Happy Friday.


The thing I like about this place, is that I can have a thread about anything I want when I want. I think all of you regulars like that idea too. We can discuss different sports and topics. It keeps the place fresh and brings you guys back which I always appreciate. Heck, I’ll probably start writing about a couple new tv shows that I started watching recently.

However, it was brought to my attention last night that a clown from another website is a little butt hurt about what we talk about. One person sent me a link that was from a douche that said my site sucks because we don’t always focus on the name of the site. So my website sucks because the people here talk about things other than wanting to get someone fired? Oh my bad. I didn’t know that was such a bad thing. You know, there are other things going on except for that. You know that right? I’ll give you an example:

Thunder Matt – I use to read this site quite a bit in the past and I still do to see what they say about some movies and pop culture in general. But guess what? They talk sports too. For that retard who made that comment, go to that site and tell them what you told me and see what they say to you.

Another example: Hire Jim Essian – Does he always focus on wanting Jim Essian hired? No. In fact, I use to also visit that place quite a bit and he writes about other things.

I said many times before that stupid people are everywhere. I deal with stupid people at my job at least a couple times a week. No matter where you live or what wesbite you go to, there are stupid people to be noticed. Unfortunatley, the two or three people that come here and talk shit are so childish, that they continue to come here just to make themselves feel better. Well, keep it coming. It gives us some comedy here.



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