Open Thread.


I have a full day ahead. Blackhawks at 11:00 a.m., Bulls at 6:00, wrestling at 7:00, Jay Leno and The Soup at 9:00 and Conan at 10:35. Thank God I finally got that DVR a few months back or else I’d have to use the old VCR.



With that being said, discuss whatever it is you guys want to talk about.


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  1. chucky Says:

    Damn Fro!!! That schedule may end up blinding you man. Please take care today.

    Seriously though, I’m looking forward to Smackdown tonight. 10th anniversary show…should be excellent.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    It should be exciting. The Rock is suppose to have a taped apperance from his house. I still think he should at least thank the fans for making him who he is rather than just leaving without any appreciation towards the company and fans who made him who he was.

  3. chucky Says:

    I think The Rock said something about being a Raw guest host. Watch for that too, Fro. I hope to hell he does. That would be totally awesome. Bring Coachman back with him and make him sing Barry Manilow again. As the saying goes…That’ll put asses in seats!

  4. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Man can’t believe that NBA pre season is here already. And the weather in Chicago sux too today. That is just grim.

    I am sad that the Bulls didn’t sign Gordon. I liked him and thought he was a class act. The Bulls seem to run to stand still.

    Glad you like the Soup. That is one of my favorite programs.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    I wasn’t too happy about Gordon leaving. He said after he signed with the Pistons that the Bulls didn’t even make him an offer.

    The weather does suck but it is Illinois so nothing should surprise us. It is suppose to be sunny on Sunday for the Bears game. I am going to try to get there early so I can find a parking spot.

  6. Carl from Chicago Says:

    Do you have a parking pass or are you doing cash parking near the game? Last week it was a fiasco – we park at the adler lot – because all the cash parking was sold out before 8am. We are usually at the south lot but we switched over to adler this year in the lottery.


  7. Fro Dog Says:

    I am doing cash parking and I am probably going to be at the South lot. Since this is my first game, I actually happened to take a drive around Soldier Field on the day that they had their first preseason home game. I did that to see where I could park and the prices of it.

    I was thinking maybe I could park somewhere by 31st street and catch a cab or something. Do you think that would be an easier option or just to park in the South Lot?

  8. robert Says:

    ya think

  9. chucky Says:

    Hendry can go fuck himself.

  10. robert Says:

    did you read the line milty may be back

  11. genrebuster Says:

    If so, then I am FINISHED with the Cubs…I can’t root for an organization that allows “Bradley-esque” behavior.

    That paranoid, entitled, PATHETIC asshole has no business returning to the Cubs after the way he behaved…for $10 mil a year he couldn’t even handle himself professionally…and he did a shit job, to boot.

    Thank God the Cubs are done for the year…what a disappointing season.

    More later, but the best move Hendry could make att his time is to tender his resignation effective immediately…he failed MISERABLY this year and I believe his back-loaded contracts will set this team back for a year or two…of course (like I say every year) I hope I’m wrong (about that).

  12. Dave Says:

    Good win by the Bears today despite the slow start. There is one thing that is going to hurt this team more than anything else. PENALTIES!! Offsides, pass interference, unnecessary roughness, etc. At least in the first half, this is a Lions team that showed fire right out of the gates and had they shown the same kind of drive in the second half, they may have beaten us. Instead they got their asses whooped. All I know is I should not be happy with allowing a team that is 20-1 in their last 21 games to score 24 points on my defense.

    Jay Cutler also needs more protection. Lions have a good shot at beating us on their home field in my opinion.

    Oh, and Johnny Knox ROCKS!!

  13. robert Says:

    The cubs fired hitting coach von joshua after the game this is hendrys reason

    I told him it wasn’t anything that I was upset with him,” general manager Jim Hendry said. “He didn’t do anything wrong. But when you come up from the system in the middle of the year, if things don’t make significant differences in improvement, then in my opinion we need to do something different.”

