Trevor Semen was given a two-year contract????????


All this time, I thought this useless fuckwad was only under a one-year deal. This idiot is getting about $2 million and the cap hit is just north of $2.5 million. What a waste of space. Ryan Poles is seriously the dumbest fucking general manager ever. And this is after we all witnessed Jerry Angelo bringing in dipshits like Todd Collins and Jason Campbell.

We’re still about seven weeks from the NFL Draft. It appears that Ryan Poles is going to trade the overall pick. Instead of just one bust, he will have multiple busts with this trade.

I still feel I am alone in the idea of the Bears keeping the pick to get Bryce Young. Another quarterback is necessary because Fields is one more bad hit away from basically being done for his career. And better yet, getting Bryce Young or any other quarterback in the draft reduces the chances of Trevor Semen playing.

I know. It sounds ridiculous. But these are the Bears we are talking about.

Fuck Trevor Semen.

4 Responses to “Trevor Semen was given a two-year contract????????”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro, you sound so surprised. Why? You knew going in that Ryan Poles is a fucking douchebag shit rat asshole. The only thing I’m surprised about is that he didn’t give Semen a goddamned five-year, 50-million-dollar deal.

    I see that the NFL will probably release the 2023 schedule on Thursday, May 11. Have you heard the latest atrocity that Roger the fucktard Goodell wants to do now? In addition to the three games to be scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, this lousy douche bucket wants a game for the Friday after as well. I fucking swear, this ignorant twatlocker isn’t satisfied with the number of players getting concussions or other injuries. Now he wants to make it even worse with one more short week game. What’s next, trying to make the schedule equal to the goddamn NBA at 82 a year? This fucking guy needs to be tried for attempted murder!

  2. chucky Says:

    They just pulled to the trigger and traded the number one pick to the Panthers for four draft picks and DJ Moore. Now, the question is this: Just how Poles will fuck up these extra draft picks.

    Only time will tell. Please weigh in Fro.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Yes, I’m curious to hear what you guys think:

  4. USAgent Says:

    Once upon a time, we owned the first-round pick. We could have used it to replace both Fields and Simien. Sigh. . . .


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