. He needs to do that a few more times so maybe it can get through Lovie’s thick head that Hester has no business being a receiver. I’d also like to add that the Bears running game needs to get going. They simply cannot rely on just passing the whole game.

So I will take the 3-0 record every time but I am not getting excited. I’ve seen this story before. And I also know who the coach of this team is.

I am sure I’ve left some stuff out mainly because I am typing this late at night but feel free to add your insight to this.

28 Responses to “You have to be kidding me.”

  1. Thrillho Says:

    The Bears won a game by 3 points that they had no business winning at all but should have won easily by at least 10 points?

    Wait, what?

  2. Guest Says:


    Thrillho just made a stupid comment. Are you going to ban him?

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Let’s see here Thrillho: Due to the fact that they should have been up at least 10 and weren’t up by that margain and nearly lost, it was all but certain that they were going to. Make sense? If not, have your Thrill”ho” of a mother explain it to you.

    And for not willing to have an actual conversation as I asked of you mostly as well as your butt buddies, I will have to congratulate you on being the first person banned from this site. And take the guest with you. This way, it will be two less idiots I have to deal with.

  4. genrebuster Says:


  5. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    About damn time Fro. You should just ban the rest of them to assure you that this shit will stop.

    To quote Ron Santo…”Come on man. Geez wiz”.

  6. Yeti Says:

    How did he not engage in conversation? He questioned your statement and then you responded.. That sounds like a conversation to me?

  7. genrebuster Says:

    C’mon Yeti…you’re not really going to miss TO & his sidekick dummy Guest, are you? Have they added anything worthwhile to the dialogue here?

    At least you don’t resort to personal attacks and juvenile comments when you disagree with a post, I for one appreciate that.

    It’s Fro’s blog…he can handle it however he chooses.

  8. Yeti Says:

    Well, it looks like he banned my work computer, Genre so he begs to differ. Clearly, Fro has thin skin like Al Yellon

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, is your work computer a shared IP (with some of the other posters)? Not that it’s any of my business but that could explain it…

    Thin skin or not, the juvenile personal attacks of fellow posters are a turnoff….I’d much rather read something from chucky regarding bashing somebody with heavy mining equipment, etc 😉

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    I’ve only banned two people: Thrillho and Guest. And that’s because I asked both of them numerous times not to come here. If they think this shit we all write is retarded then why do they continue to read it? I am sure there is enough “retarded talk” over at whatever other website they go to.

    The fact is that I never planned on banning anybody. I try to do what the readers ask me of. If something is bothering them, I try to take care of it. That’s all.

  11. genrebuster Says:

    A-OK Fro…maybe some of the “old-timers” ie. people from the original site will post here again from time to time if the juvenile crap disappears. That would be a nice change.

  12. jimmyd Says:

    Hey all,

    It’s just me, again…you know, one of the “old-timers”. Okay, here’s my take on a few things.

    First, as a Packer fan, let me congratulate all of you Bears fans for the W on Monday night.

    Second, I’ll try to explain why I haven’t posted in quite a while. Mostly, it’s because of the product on the diamond. The Cubs organization has grown sooooo tiresome and early in the season you could just tell that this team had no direction, drive, heart, leadership or chemistry. Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a fat fuck about urinal cakes, troughs, cell phone/texting fans, or anything else for that matter. All I give a shit about is that I want this piece of shit organization to present me and all of its other lifelong, supporting fans, with a World Championship before I leave this earth. The Blackhawks were kind enough to oblige me this past season….and, for that, I’m eternally grateful. I did not attend a single Cubs game this year as I just couldn’t get excited about supporting this team of underachievers. I will say that I was quite pleasantly surprised with Byrd. Castro, Silva and the revamped headcase known as the Big Z (since his return) were all welcomed “brush strokes” on an otherwise “blah” canvas.

    All that said, I started visiting and a long time ago; as a baseball fan. I still consider this site to be a byproduct from those origins. However, I’m not a fan of wrestling or the Bears, and so, I wish that this could remain a Cubs Fan related base. On the other hand, I thank FroDog for continuing to keep this site active as I realize that he gave up on the Cubs a couple of years ago. Perhaps he has more sense than the rest of us. Oh, and before I forget to say this, that Spain chick has awesome tits; I don’t give a shit if she’s a whore or dumber than a box of rocks…I’d hit that thing….HARD!!!