    OK we expect your resignation tommorow

  14. Fro Dog Says:


    20-1? You mean 1-20. But yes. I get the point. I was at the game and I will have a picture and recap later tonight. Stupid penalties indeed but I will say that the Lions should be a good team in the next couple years and like all NFL teams, every game and team should be taken seriously.

  15. erniesarmy Says:

    I read that article, Robert, and I just shook my head in disbelief. This organization has no idea what they are doing, they just fly by the seat of their pants until somebody gets rid of them, and with the new ownership, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

    Like Genre, they bring Bradley back, and this will be my last year as a Cub fan, period. I can hold my breath with Piniella and Hendry, until the end of the year, but not Bradley.

    After 46 years, I will be done. I have other things more important than this mess of a franchise.

  16. robert Says:

    which article ernie both of them make hendry look like an even bigger donkey than he is

  17. MadCityMac Says:

    Guys, I said in another post that if any of these bums are back next year (Piniella, Hendry, Kenney, Uncle Miltie), then I’m done. I can cheer for a losing team that at least tries on all levels; on the field, managing/coaching, and the front office, but I will not cheer for a team that is content to have a barely winning record and think that it’s good enough with these asshats running the show (into the ground).

  18. robert Says:

    As you all know I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan

    Two weeks ago after the bears game Rashard Mendenhall loafed through practice

    Mike Tomlin told him you dont want to practice you dont play he was benched against the bengals

    Rashard got the message and worked his ass off in practice…Last night 29 carries 169 yards 2tds…did you see that moe did you see that louzer watch and learn watch and learn

    101 years no world series

    6 super bowls in 37 years

  19. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Can you guys believe what Louser Piniella said after the game? I read that he said a slightly above .500 record is nothing to be embarrassed about. That is not a joke. He actually fucking said that. Can you believe this dumbass? Instead of him saying “Anything less of a world championship is not only a failure but an embarrassment”, he says that shit. What a fucking bum.

    Robert, usually, two different sports should never be compared. But in this instance, you can give all the examples with reason. How sad is this franchise? They let idiots like Louser and Hendry run this team. We won’t even go into the McFAIL era with this PATHETIC group of idiots.

    Now the Steelers on the other hand, that is a team I admire. I am not a fan of them but I do like how they run business there. How many head coaches have they had in their history? 3, 4 at the most in nearly 40 years. That tells you something. Even though they can’t win a Super Bowl every year, they have won more than any franchise and they do whatever they can to be the best team every year.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Dear Pittsburgh Steelers: Please do not take offense with us comparing your EXCELLENT organization to the PATHETIC Chicago Cubs dis-organization. There is NO comparison (obviously).

    We’re just hoping that someday in our lifetime(s) the Cubs will get it together and win ONE World Series.

    But since it’s already been 101 years since the last one, I guess we’re used to losing. They say that “patience is a virtue”…but in the case of “so-called Cubs fans” who are content with where the Cubs are at, I say it’s a huge liability.

    Dear Sheeple: tick FUCKING tock….or BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, whichever you LOSERS prefer. And, don’t forget your shit sandwich on the way out of Wrigley Stadium, it’s ready for you at the concession stand near the trough. See ya next year!!

  21. robert Says:

  22. Irish Yeti Says:

    The fact that you just linked Rosenbloom discredits any point that you wanted to make

  23. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Irish Retard strikes again! This guy is so cool!

    Scool that when you Google Irish Yeti, this is the first picture that comes up:

  24. erniesarmy Says:

    Irish Yeti Says:
    October 5, 2009 at 10:18 pm
    The fact that you just linked Rosenbloom discredits any point that you wanted to make
    I don’t know Rosenbloom, I don’t read his column, but what he said in that article was spot on right down the line.

    The fact you don’t like him speaks well of him.

  25. Nemo Says:

    The fact that you think we should discredit Rosenbloom because YOU said so is shockingly laughable.

