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It’s been a while.

May 17, 2019

Yeah. I know. I am sort of in this whole “no man’s land” when it comes to sports. The Bears drafted some players that Nagy will probably misuse. Or they will just suck because Ryan Pace is Nagy’s little puppet.

The Bulls ended up getting the seventh pick in the Draft for the third year in a row. But hey, at least I am not a Knicks’ fan. Fuck the Knicks.

The Blackhawks will be choosing third in their respective Draft.

The Fire (and Passion) are terrible this year in the world of soccer. I can’t even watch any of their games because ESPN is a bunch of scum by putting most or all of their games are on their paid service (ESPN+).

Again, apologies for being absent. Lousy sports results in lack of desire to post anything. Work has also consumed my life much more lately.