Open thread


The NFL schedule will be released this Thursday. I am sure it will be a real battle finding where the Bears get their three wins this upcoming season.

2 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. chucky Says:

    I just read that there will be a Black Friday after Thanksgiving this year. Also, some teams may play more than one Thursday Night game too. Goddamned Goodall needs to have his head bashed in with cinder block. Money grubbing cocksucker! I can’t believe anybody agreed to this fucking bullshit!

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    If Goodell could just go take a swim in battery acid, we would all be happy. And the owners who approved of all of that crap can join him. Fuck all of them.

    And fuck Ryan Poles for bringing back the statistically worst quarterback in NFL history. What a dipshit.


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