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Ryan Poles is making it rain. Someone needs to tell him that a Super Bowl-winning team can’t be bought.

March 14, 2023

Tremaine Edmunds | Linebacker from the Bills

T.J. Edwards | Linebacker from the Eagles

DeMarcus Walker | Defensive end from the Titans

Nate Davis | Offensive lineman from the Titans

Again, teams who win the Super Bowl generally build their teams in the draft. This isn’t the NBA where teams can sign two or three stars and become instant contenders. And with Ryan Poles’ track record of drafting, this isn’t encouraging at all.


If it were any other general manager, I’d be more optimistic about this trade.

March 11, 2023

Facts are facts. And the facts are that Ryan Poles drafted all busts last year. Just take a look at those picks and see who stood out as a potential star. I’ll wait.

In the mean time, the Bears did get a pretty good wide receiver in D.J. Moore along with the three extra picks through 2025. But how is D.J. Moore going to get the ball when Trevor Semen is out there throwing the ball not even close to him because Justin Fields is out with an injury? Because that’s exactly what is going to happen.

The reality is, Ryan Poles will just draft more busts than he already will with this trade. Since the Bears haven’t had a competent general manager in the last 35 years, I don’t see this changing. It’s very unfortunate.

The Bears should have kept the first overall pick and went with Bryce Young. A two-quarterback system should be installed on the rare occasion that Fields is healthy. But WHEN he gets hurt, Young will be ready.

But now, that chance is gone. The Bears should still look for a quarterback whether it’s with the ninth pick or in later rounds. Having Trevor Semen out there gives the team no chance. Seriously. You can have the defense of the 2000 Ravens out there and if Trevor Semen is the quarterback, they have zero chance of doing anything worth a damn.

I’m afraid to say that this trade will be more frustrating since more busts will be brought in and thus, more players to get pissed off at.

Trevor Semen was given a two-year contract????????

March 8, 2023

All this time, I thought this useless fuckwad was only under a one-year deal. This idiot is getting about $2 million and the cap hit is just north of $2.5 million. What a waste of space. Ryan Poles is seriously the dumbest fucking general manager ever. And this is after we all witnessed Jerry Angelo bringing in dipshits like Todd Collins and Jason Campbell.

We’re still about seven weeks from the NFL Draft. It appears that Ryan Poles is going to trade the overall pick. Instead of just one bust, he will have multiple busts with this trade.

I still feel I am alone in the idea of the Bears keeping the pick to get Bryce Young. Another quarterback is necessary because Fields is one more bad hit away from basically being done for his career. And better yet, getting Bryce Young or any other quarterback in the draft reduces the chances of Trevor Semen playing.

I know. It sounds ridiculous. But these are the Bears we are talking about.

Fuck Trevor Semen.