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March 17, 2020

Hey everyone. I know it’s become routine for me to apologize for not being here much. But I just don’t know what else to say. My job has been stressing me out. I’m doing a bunch of shit around my house. And quite frankly, our teams just fucking suck.

Oh, and this bullshit that has taken on our society in the last several months has affected all of us. I know it’s bigger than sports, but damn.

Here are my takes on the teams:

Illinois Fighting Illini: Here I was all season being excited for this team. For the first time in seven years, I was ready to see the Illini in the NCAA Tournament. And some of the “experts” were saying that the Illini had a legitimate chance to WIN the National Championship. 15 years after my heart was broken in the National Championship, some thought they had a chance this year. Now, some players may go to the NBA and they have to start over again. Fuck.

Chicago Bulls: I’m tired of it. I’m tired of Mr. Clean acting like he’s a basketball coach. I’m tired of Jerry Reinsdork keeping all of his favorite people employed for the last two decades (or more). Just like the Blackhawks (see below), I am probably happy that this season is cut short to put us out of our fucking misery.

Chicago Bears: Fuck Ryan Pace. This offseason has been embarrassing (no pun intended). Jimmy Graham? What’s with Chicago teams signing players past their prime? Ryan Pace also released Leonard Floyd. This is Ryan Pace showing everyone what a failure he is. PATHETIC. This Draft is just going to expose him some more. If there is an NFL season this year, it’s going to be a disaster again for our Bears. Hey, speaking of an NFL season…

NFL Players’ Union: Fuck these stupid, uneducated fuckwads. Voting for a 17-game season? So much for wanting to be protected. All this time, players wanted to be safer. Yes, I agree about the owners being scumbags. Fuck those guys. There is another league now, albeit not as popular. But if those players decide to go to the XFL, the owners would be put into a corner on negotiations at some point. Now, we’re dealt with watching the Bears in another meaningless regular season game for years to come.

Chicago Blackhawks: Fuck. Just, fuck. Get within a few points of a playoff spot and what happens? Two or three really shitty losses in a row. At least that season is probably over. More rest equals more of a chance to be fresh and ready to go come this Fall. I don’t know if this is the closing of that proverbial “championship window,” but it’s been great. I got to see them win three Stanley Cups in the previous decade and that was three more than I thought I would get about 13 years ago at this time. So, I’ll take it. But damn, this current team has been frustrating to watch.

I welcome all thoughts about this and anything else you feel is on your mind. It’s open season.

Open thread

March 4, 2020