    Finally, there’s another reason that I haven’t posted here in a really long time. It’s got nothing to do with the stuff which I just wrote about. In a nutshell, it can be summarized by the bullshit comments like the one posted by Thrillho at the top of this thread. I find it extremely juvenile for someone to feel the need to show their superior intellect by correcting someone (by challenging their grammar) who “passionately” (and excitedly) attempted to give a “shout out” to his favorite pigskin team after they just won a divisional battle against a team that has been picked by many of the experts to win it all. Yeah, you can look back at Fro’s comment and see that his thoughts are kinda contradictive, but who cares. He’s a fan who was shocked, amped up, excited and quite tired (as he mentions while wrapping up the post). Why does someone need to point a finger at Fro and say “look at the retard”. Christ, that’s about as fucking classless as it gets. I don’t care if those comments are coming from a kid that lives in his mom’s basement, or from the head of a law firm. No matter where that shit comes from, I just want to tune it out because it reminds me too far much of all of the finger-pointing idiocy which takes place in today’s politics. As some of you are reading this, your saying “it’s a free country and Thrillho has the freedom of speech”. And to that I say, you’re correct. While it’s true, it doesn’t mean that I need to participate in the adolescence….and, that’s why I’ve stayed in the background. I still read all of the posts and will continue to do so.

    I’m glad there’s still this site/blog to come to and I hope it continues at least until we get our Championship. And, by the way, even though FroDog has given up on baseball, I know that I will be lifting a tall, cold one in Wrigleyville with many of you “old-timers” if, and when, the day comes. I just hope that it’s sooner, rather than later….I’m getting too old for this shit.

    Jimmy D.

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    Jimmy D.

    I do appreciate you chiming in. I don’t really find that comment “contradicting” because as you said, I was excited for the game then shocked at how they pulled it out. That’s all.

    As far as the kinds of posts that are up at the site, I handed the bulk of the discussion over to Keith but he told me many months back that he is tired of the subject he is suppose to talk about. If you want the talk to be more like that on the site, I could assign another writer to do that. If you are interested or if Scott is interested in doing it, just let me know. I will add one or even both of you to the mix.

    And as far as the Sarah Spain chick is concerned, I never doubted her looks. And yes. Her rack is one that can probably keep your head spinning. I still think “she is dumber than box of rocks”. If you want to hit it hard as you said, it’s going to cost you about $20,000. That’s how much she charged the last guy. If you think she is worth that much, go for it. Just make sure you are prepared for your wallet to get a little less heavy.

  14. chucky Says:


    I for one am happy to see you come back here again. Don’t be a stranger.

    Fro….I heard you tonight talking to LoHolmes. Good call. If you can, listen to the podcast. Lawrence apologized all over himself because actually thought you said something different. It was pretty funny.

    One last thing. Is it me, or does Sarah Spain look like she’d be more of a maintenance problem than a broken down 1977 AMF Harley that leaks engine oil all over the place?

  15. genrebuster Says:

    jimmyd…great to hear from you again, a great read for sure. Thank you for taking the time to write it…bulls-eye.

    I hope we can all meet in Wrigleyville to celebrate a Cubs championship before too much time passes. That would be great.

    More later, working late tonite…

  16. jimmyd Says:


    I’m sorry, but now I have to point out the contradiction that Thrillho was referring to (albeit tactlessly)….and, I agree with him, your thoughts were confusing (but, again, easy to understand after a huge W in a game of that magnitude).

    In the first paragraph of your post, you wrote: They won yet another game they had no business winning.
    In the next paragraph, you wrote: The Bears should have won this game easily by at least 10 points.

    Dare I say……WTF???

    I know exactly what you meant and the confusion is elevated by the fact that you were writing it while you were amped up after the game. Instead of making a comment about the game, Thrillho needed to make fun of your writing skills. Very sad.

    That’s all.

    Back to the Sarah Spain topic for a second. The only chick that I’m gonna drop 20 grr on is my wife. I’m in that program for the long haul; I bring home the bacon and she takes care of the house. My days of hitting anything else are far behind me. I just recently celebrated 14 years of marriage and have 2 beautiful boys from our union. Unlike Tiger Woods, I would never disrespect my wife in that manner. If I really wanted to stray from the marriage, I can only say that I have enough respect for my wife that I would leave her first, and then enter into a relationship with someone else. That said, I have no reason to look elsewhere because we take the time to appreciate so much about each other.