  26. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Oops. I meant to say “So cool” instead of “Scool” in my previous comment. I figured I would mention that or Irish Yeti would call me an idiot for it.

    As far as the Rosenbloom article, him and Rick Morrissey are idiots. But that article that Robert linked showed me that even a dumbass of a journalist can write something worth reading every now and then. Maybe we Chicago natives can hold out hope for Jay Mariotti.

  27. genrebuster Says:

    So kewl! Das Yeti has returned to bare his ignorant young buttocks again!
    So kewl! Thanks for showing us the love, Das Yeti.
    Somebody–find some more beans that need to be counted–pronto!
    This site must be so VIVID…so EXHILARATING…so MAGNETIC…Das Yeti can’t stay away.

    So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA So kewl!! BAAA

    Das Yeti strikes again!


  28. chucky Says:


    I thought this picture was a little bit more accurate of our “friend” the Yeti. You tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll stand corrected.

  29. Irish Yeti Says:

    This is me:**vknhSgCDPI/InternetToughGuy.jpg

  30. Irish Yeti Says:

    woah. Link fail. Try this again:

  31. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Chucky, better pic than what I found. Great work!

    Yeti, your rebuttal was pathetic and weak. And how are we “internet tough guys”? Did we threaten you? Did we say we are tougher than you? I don’t see it anywhere.

    Do us a favor. Go drown yourself in a grease bin behind a restaurant somewhere and hope for the best.

  32. genrebuster Says:

    Nice pic Yeti! A handsome lad, indeed.

    I’ve been listening to the Stones lately…and I think you might enjoy this link, it reminded me of you and your buddies at ACB and HJE:

    In fact, I think everybody should click on the link and ENJOY the video (there is some language so not in the office or with children present).

    Is that you in the video?

  33. genrebuster Says:

    …maybe the Cubs could use that song instead “Go Cubs Go”?

  34. chucky Says:

    That’s you Yeti? I wouldn’t brag about it.

  35. Irish Yeti Says:

    Yeti, your rebuttal was pathetic and weak. And how are we “internet tough guys”? Did we threaten you? Did we say we are tougher than you? I don’t see it anywhere.

    You need to read a tad closer. I said that was myself. Self-deprecation. Ever heard of it?

  36. genrebuster Says:

    Das Yeti, what’s up? One minute you’re on a different site talking shit about and our collective aneurysms…then you return with your self-deprecating humor…

  37. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Genre, I told Yeti in my last comment post to put his head into a grease bin. Apparently, he hasn’t done it yet.

    Yeti, please do it and let us know how it is. It may do wonders for you.

  38. Irish Yeti Says:

    Genre, I still think you guys are fucking morons so there’s that

  39. genrebuster Says:

    Das Yeti, why are you behaving so PATHETICALLY? What’s really going on, moran? Girlfriend dump you?

    Why do you keep coming back to a place where you are so disrespected…where nobody gives a shit about what you think? Don’t you have any interesting friends to hang with?

    You and your juvenile butt buddies are so proud of being banned at BCB… that is quite something to aspire to…you have climbed the mountain grasshopper…congratulations! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Why would you go out of your way to waste your time and energy with the sheeple there? I haven’t and I won’t.

    If you want to change the world, consider joining the Peace Corp…or run for public office…Yeti PLEEZE…stop wasting your time here!

    If you want to praise the current Cubs regime, then be my guest…maybe someday you will realize that you are in the minority…not just here but among long-suffering Cubs fans.

    But probably not: you and your frat boy peepee whackin’ ass-licking buddies seem pretty clueless to “us”…so there’s that.

  40. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Genre, this guy won’t ever “get” it. He will continue to defend a general manager who is mediocre and makes moves that make no sense at all. After a 97 win season, he rids about 40% of that team and it turns into 14 less wins the next year. Yet, he still posts here to defend Jim Hendry and calls us idiots.

