How many losses will the Bears have this season?


The schedule is out and to put it bluntly, it doesn’t matter who the Bears face. The record will be as predicted by most logical fans. But it’s always fun to see where they actually get their few wins. Then as the season goes on, we can go back to this thread to see if we correctly predicted each game. And before I get to anything else, I’d like to once again say fuck Roger Goodell and his shitty way of handling the league with yet, another season with an extra game. Oh, and two Thursday Night games for the Bears? So much for “player safety.”

And I cannot believe I am going to say this. But it is a strong reality that the Bears don’t get their first win until Week 15. And I am very serious about that. Sure, someone could make the argument that they get it in the second week against the Buccaneers. At the same time, this team is known for playing like shit against teams they are *supposed* to beat.

So I will say four wins at the most. Their first win is the one no one expected and that’s against the Chargers in Week 8. The other three wins will be in Weeks 15-17 against the Browns, Cardinals and Falcons. There you go.

Disgust Discuss amongst yourselves.

10 Responses to “How many losses will the Bears have this season?”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Minnesota 16 Cubs 3! Way to go Cubs, way to show the league you’re a contender. Wow what a pathetic pitching staff. Another year, another failure. Yawn.

  2. chucky Says:

    Ernie, it also illustrates something else too. David Ross is a motherfucking idiot. I know you didn’t care much for him, but I miss Joe Maddon. At least he could get maximum productivity out of his players. Ross can’t find his goddamned ass with both hands and a road map. And Jed Hoyer sucks too. They need Epstein back. It won’t happen, but they need him.

    Fro, this season will be the season from hell, mark my words. I’ll give them two wins this year, Vegas and the Cardinals, and they’ll be lucky to get those. I legitimately fear for Ed O’Bradovich. Dan Hampton too. But I’m seriously afraid OB will have a fucking heart attack on the air because of these rancid fuckwads. I will also predict that Matt Eber-LOSE will be shit-canned on Black Monday. It will be proven that he is NOT an NFL caliber head coach. Unfortunately, Ryan FUCKING Poles survives, mainly on the strength of George McCaskey being a completely worthless douche-copter who doesn’t know his ass from a fucking goal post.

    Fuck this entire shithole of a franchise.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I miss Maddon, too.

    As for the Bears, I don’t miss the bald-headed fuck…at least he’s out of the picture.

  4. chucky Says:

    Hey Fro

    Some very sad news. Superstar Billy Graham died tonight. He was 79, and in really bad shape this year.

    RIP big man, and thank you for the awesome memories you left me. And for influencing so many other wrestlers that I’ve had the privilege of being a fan of, like Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, and of course Hulk Hogan. That’s one hell of a legacy.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I watching AEW when they announced it.

    Obviously, he was before my team. But growing up, I always saw pictures of him and thought he looked like Hulk Hogan. I was puzzled as a young kid to that.

    As I became an adult, I realized it was guys like Hogan and Ventura that mimicked his look. The physique was one-of-a-kind.

  6. chucky Says:

    When I was growing up back in the 70’s (yeah, I’m old), There were many wrestlers that influenced or made a serious impression on me. Back then I was aware of only two promotions, the AWA, and the WWA, based out of Indianapolis, and owned and run by Dick the Bruiser. He was one of those guys who stood out to me, along with The Crusher, Ox Baker, The High Flyers, Nick Bockwinkel and Ray the Crippler Stevens, Bobby Heenan, Billy Robinson, Ivan Koloff, King Kong Bruiser Brody………and Superstar Billy Graham. There might be a few others that I’m forgetting. But those guys really stood out as larger than life to me. Some of them even scary me to death. I still enjoy Grahams matches and promos to this day. I wish his ending could have been a little less painful.

  7. John Says:

    I would have to say my enthusiasm and interest in the Bears probably peaked in the 2019 season. I started watching them in the 2010 season, the year they choked in the NFC Championship, and my first year as a major Bears fan was the 2015 season. The 2018 season was the first time I had really seen them become a great team and I was only hungrier after the double-doink, but my interest in them got dampened by covid, their poor play in 2020, and seeing no-attendance games to the point that I didn’t bother watching some of their games near the end of the season. 2021 and 2022 were better but I still got laggardly by the end of the season. As for this year . . . I have a tradition of memorizing the Bears schedules by heart but this year I honestly don’t feel like it. That could change depending on how good they are . . . but they might be looking at another high draft pick next year that they trade for more future picks. Now, with Aaron Rodgers gone, I predict that the Lions are going to become our next bitter rival for the time to come.

  8. Grant Says:

    I wish I could say “I can’t believe the Bears are going to waste a generational, one in a million, quarterback”. But I can believe it. I hope there’s a special place in hell for the greedy incompetent McCaskey’s fooling the brain rot that is Chicago

  9. chucky Says:

    Well said Grant. Very well said.

    My compliments sir.

  10. chucky Says:

    Well, it looks like the real Chicago Cubs are beginning to show themselves for what they truly are: a fucking horseshit team being (mis)managed by a goddamned moron. How in the FUCKING HELL do you manage to lose two out of three from the fucking Phillies? With what was expected from this team, they should have taken at least 2 games, maybe even three. What happens? After taking the first game, they shit the goddamn bed and drop the next two! Fuck this team, fuck David Ross, and FUCK JED MOTHERFUCKING HOYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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