    Now, on the topic of being a “writer”. I would consider doing that, especially during the season. By not living in the Chicago market, it might be hard for me to bring much to the table during the off-season, but I’m willing to give it a shot (especially if Scott would jump into the fire with me). I’m a huge Blackhawks fan, but it’s the Bucks for basketball and you already know my heart’s with the Green and Gold when it comes to football.

    Right now, I’m so busy with work that I’d have to make sure to set time aside to initiate some thought provoking threads. I work for Wells Fargo Bank in the home mortgage loan arena. I’ve always been busy, but the past 21 months have been unbelievably hectic with the extremely low interest rate environment….plus, the tightened underwriting guidelines. Even so, last year I completed transactions in 28 states and would be happy to work with anyone who posts here and has any questions regarding mortgage loans.

    Jimmy D.

  17. Fro Dog Says:

    Jimmy D.

    Speaking of mortgage loans, I actually use to work as a “loan originator” from Oak Brook (West suburbs of Chicago) with a a bank called Integrity Financial. They set up an office in Dekalb when I was in high school. My job was to call certain customers with current mortgages and help them refinance. I worked there during my junior year of high school and made pretty good money for a 16 year old kid. Anytime I had a “lead”, I would get the commission for it and if they ended up closing the deal, certain bonuses would be added on top.

    Sadly, they decided to move their office somewhere in the suburbs and I couldn’t continue to work there due to the distance and of course school. But good thing I have that experience in case someday I get a house.

  18. robert Says:

    I feel bad for Jim Hendry….If he does not hire Sandberg and Sandberg gets hired by another team and goes on to win before the cubs…hendry will be ran out of town….Case in point in 03 he turned down ron grdenhire for douchebag…in 2007 he turned down girardi for pinella so he has a history in doing that…If he hires Sandberg and Sandberg fails he will get the blame for caving into fan pressure…Since Hendry had heart problems (remember he finalized the Ted Lilly deal hooked up to an ekg machine) I think due to this pressure he should resign

  19. genrebuster Says:

    “I feel bad for Jim Hendry”… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Good one, robert.

    It is unbelievable that Hendry still has a job with the Cubs. Ricketts is officially a complete idiot owner, until he proves otherwise.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Fro & jimmyd…I’m willing to jump into the fire next season and contribute the occasional piece as time allows…but like you I am not living in the Chicago market, still down south with the corncobs, etc…and I don’t have time to keep up with the day to day stuff of the Cubs. So my threads would be from a different perspective than the guy who watches lots of games, checks the ball scores every am…etc. I used to be that guy a long time…but life (and the Cubs) got in the way.

    Let me see how things are looking as we get closer to Spring training…and we’ll take it from there, ok?

  21. robert Says:

    When I asked Hendry to resign for his health it would benift the cubs…cause if he would meet his maker burger king would collapse…which would cause td ameritrade to collapse which would cause the cubs to be ran by mlb and bud selig..oh the tragedy

  22. chucky Says:

    I’ll send flowers.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    i’ll send a bag of shells.

  24. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I’ll send him a bag of my dog’s shit.

  25. ksmc2000 Says:

    Great to hear from you again jimmyd. I have always admired you for telling it like it is.

    I also want to apoligize to Fro Dog and the rest of you guys for not keeping you informed on anything Cubs. I got so pissed at seeing Piniella asleep in the dugout, I had to get away from it for a while. It’s funny that since Lou went away, the Cubs have played much better.

    I would like to continue to give you guys all the Cubs information during the off-season. Fro is gonna be pretty busy this fall with the Bears, Hawks, and Bulls coming up.

    Sorry if I let you guys down,


  26. genrebuster Says:

    No worries Keith…I think we all backed away from it…especially if you look back a couple of years. There just hasn’t been much to feel good about – other than Milton Bradley being DUMPED — it wears on you after awhile.

    Hopefully you will be passing along some pleasing information soon (or before pigs fly)…for example: “Tom Ricketts has finally awakened from his STUPOR…Jim Hendry has been FIRED”

  27. ksmc2000 Says:


    I have a funny feeling that Ricketts will lay down the hammer on Hendry. If he doesn’t, he will be a bigger fool than anybody before him.

  28. Yeti Says:

    Fro, I know you know the sites to go to. I’m looking to be able to listen to some Illini football games on the radio, preferably on a site that will work on my iPhone (And if you don’t know the compatibility, then that’s fine).


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