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Bears/Packers game on December 13th

October 29, 2009

JimmyD sent a message to me the other day asking about the website first get-together which is also the day the Bears play the Packers. We all have been planning this for almost four years. As of right now, it is me, Mike and JimmyD on the list. I think Genre posted in the first thread about this that it is a possibillity he could make it if it is near Chicago or close to it. I am leaning towards a location in the northern suburbs closer

So any of you else can make it (Keith, Matt Stairs, Chucky, Robert, Nemo, Captain Kirk, Dave, Sandberg23 etc.), please let me know so I can take a list down. You can bring someone with if you want. It would be nice if we can get about 10 people or so.

There is still about a month and a half left before this but I am doing this for some of you guys who work a lot to get a day off to make it. I will take another count in a few weeks.

Chicago Bears secondary’s nickname: The I-Pass

October 27, 2009

I said this in the last thread and I am declaring it the new nickname of the Chicago Bears cornerbacks and safeties. If anybody tries to steal this fucking name, they shall be burned for theft.

So without further a do, the secondary of the Chicago Bears shall be known as: The I-Pass


“The first week of the season, we were down early. We were stubborn not to use the I-Pass all game. But when we really needed it, our quarterback Aaron installed the I-Pass and I ended up scoring the game winning touchdown free and easy. This is a must have for any team playing the Bears.”

– Greg Jennings, Green Bay, WI

“After the 1st quarter of our game against the Bears two weeks ago, I installed the I-Pass and had an easy catch for a long touchdown. No stops. No slowing down. And my stats? (Cue Irish Yeti) Well, they went through the roof that game. Thank you I-Pass!”

– Roddy White, Atlanta, GA

“I thought I wasn’t playing my best earlier in the season. But thank God the Chicago Bears came to town this past Sunday. I played them with my I-Pass and helped my team put up 31 points in the 1st half!”

– Carson Palmer, Cincinnati, OH

Now you can get yours now with free shipping! The I-Pass: Not just for cars. But now availble for teams who play the Chicago Bears. Quarterback not in a groove? Running back not getting it done? Just play the Bears with your I-Pass from the Illinois Tollway and see your offense drive right by. No more stopping at tolls or construction sites. No more screaming at your players for running the wrong routes. Just mount the I-Pass onto your offense and see your team put up big stats! (Cue Irish Yeti)

Bears lose game after first drive.

October 25, 2009

21-0 Bengals in the 2nd quarter. The game is over. The Bears won’t comeback.

I am not going to write a recap. There is no need to repeat myself week after week.

ex. Bears secondary cannot guard anybody. Ron Turner is an idiot. The offensive line sucks.

Fuck this team.

Open thread.

October 21, 2009

If anybody proposes to his lady like this video below, you are awesome. Start watching the video at 44 seconds and watch the TV closely.


October 18, 2009


The Bears gave the game away to the Falcons Sunday night thanks to once again, stupid penalties and dumb play calling. Let’s get to it:

Orlando Pace; Frank Omiyale: Fuck them both. Pace is old. Omiyale is a dumb fuck. Numerous holding penalties, false starts along with failure to actually block a defender has been a problem for both of these people. Last year, Josh Beekman played well on the left side and he hasn’t seen the field yet this year. It’s time to make a change in my opinion. 4th and 1 on the last play turns into 4th and 6 after Pace gets a false start penalty.

Matt Forte and Ron Turner: I have been one to defend this guy and say that it is the offensive line that is the problem. That is true because you can’t run the ball if damn jackasses like Frank Omiyale and Chris Williams fail to block somebody. However, fumbling on two consecutive plays is complete garbage. The play calling is also a problem. The 1st and goal play. Pass? Why not just try a quarterback sneak on the 1 yard line? A pitch out on 3rd and goal? Fuck Ron Turner too.

Jay Cutler: He is not to blame completely for this loss. No one is more pissed than this guy. The offense let him down. He drove the offense down the field four different times and they came up empty three of those times.

Once again. Stupid penalties and dumb play calling costs the Bears this game. The special teams had a bad game but that rarely happens so I won’t get down on them too much. Changes need to be made. Josh Beekman who played very well last year on the offensive line should take the spot of Omiyale. That should be a start to making adjustments. If someone else is available on the waiver wire for offensive line help, the Bears need to try to pick up somebody.