    Maybe Yeti should take a look at Minnesota who won last night. That is an organization that “gets” it. Their payroll is about half and they draft/develop their own players that turn into stars. And of course, they always seem to be in the hunt every year. Don’t be surprised if they go deep this year.

  41. Nemo Says:

    Why would anyone use self-deprecating humor with people he thinks are morons? Self-deprecation is used on people that you want to like you. So maybe Yeti wanted some love? That will not be happening here.

  42. genrebuster Says:

    The Minnesota Twins organization is impressive indeed. They went 17-4 in September…a stat worth noting. Another small market team with a limited payroll that makes the Cubs ownership/management look even more PATHETIC than they actually are.

    I don’t think Milton Bradley will play for the Twins next year. But I won’t be surprised if he returns to Chicago.

    Maybe Lou will retire. After his recent comments on Gregg and a slightly better than .500 record that would be fine with me.


    Take out the fucking garbage…it smells real bad.

  43. Irish Yeti Says:

    Impressively won 4 more games than the Cubs (3 if you don’t count the play-in game). The Cubs also played 161 games (even though they were down in that canceled Pissburgh game.) Never know what could have happened in that one.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Twins. If I had to chose an AL team, they would be it, but don’t get all jizzy over a mediocre team

  44. chucky Says:

    “but don’t get all jizzy over a mediocre team”

    Like this years Cubs?

    Or mediocre players? Like for instance Kevin Gregg?

    Your comments don’t exactly ring with any credibility, Yeti.

  45. genrebuster Says:

    It remains to be seen how the Twins fare…but no doubt they are a better team this year than the Cubs.

    Last year the Cubs “backed into the playoffs”…I wasn’t too surprised when they submitted without so much as a whimper to the Dodgers. There really wasn’t much to cheer about last September other than Zambrano’s no-hitter, was there?

    The Twins, like the Rockies a few years ago….played their best ball when the chips were down. 7 games out 1 month ago…and now they are going to the playoffs. I’m certainly not picking them to win it all at this time…but stranger things have happened (refer to Florida Marlins, another small-market/small payroll team).

    Das Yeti, on 2nd thought maybe you and your pals should stop with the whackin’…

  46. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    In follow up to what Chucky said…

    Yeti, you went all “jizzy” this summer defending this fucking team and their mediocre play. You defended an awful Kevin Gregg. You defended Jim Hendry’s decisions. How do you like Aaron Miles, Joey Gathwrong and Ryan Freel? Did those signings work out?

    I didn’t think you were this stupid but apparently, you are.

  47. Irish Yeti Says:

    I defended him in May-July in which he was good. As for his April, if I posted during then it was to tell you guys to calm down about him. I didn’t defend him during his August and September.

  48. chucky Says:

    The thing is we all saw that Gregg sucked ass from the beginning. Hell, I pegged him as a piece of shit in spring training. You are the only one who went all “jizzy” over him. Those are the facts. Do you deny this?

  49. Irish Yeti Says:

    He didn’t suck ass all year.

  50. chucky Says:

    Yes, he did.

  51. Irish Yeti Says:

    Goddamn, you’re fucking stupid. Read this link. Look at the 3 MONTHS I selected you stubborn fuckface:

    2.79ERA. 20 for 22 Save opp./ .600 OPS allowed/ 37 Ks in 38.1 innings

    That’s what you call not sucking ass. It’s actually good.

  52. chucky Says:

    Fuck you and your goddamned link. Gregg sucked ass to the point where he lost his fucking job. I don’t give a flying fuck if he had a couple of good games or not. I saw how bad he was in SPRING FUCKING TRAINING!!!! So take your bullshit stats and stick them up your fucking ass, numbnuts!

