If it were any other general manager, I’d be more optimistic about this trade.


Facts are facts. And the facts are that Ryan Poles drafted all busts last year. Just take a look at those picks and see who stood out as a potential star. I’ll wait.

In the mean time, the Bears did get a pretty good wide receiver in D.J. Moore along with the three extra picks through 2025. But how is D.J. Moore going to get the ball when Trevor Semen is out there throwing the ball not even close to him because Justin Fields is out with an injury? Because that’s exactly what is going to happen.

The reality is, Ryan Poles will just draft more busts than he already will with this trade. Since the Bears haven’t had a competent general manager in the last 35 years, I don’t see this changing. It’s very unfortunate.

The Bears should have kept the first overall pick and went with Bryce Young. A two-quarterback system should be installed on the rare occasion that Fields is healthy. But WHEN he gets hurt, Young will be ready.

But now, that chance is gone. The Bears should still look for a quarterback whether it’s with the ninth pick or in later rounds. Having Trevor Semen out there gives the team no chance. Seriously. You can have the defense of the 2000 Ravens out there and if Trevor Semen is the quarterback, they have zero chance of doing anything worth a damn.

I’m afraid to say that this trade will be more frustrating since more busts will be brought in and thus, more players to get pissed off at.

3 Responses to “If it were any other general manager, I’d be more optimistic about this trade.”

  1. chucky Says:

    And everybody, from print media to the dumb fucks on the Score are raving about what a great trade this was, and how Poles has set the Bears up to be in great shape in the next couple of years. Arkush the pompous asshole said Poles put the Bears in “fantastic position” While in theory that might be true, he overlooks the fact that he won’t know what to with those picks. He also said he “is now a serious player at the NFL’s highest level.” WHAT. THE. FUCK!!!!!!! They NEVER mention the fact that Poles’ draft picks from last year blew chunks. How in the hell do these shit rats get their jobs anyway? I don’t get it. This morning on the Score dimwit David Haugh, who I have serious doubts about his qualifications to deliver pizzas for Domino’s pre-empted his show that he hosts with the barely alive dinosaur Bruce Levine, “Inside the Clubhouse”, a show that’s actually unlistenable because of these dipshits, to sing Ryan Poles’ praises. It was absolutely nauseating! I just hope O’Bradovich will not have a coronary this upcoming season.

  2. Bernie Says:

    Terrible trade. Maybe worst I’ve ever seen, and with a month still left til the draft. Talk about shitting the bed.

    DJ Moore is an overpaid underachiever and WR 3 at best. The Panthers are probably dancing to get rid of him. How nice of the Bears to let the Panthers replace him at pick 39 with someone way better to go along with their new franchise QB.

    The Bears traded themselves out of getting an elite player at 9 and pretty much gave away this season. The nerve of Poles and his ego to think he’ll find elite players later in the draft. Sound familiar? It’s Jerry 3.0. Pace was Jerry 2.0.

    The only plus is now maybe Poles and Eberflus will be fired after this year and we’ll get someone good to make those 2 first round picks next season. But with this ownership I wouldn’t count on it. They’ll either keep Poles or hire Jerry 4.0. Duh Bears.

  3. USAgent Says:

    Expect another 3-14 season in 2023. And, Fields will continue being a loser. Absolutely zero hope for him or this Arlington Heights-bound franchise, now that the future was traded away to Carolina.


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