Bears recap and my personal experience from the stands.


Sunday was my first time going to a Bears game and I couldn’t ask for a better experience personally. My friend and I left Dekalb around 9:15 and surprisingly got to Solider Field shortly after 10:00 so the traffic was smooth all the way. The weather was great as the sun was right on top of us for the most of the game. It wasn’t too cold or too hot. The picture below was from my camera phone as the seats we had were not bad at all.


If you look at the stats of the game (Cue Irish Yeti), you can see that the Bears did not have the ball that often (23:38) although they scored 48 points against the Lions. Due to the defense stepping up in the 2nd half and the special teams, the Bears offense had great field position using very little time possession. I enjoy the loyal readers here because they are knowledgeable and know that stats don’t tell the whole story regardless of what sport is being discussed.

Offense: When Cutler scored the touchdown, the crowd went absolutely nuts when they saw the replay of Jay flying in the air when he got hit. He contributed for three touchdowns and passed the ball to nine different players. Johnny Knox (More on this stud later) led the way with five catches. Five different receivers each had two catches. Once again. Jay Cutler finds a way to get many players involved on offense creating a balance and making anyone he throws to a threat.

Matt Forte had two big runs and he totaled 12 rushes on 121 yards with a touchdown. I said before the game that I think he would be pretty good. I think this is just the start. He was hurt in the preseason and it seems with next week off that he will be ready to go against Atlanta. Fellow NIU man Garrett Wolfe contributed with his first career touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

Defense: The defense was awful the first half. Once again, receivers were open the whole half without a defender in sight. Reader Dave mentioned in the previous thread a couple stupid penalties including a face mask once again happened. On the first field goal the Lions attempted, a special teams offside penalty ended up leading to the first touchdown. Overall though, three penalties for 36 yards total for the team isn’t too bad but it could have been a lot worse.

Tommie Harris finally did something productive and intercepted a pass that set up the offense for a touchdown. Big props to Alex Brown for a sack and Adewale Ogunleye with 2.5. Both of these guys have played well so far. The line as a whole has been great. Lovie Smith has received a lot of criticism over the last couple years. Some has been deserved and some hasn’t but hiring Rod Marinelli as the line coach is so far paying off.

Israel Idonije caused a fumble and it turned into another turnover for this defense. Mark Anderson is proving to be a big part of the line and Lance Briggs continues to dominate and step up as he had nine tackles in the game. Al Afalava played well having six tackles.

Special Teams: I saved the best for last. The special teams were the key to this game in my opinion. All four of Brad Maynard’s punts were inside the 20. Robbie Gould hit two field goals. Johnny Knox had the opening 2nd half kickoff for the touchdown. I didn’t notice from watching it in the stands but I heard after the game that he let go of the ball at the one yard line. I am praying that won’t happen again. But this guy came out of nowhere and has proven to not only be a threat on offense but a threat on special teams too. He is becoming a big part of this team.

Overall, I am enjoying the win. I am not trying to get down on this defense but they need to be able to put together a full game of good defense. For the second week in a row, they sucked in the first half but stepped up in the second half. If they can find a way to put together four quarters of good defense, they can get more rest and not wear down as fast throughout the game and season. No NFL team shouldn’t ever be taken too easily. I actually think the Lions will be a much better team in the next couple years.

The injury bug is getting to this team. Devin Hester, Adrian Peterson and Johnny Knox all were injured Sunday and the length of the time out for them is uncertain at this time. A bye week for this team couldn’t come at a better time.


6 Responses to “Bears recap and my personal experience from the stands.”

  1. Sandberg23 Says:

    A win is a win. But I was left feeling like they left a lot out there. I still cannot stand Turner’s playcalling. Detroit has one of the worst if not the worst defense against the pass.. (Cue Yeti for this stat..) and they did not try to stretch the field with the pass hardly at all. To much underneath crap and wideout screens. It’s the same old boring offense except now we have a freaking probowl qb with a rocket arm that can make any throw but they are not using all his talents. I am really starting to wonder why they even made the trade for Cutler if they are not going to try and get more aggressive with the play calling. If this is the way they are gonna run the o maybe they should have just kept Orton. I know this sounds and is ridiculous but if you watch the games it’s the same exact play calling that they’ve always had. Maybe if they can get a damn vertical passing attack maybe that would soften up that defense so Forte can get more running lanes. The D sucked major man shaft in the first half. There should have been a change from Peanut on Johnson after the first three times bowman got his ass burned out there. Hopefully Bowman can pick it up here as the saeson goes along because I don’t see him as much of a upgrade at all to Vasher. This all about the DB’s right now. The d-line is playing well, the linebackers are playing well (especially Briggs) someone in that secondary needs to step up or this is going to be the norm week in and week out where qb’s are throwing for 300 yds against them.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I agree with you on Turner. I am happy that they are doing well on offense and I am not going to sit here and complain too much about the calls. The numbers that Cutler are putting up in terms of passing attempts and yards aren’t big, but the fact is that he is getting it done. That’s all you can ask for. Everyone wants to see him throw the big passes all the time but it’s not always going to happen.

    Yes, the defense needs to be fixed and fixed quickly. Injuries have something to do with the production but the secondary was awful to begin with. Tillman, Vasher, Manning, Payne and Bowman all suck. The only one I feel comfortable with is Afalava and he can’t do it all.

  3. Nemo Says:

    48 points and complaining about the offense? We have not exactly been spoiled by the good offense in recent years here-I will take 48 points every week and I don’t care if the plays are “boring” or not.

    I saw the Lions in person last week, and they were not bad on defense at all. They shut out Washington in the first half and only allowed one TD until until very late in the game and they went into prevent mode.

    The drives the Bears allowed in the first half were not surprising to me as Detroit had 3 very long scoring drives in the first half against Washington. This team is improving and will score some points.

    I credit Smith for making some good adjustments at halftime-including switching coverage on Calvin Johnson (Bowman could not handle him). If you remember in the playoff game against Carolina a few years back, the Bears refused to switch their coverage against Steve Smith-being wedded to corners playing a certain side of the field at all costs-and Smith devastated them. The fact that Smith was a little less stubborn is very positive.

  4. chucky Says:


    When was the last time Lovie made halftime adjustments? If your answer is the same as mine, you don’t remember. Unless my memory has failed completely (entirely possible) I don’t think he ever made changes halfway through a game. That is something else to be very happy about.

    I’ll give him credit too. Good job by Lovie. And you guys know I won’t do that very often. But he sure as hell deserves it this time. I’d even give him a game ball too.

  5. Sandberg23 Says:

    The reason they scored 48 pts was because of the special teams. There was a lot of stalled drives (Even Cutler said that) and in my opinion it was because of the conservative playcalling out there. The Bears didn’t even get 300 yds of offense in the game. I;m tellin ya part of the reason they can’t run the ball is because teams are stacking the box against them cause they know Turner is not going to dial up any down the field passes at all. It would have been nice to have at least seen a couple shots down the field. You gotta keep the d off balance is all I’m saying. Especially since that is the one big problem Detroit has had on defense this year, and that is stopping the pass.

  6. Nemo Says:

    Exactly, Chucky. That’s why I consider the adjustments a positive thing. Just the fact that he did it AND that they worked so well.


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