  53. robert Says:

    yetti does that stat you bought up tell about the game where the cubs were on a 5 game winning streak and gregg came in in the 9th and gave up 4 runs didnt get a loss or a blown save but the cubs proceded to loose there next 9…and averaged less than two runs a game…what about the blown save on june 23rd where they had won 5 of 7 but when he blew the save they proceded to loose 6 of 8. yeah he was great those months

  54. genrebuster Says:

    Comrades, it’s pointless to expect Das Yeti to ever fully comprehend the game of baseball. He relies too heavily on stats and THE INTERNET….clearly has limited experience thinking for himself….and observing stinking bums — or anything else — with his own eyes and senses.

    The stats have him by the balls, he’ll likely never come to his senses and see the light…might as well be pussy-whipped.

    Poor Yeti, but it could be worse…color him “fortunate”.

    Ignorance is Bliss…so there’s that! HA HA HA HA HA

  55. genrebuster Says:

    Maybe if Yeti goes away, Morpheus will return…he’s more fun to disagree with. So kewl! 😉

  56. chucky Says:

    Genre…..The stats have him by the balls?

    You make the assumption he actually has balls. If he does, he needs to spit them out of his mouth. They sure as hell don’t belong to him!

  57. chucky Says:

    By the way Genre, that picture looks like a hairy ass. Must be him.

  58. Irish Yeti Says:

    Yes, Robert. Kevin Gregg’s blown save caused his team to suck the next few days. He caused the offense to not produce. He caused the next days’ pitchers to not be able to put the ball over the plate. Day-to-Day momentum for an entire team is something that doesn’t exist.

    Wow. I cannot believe how fucking dumb you guys are. I give Chucky a link that shows Kevin Gregg was good for 3 FUCKING MONTHS and he dismisses it as “he had a couple good games”.

    I’m glad to see Fro has assembled a group of the dumbest fucking stroke having retards known to man.

  59. genrebuster Says:

    Now now Yeti…leave Fro out of this…”this is NOT his “fault”.

    As I’ve stated, you have LIMITED EXPERIENCE and make the mistake of thinking that you are “all-knowing”…none of us are.

    Many of us were introduced to each other at…”bobbyd” was the “owner” of that blog. There was alot of intelligent and insightful baseball talk at that site…as well as ranting, flames and the like.

    Fro joined about a year after me, I believe…and was kind enough to set this site up when bobbyd “disappeared”.

    That blog lasted for several years…in fact, if I recall correctly “badkermit” contributed some good posts on occasion.

    Perhaps someday you’ll work in a demoralizing situation…and realize the toll it can take on a group…as a whole, over time.

  60. chucky Says:

    Hey asshole…. If we are as dumb as you say we are, why the fuck do you keep coming back?

    Your right about one thing though. I did dismiss your link. Here is the reason why. You say “He was good for 3 FUCKING MONTHS”? One problem there…..He was paid to be good for 6 FUCKING MONTHS YOU STUPID FUCKING RETARD! I could live with 2-3 blown saves a year maybe, not 2-3 blown saves in 1 month.

    Get it through your fucking cement head that Kevin Gregg is a goddamned useless piece of shit. Is this the reason you like him so much?

  61. genrebuster Says:

    Now now Yeti…leave Fro out of this…”this is NOT his “fault”.

    As I’ve stated, you have LIMITED EXPERIENCE and make the mistake of thinking that you are “all-knowing”…none of us are.

    Many of us were introduced to each other at…”bobbyd” was the “owner” of that blog. There was alot of intelligent and insightful baseball talk at that site…as well as ranting, flames and the like.

    Fro joined about a year after me, I believe…and was kind enough to set this site up when bobbyd “disappeared”.

    That blog lasted for several years…in fact, if I recall correctly “badkermit” contributed some good posts on occasion.

    Perhaps someday you’ll work in a demoralizing situation…and realize the toll it can take on a group…as a whole, over time.

    There is something to be said for “team chemistry”…ask Lou (one thing I agreed with him on).

    I was going to suggest some good reading material for you…but I think you’d have more fun counting beans…or playing with your calculator.

    Your link does not tell the whole story.

  62. genrebuster Says:

    Good point, chucky!