While this team is 3-2, there still is a cause for concern. If they do lose next week, then I am going to start worrying about this team.

Open thread.

October 16, 2009


October 13, 2009


I was listening to part of the 1st period on the radio and Troy Murray said something along the lines of “There is still over 44 minutes of this game. Even down five goals, there is plenty of time left in this one”.

He wasn’t kidding.

Open Thread.

October 7, 2009

Unleash your inner ANGER!

Bears recap and my personal experience from the stands.

October 5, 2009

Sunday was my first time going to a Bears game and I couldn’t ask for a better experience personally. My friend and I left Dekalb around 9:15 and surprisingly got to Solider Field shortly after 10:00 so the traffic was smooth all the way. The weather was great as the sun was right on top of us for the most of the game. It wasn’t too cold or too hot. The picture below was from my camera phone as the seats we had were not bad at all.


If you look at the stats of the game (Cue Irish Yeti), you can see that the Bears did not have the ball that often (23:38) although they scored 48 points against the Lions. Due to the defense stepping up in the 2nd half and the special teams, the Bears offense had great field position using very little time possession. I enjoy the loyal readers here because they are knowledgeable and know that stats don’t tell the whole story regardless of what sport is being discussed.

Offense: When Cutler scored the touchdown, the crowd went absolutely nuts when they saw the replay of Jay flying in the air when he got hit. He contributed for three touchdowns and passed the ball to nine different players. Johnny Knox (More on this stud later) led the way with five catches. Five different receivers each had two catches. Once again. Jay Cutler finds a way to get many players involved on offense creating a balance and making anyone he throws to a threat.

Matt Forte had two big runs and he totaled 12 rushes on 121 yards with a touchdown. I said before the game that I think he would be pretty good. I think this is just the start. He was hurt in the preseason and it seems with next week off that he will be ready to go against Atlanta. Fellow NIU man Garrett Wolfe contributed with his first career touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

Defense: The defense was awful the first half. Once again, receivers were open the whole half without a defender in sight. Reader Dave mentioned in the previous thread a couple stupid penalties including a face mask once again happened. On the first field goal the Lions attempted, a special teams offside penalty ended up leading to the first touchdown. Overall though, three penalties for 36 yards total for the team isn’t too bad but it could have been a lot worse.

Tommie Harris finally did something productive and intercepted a pass that set up the offense for a touchdown. Big props to Alex Brown for a sack and Adewale Ogunleye with 2.5. Both of these guys have played well so far. The line as a whole has been great. Lovie Smith has received a lot of criticism over the last couple years. Some has been deserved and some hasn’t but hiring Rod Marinelli as the line coach is so far paying off.

Israel Idonije caused a fumble and it turned into another turnover for this defense. Mark Anderson is proving to be a big part of the line and Lance Briggs continues to dominate and step up as he had nine tackles in the game. Al Afalava played well having six tackles.

Special Teams: I saved the best for last. The special teams were the key to this game in my opinion. All four of Brad Maynard’s punts were inside the 20. Robbie Gould hit two field goals. Johnny Knox had the opening 2nd half kickoff for the touchdown. I didn’t notice from watching it in the stands but I heard after the game that he let go of the ball at the one yard line. I am praying that won’t happen again. But this guy came out of nowhere and has proven to not only be a threat on offense but a threat on special teams too. He is becoming a big part of this team.

Overall, I am enjoying the win. I am not trying to get down on this defense but they need to be able to put together a full game of good defense. For the second week in a row, they sucked in the first half but stepped up in the second half. If they can find a way to put together four quarters of good defense, they can get more rest and not wear down as fast throughout the game and season. No NFL team shouldn’t ever be taken too easily. I actually think the Lions will be a much better team in the next couple years.

The injury bug is getting to this team. Devin Hester, Adrian Peterson and Johnny Knox all were injured Sunday and the length of the time out for them is uncertain at this time. A bye week for this team couldn’t come at a better time.

Open Thread.

October 2, 2009

I have a full day ahead. Blackhawks at 11:00 a.m., Bulls at 6:00, wrestling at 7:00, Jay Leno and The Soup at 9:00 and Conan at 10:35. Thank God I finally got that DVR a few months back or else I’d have to use the old VCR.



With that being said, discuss whatever it is you guys want to talk about.