Two months to go until training camp.


Expect things to be a bit slow (assuming nothing stupid happens). I don’t care about the OTA camp the Bears are doing this week. I am sure someone will get hurt and others will “look really good” in practice.


7 Responses to “Two months to go until training camp.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Actually, slow is good right now. I’m heading back up north next week, and the last thing I want to think about is the goddamned shitshow known as the 2023 Chicago Bears disaster of a season.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Not so fast there. News of Roger Goodell getting a contract extension sure has fucked things up. Oh, and fair catches now automatically start at the 25-yard line? So you can call for a fair catch at the 15 and get ten more yards automatically?

    Talk about making changes just for the sake of it. Fuck Goodell.

  3. chucky Says:

    Fucking David Ross and Jed “Clampett” Hoyer need to be fired, right here, right now, today. These motherfuckers are goddamned useless. They will win absolutely NOTHING as long as these two fucking losers are here. I’ve fucking had it with Ross. I mean, seriously, a 9-0 loss to the motherfucking Cincinnati FUCKING Reds? AT HOME, NO LESS??? David Ross…FUCK YOU AND DIE YOU GODDAMNED PIECE OF FLAMING DOG SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have NEVER been hired as manager. I knew that the day you were hired, and you’ve a magnificent job proving me right, you dumb fucking cocksucker!!!

  4. Erniesarmy Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Chuckster, this team is a disaster from every corner you look at it. Time to let “Grandpa” Rossi go. He cannot manage, period! Losing to the Reds is the last straw for me.

  5. chucky Says:

    Ernie, they’re about to repeat that fucking loss again tonight. 8-5 Reds in the eighth inning. I remember hating the idea of hiring this fucking dork to start with. And Ross isn’t the only one who needs to be shitcanned too. Goddamned Jed Hoyer is a fucking dumpster fire shitstain in his own right. Look for them to be big time sellers at the trade deadline. And just think, the “geniuses” had the Cubs pegged as playoff contenders! Ernie, how is it that these fucktards can’t see what we do? I actually found an article today written by somebody who actually had a clue. He said that the time has come to maybe go in another direction, and finally dump Ross. The comments from some of the dumb fuck fans were goddamn pathetic! “Ross is the one out there playing, it isn’t his fault.” Sadly, the return of the dumbest of dumb fuck fans are back, and they’re occupying the Wrigley Urinal. They fucking learned NOTHING from 2016.

  6. Erniesarmy Says:

    The Cubs have some fairly decent hitters, but their pitching is pathetic. And Ross is clueless. Fulmer is toast and yet the knucklehead Ross keeps putting them in there! Throw these bums out! They remind me of the 1965 Cubs!

  7. chucky Says:

    Ernie, I was barely over one year old in 65. How bad were they?

    I’m fully onboard in dumping these assholes Ernie. And I’d start with Jed “Clampett” Hoyer. This son of a BITCH has fucking butchered the Cubs since Epstein left and he took over. He’s proven beyond a shadow of a fucking doubt that hasn’t got a goddamned clue about how to put a championship caliber team together. David Ross doesn’t know his fucking ass from third base as far as managing goes. I don’t even know who their fucking pitching coach is, but I do know that he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a baseball field. I’m fucking sick of this fucking bullshit! As goofy as Joe Maddon may have been, at least the shit he did FUCKING WORKED!!!!



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