    I think your question deserves an honest answer:

    “If we are as dumb as you say we are, why the fuck do you keep coming back?”

  63. Nemo Says:

    Yeah, gut-wrenching losses never have a harmful psychological effect on a team. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YETI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU STUPID FUCKING DOUCHENOZZLE!!!!!! YOU KNOW FUCKING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Cubs lost it over the Bartman play. One play. Alou goes nuts. Prior loses composure. Baker sits on his fat ass. Gonzales boots an easy ball. Fucklins score 8 fucking runs. All from Alou getting upset over the Bartman interference. There’s not stat for that, but it all fucking happened, you loser. PSYCHOLOGY MATTERS IN SPORTS, BUTT BASTARD!!! The only way that Fro assemble a group of “the dumbest fucking stroke having retards” would be for him to clone your sorry ass numerous times-and if he did that, he would be the dumbest….. Stats are great for accounting geeks, but only one measure of assessing performance in baseball-and a very flawed measure at that. Yeti, your mind is so narrow and fixed that you don’t even think anymore-you recite. Didn’t I see you on tv teaching kids to rock back and forth while reciting the Koran? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW AND FOREVER YETI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. AUDIENCE Says:

    *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap**clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
    *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

  65. genrebuster Says:

    yep…Alou disappointed me (and many others)…he really blew it, along with other players…but in the end Dusty Baker was to blame. After all, that was “his culture”.

  66. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I am just stunned. Irish Yeti still thinks that stats have everything.

    Yeti, do you ever watch sports? Do you ever hear the announcers at the end of games ever talk about a certain player? Sometimes you would hear them say “He had a good game. He did a lot of things that don’t show up on the stat sheet”. You hear that comment in various sports at various levels.

    Now, I am not going to give any examples because if I did, you still wouldn’t get it. But I think you know what I am talking about.

  67. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    In follow up to my last post…

    There is nothing that is going to help this team. They could sign 2 or 3 of the top free agents and it isn’t going to matter. This team needs to be flipped inside and out and all around.

    This team needs a new face. New players, manager, coaches, front office, etc. We all know this. It’s not myth.

    Sadly, this franchise will not go that route and that is wrong. We all agree here that if this route was taken that we would be fine with waiting a few years for the players to develop and mesh together. With Ricketts taking over and keeping everyone put, this will only add salt to the wound.

  68. Nemo Says:

    Event #1. Matt Holliday drops the certain 3rd out of a would be Cardinals victory.

    Event #2 Next batter draws a walk.

    Event #3 Next batter gets a hit. Game tied

    Event #4 Pitcher and catcher get signals crossed and a wild pitch/passed ball occurs.

    Event #5 Intentional walk to get the double play option back.

    Event #6 Mark Loretta breaks an 0-15 career mark against Ryan Franklin by singling. Dodgers win the game.

    Only a fool would discount the role of psychology in this sequence of events.

  69. Irish Yeti Says:

    You guys keep citing in game “momentum”. I’m not discounting that. I know it’s tough for you retards but please reread my point.

    Day-to-Day momentum for an entire team is something that doesn’t exist.

    Now if that doesn’t make sense, I’m saying that what happened tonight to the Cardinals has absolutely no effect on what happens to them during the game tomorrow night.

  70. chucky Says:

    I asked you a question yesterday Yeti. I’m still waiting for your answer. You’ve had over 13 hours to think about it. That should be enough time.

  71. genrebuster Says:

    Wow…it is truly amazing how stupid some people are. No joke.

  72. chucky Says:


    It’s actually not really that amazing when you consider the overwhelming stench of rain-soaked sheep that hovers over Wrigley like a dark storm cloud. That’s where that stupidity comes from.


  73. genrebuster Says:

    1 + 1 = 0…?

    “I know it’s tough for you retards but please reread my point.”

    “Retard” and “Please” in the same sentence…most impressive. The more he posts, the more I pray he doesn’t father any offspring.

