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Two months to go until training camp.

May 23, 2023

Expect things to be a bit slow (assuming nothing stupid happens). I don’t care about the OTA camp the Bears are doing this week. I am sure someone will get hurt and others will “look really good” in practice.

How many losses will the Bears have this season?

May 13, 2023

The schedule is out and to put it bluntly, it doesn’t matter who the Bears face. The record will be as predicted by most logical fans. But it’s always fun to see where they actually get their few wins. Then as the season goes on, we can go back to this thread to see if we correctly predicted each game. And before I get to anything else, I’d like to once again say fuck Roger Goodell and his shitty way of handling the league with yet, another season with an extra game. Oh, and two Thursday Night games for the Bears? So much for “player safety.”

And I cannot believe I am going to say this. But it is a strong reality that the Bears don’t get their first win until Week 15. And I am very serious about that. Sure, someone could make the argument that they get it in the second week against the Buccaneers. At the same time, this team is known for playing like shit against teams they are *supposed* to beat.

So I will say four wins at the most. Their first win is the one no one expected and that’s against the Chargers in Week 8. The other three wins will be in Weeks 15-17 against the Browns, Cardinals and Falcons. There you go.

Disgust Discuss amongst yourselves.

Signing the statistically worst quarterback in NFL history should be a fireable offense. But re-signing him?

May 9, 2023

The look of a confused dipshit with no grasp on how to run a professional football team.

I am just really pissed and want to post again. It’s because I was reminded this morning that Ryan Poles is an inept general manager who has actually been able to prove he is more worthless than Phil Emery and Ryan Pace combined. I mean, the Chicago Blackhawks just got the first overall pick in the NHL Draft. Are they trading down to the ninth spot? No. They are taking a generational player with the first. The Bears could have found their own generational player with the first pick. Oh well.

I mean, have we not learned from history? They say those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. So when Ryan Pace signs Mike Fucking Glennon, the person who takes over should know not to sign another proven shitty quarterback again. What does Ryan Poles do when he gets this job? Do the same thing that Pace did in the name of Nathan Peterman.

“HE’S THIRD STRING QUARTERBACK. WHY DO YOU CARE???” Some have already said this and I’ll tell you why that is an asinine way to look at things. It’s because instead of bringing back this dildo, they could have drafted someone who may actually be good. Since it’s the Bears, that probably won’t happen. But to bring back someone who should be working at a Walgreen’s rather than a quarterback in the NFL making millions is fucking stupid. Ryan Poles is a fucking dipshit and should have been fired the second he even thought about signing this worthless fuck.

Again, why not draft a quarterback in the later rounds as an insurance policy? The 49ers took Brock Purdy with the very last pick in the draft and if it wasn’t for an injury, they probably have a chance to win the Super Bowl. I am not saying the Bears would have done the same. But at least give the team a chance to succeed. Instead, we’re stuck with proven NFL failures in P.J. Walker and Nathan Peterwhacker.

I know you aren’t reading this, Ryan. But if someone somehow relays this message, I say the following:


Open thread

May 8, 2023

The NFL schedule will be released this Thursday. I am sure it will be a real battle finding where the Bears get their three wins this upcoming season.