    Still hard to understand why he persists here.

  74. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, I re-read some of your earlier posts…thanks for making me laugh (stats/balls).

    The drivel Das Yeti has been posting of late is almost as PATHETIC as Dusty, Hendry and Milton combined. barf.

  75. Nemo Says:

    Absolutely no effect? Hmmm. I think Milton Bradley had a harmful effect that carried over EVERY FUCKING DAY! I remember when Brant Brown hit a walk off homer against the Braves in 1998 breaking a small losing streak. The Cubs went on to win 10-11 in a row. If you are too stupid to think that psychology ends after the game ends and starts fresh the next day you are even dumber than we thought-and that is no easy feat. Congratulations! Lord Guinness wants to have a word with you.

    Cubs choke in game 6-Cubs get pounded in Game 7
    1986 Game 6-Bill Buckner. Game 7 Mets win Series

    Did anybody think those two above examples would have turned out differently?

    It takes a strong psychological make up to overcome a devastating loss in the playoffs. Some teams have it and some teams don’t. The 2008 Cubs could not even overcome a grand slam and a 4-2 deficit in the 5th inning of Game 1. The team that don’t have strong psychological makeup lose when bad things happen. So, yes, A can cause B-even if A and B occur on different days.

  76. genrebuster Says:

    Seems like “we” are not the only “retards” out there, Thank God for that.

    Das Yeti: if you decide to read any further…go SLOW…and CONCENTRATE.


    Football is a game of momentum, and unlike in other major sports, it can change on a dime, mainly from the addition of the defense being able to score–something unique to the sport. We’ve all seen how momentum can build and change quickly during the course of a game, and we’ve all seen how it can build during the course of a season. The 2004 team didn’t start out with much swagger, but built it gradually and deliberately. We’ve also seen when momentum is ended abruptly how devastating the effects can be. You need not look further back than last year to see the wheels come flying off after the Vanderbilt game. A team without momentum is dead, and like Morgan Freeman said in The Shawshank Redemption, get busy living or get busy dying. Well said, Red.

  77. genrebuster Says:

    In case anybody is confused, here’s the part that I find most relevant (to the current discussion here): “We’ve all seen how momentum can build and change quickly during the course of a game, and we’ve all seen how it can build during the course of a season. The 2004 team didn’t start out with much swagger, but built it gradually and deliberately. We’ve also seen when momentum is ended abruptly how devastating the effects can be. You need not look further back than last year to see the wheels come flying off after the Vanderbilt game.”

    Change the words “2004” and “the Vanderbilt game”…and this could apply to any number of sports teams, professional or otherwise.

  78. Irish Yeti Says:

    Genre, football and baseball comparisons don’t work.

    Chucky, I feel like I’m doing a service to humanity by trying to explain this things to you guys. I’m just hoping to get the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

  79. genrebuster Says:

    I’ll try to make this simple for the dimwits in the audience:

    Anybody who thinks Milton Bradley was a “positive” for the Cubs in 2009–in any way, shape or fasion–is completely fucking ignorant. The guy is a headcase and he creates a bad vibe everywhere he goes…whoever is in charge, you may flush now.

    I bet even dogs shy away from that jerkoff…they can sense when something “isn’t right”. I guess that makes my dog a helluva lot smarter than some of the “morans” posting here.

  80. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, I knew you were going to post that…and my response is “sez who”?

    Just read my previous post above your most recent one…and see if that excerpt makes any sense (to you).

  81. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti. Where and when did you receive your Doctorate in Psychology? Just curious.

  82. Irish Yeti Says:

    So my lack of a Doctorate in Psych makes me unqualified to say there is no such thing as momentum on a day-to-day basis, but your lack of a Doctorate in Psych makes you qualified to say there is?

    Ok. Got it.

  83. chucky Says:


    Don’t bother trying to “explain” anything to any of us. Especially when your facts are as fucked up as yours. And when you defend Kevin Gregg the way you have all year long, your facts are fucked up.

    And don’t worry about winning the Nobel Peace Prize. That is about as likely to happen as you getting a clue. Which means you don’t have a fucking snowballs chance in hell. Of either one.

    Just give it up while you still can.

  84. genrebuster Says:

    I’ll try again…Yeti, Have you gotten an opinion on your momentum theory from a trained “Dr.”? If not, then what publication/paper are you citing to back up your statement?

  85. genrebuster Says:

    Also…where did it say –in my posts — that my lack of a Doctorate makes me qualified?

    When you finish reading “Bean Counting for Dummies”,”Ann Coulter’s Dating Tips” and Glenn Beck’s autobiography, PLEEZE let us know.

  86. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Yeti, do you ever give up? We know we are not the smartest people out there but in this case, you are making us look like geniuses.

    Your stats are basically worth the shit my dog takes.

  87. Nemo Says:

    Matt Holliday drops the 3rd out of a certain win, chain of events ensues and Cardinals lose. 1-1 series tie turns into an 0-2 deficit. Yeti promises “no carryover” to the next game.

    Next Game: Listless Cardinals go meekly to the Dodgers, getting swept. No carryover?! MY ASS! Teams do not recover well in the playoffs from devastating losses.

  88. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Nemo, you couldn’t have said it any better.

    But I know the retards like Irish Yeti along with his boyfriends will say something like “Playoffs are a crap shoot..baaaaa….You can’t judge a team on 3 games of bad baseball…baaaa.”

    Irish Yeti is a prime of example of what’s wrong with most fans out there.

  89. chucky Says:

    Excellent post Nemo. The carryover of that dropped fly ball was quite evident.

  90. genrebuster Says:

    Really no surprise Dodgers beat Cards…the Cubs finished 2nd in Central (a weak division this year)…St. Louis was a good team, not a great one. Of course the Holliday miscue was HUGE and in this case it had a lingering effect…a big one.

    I think a Yankees – Dodgers series would be fun to watch. It would be a “classic matchup”…and I’ve always liked Torre as a manager…wouldn’t it be something if the Dodgers beat the Yankees….still think that Torre was disrespected by Steinbrenner in the end.

  91. Western Union Says:

    Urgent message for Mr. Irish Yeti:


  92. robert Says:

    yetti here is another one for you…you stated earlier you have read money ball and believe it

    … Speaking of books, “Moneyball” protagonist Billy Beane is responsible for A’s teams that have gone 226-259 since Barry Zito’s exit, and Beane admits “we have a long way to go” in getting competitive again. Manager Bob Geren is safe for another year as the search for hitters continues. …

  93. genrebuster Says:

    gee whiz robert…226-259 isn’t very good!….is it?

  94. genrebuster Says:


  95. chucky Says:

    It’s about as good as Kevin Gregg was this year.

  96. robert Says:

    hey he is the one who said ops mattered that is why milton bradley was a good pickup cause money ball stated it

  97. Irish Yeti Says:

    I might… follow me here… MIGHT be that the Cardinals’ bats hit a cold spell as they often did this year. They scored fewer runs than all the other playoff teams by 50 runs.

  98. robert Says:

    yeah but how many runs were they averaging before they got holiday and after they got holliday….look it mr stats

  99. robert Says:

    the 2008 cubs outscored led the national league in runs and still got swept in the playoffs another theory buy the yetti out the window….ps they outscored the dodgers buy 55 runs and there ops was 40 points higher than the dodgers let they got swept

  100. genrebuster Says:

    Is Billy Beane a beane-counter?

  101. robert Says:

    billy beane is an idiot who reaped sandy aldersons drafts to look good for a while

  102. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I hereby declare Irish Yeti a lost cause in society.

  103. genrebuster Says:

    Court is now adjourned.

    We’ll return after a brief recess for “The People vs. The Sheeple”.

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