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Final Open Thread of 2013

December 31, 2013

Well, ladies and gentleman, this is it for the calendar year. It was a great 2013 up until the last two weeks for us. What a shitty ending. As we get to 2014, we pray things will get better for our Bears. Let’s hear your thoughts on what the Bears should do. For me, I’d say fire Trestman and bring back Ditka. With that, Dan Hampton should be the defensive coordinator too because he knows the tradition of BEARS FOOTBALL.

Alright, for real, here’s what the Bears should do: Do not let Chris Conte into Chicago ever again. Get an entirely new defense. Ban Chris Conte from entering the city limits. Bring back Jay Ratliff for cheap. Put the tag on Cutler. Get a defense that actually knows that they should play whistle to whistle. Tell Chris Conte that he should buy a house right next to Chucky in Mundelein because let’s face it, it’s a great time to buy.

If you have any other suggestions, go right ahead. Entertain me. Happy New Year everybody.

Go figure.

December 29, 2013

What a way to close out the year, right? I really don’t have much to say because, let’s face it, the Bears are a fucking let down. Every damn year. Sure, the offense could have done more but how much can you ask out of them? The defense was surprisingly playing well albeit some bad calls. It really didn’t matter in the end. Chris Conte and the shitty defense of the Chicago Bears lost this game. No doubt about it. You just knew it was appropriate that they closed out the season that way. They had two chances to win the division and they failed to do that.

Sure. We can blame the Cowboys for fucking up two weeks ago. If they don’t blow that, this game means nothing and the Bears clinch last week regardless. But it’s not. This fuck up goes solely on the Bears from the coaching staff to the players. No excuses.

We can bitch more about this game and season all we want. It won’t do anything. It was a shitty last two weeks and you would be insane to think it would end any differently than it did. The good news is, no more injuries for the season and Phil Emery has a long list of issues to address in the offseason. May I suggest an entirely new defense?

Open thread.

December 26, 2013

Danza slapped.

December 22, 2013

The Bears were embarrassed on Sunday Night against the Eagles. After what happened earlier in the day, you would think the Bears would have shown up and they failed to do so. The night started off with a horrible Adam Podlesh punt. Then, Devin Hester fumbles. In between and around that, was the defense completely sucking ass. I am not leaving the offense out of this either. Cutler was terrible in this game. It was a horrible game all around.

No need to waste time dwelling on this though. The Packers are up next with the division on the line.

…are the Eagles this good?

December 22, 2013

Nah…the Bears are this bad, at least tonite. Fro: ┬ádelete this thread/post when you post your recap…or, I will if you’re unable to.

Open thread. (Fire Tom Thibodeau countdown)

December 19, 2013

ThomASS after Derrick Rose’s injury (first and second): We have more than enough to win.

9-15 record after losing the Rockets by 15. They are currently 9th in the Eastern Conference.

In other news, Marc Trestman has the Chicago Bears in first place with a chance to clinch the division Sunday.

Up and down. Back and forth.

December 15, 2013

No matter how shitty the Bears have been this year, one thing is for certain: Marc Trestman and the boys don’t ever quit. There were many instances in this game where you thought the Bears were finished and things turned around quickly. For a while there, it seemed that myself along with the other Jay Cutler supporters were looking pretty stupid. The fourth quarter arrived and so did Jay Cutler. Don’t get me wrong, it took a lot of luck to win this but the fact of that matter is that it happened.

Offense: I am a Jay Cutler fan. I really am. However, if there ever was a Jay Cutler roller coaster, I don’t want to get on it. It looked like he was hurt again on a couple of hits he took. I have said this before and I will say it again: If Jay Cutler is not healthy, he should not be playing. He was overthrowing receivers and making some other bad throws. In the fourth quarter, he throws a prayer in double coverage only to have Alshon Jeffery catch it out of nowhere. I nearly jumped off my couch. That turned the game right there because earlier, Martellus Bennett fumbled the ball which lead to a recover and touchdown by the Browns. The drive that tied the game in fourth was led by two big penalties on the Browns. I’ll take that. Also, I love Alshon Jeffery.

Matt Forte probably had his best game of the year in this one. He had over 125 yards rushing which included some key first downs. We cannot talk about the receivers and running backs without giving credit to the offensive line. It’s amazing what these guys have done. There were a few key plays in which Jermon Bushrod (by Cracky) and Matt Slauson had some big blocks that led to Forte getting some big gains. The line has certainly been the best and most consistent part of this team all year.

Defense: The player of the game goes to Zack Bowman and I was one to give this guy a lot of shit all year. He isn’t suppose to be playing but he has to. He had two interceptions with the last one going for a touchdown. The defense gave up 17 points which is a blessing compared to the rest of the games this year. Jason Campbell is a terrible quarterback. He had a nice drive or two. I think there was a mirror on the sidelines and to my guess, Jason Campbell went over to this mirror after those drives, looked into it and said, “I’m Jason Campbell”. He then, promptly began to suck again like only Jason Campbell does. I could sit here and bitch about the last drive in which, a shitty quarterback drove his team 80 yards in 1:18 but that’s what the defense of the Bears does regardless.

Special Teams: Devin Hester had a nice return that setup a touchdown if my memory serves correct. Robbie Gould also had a field goal and would have had another one if it wasn’t for a terrible holding call by Corey Wooten.

Next up: The Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Open thread.

December 12, 2013


December 10, 2013

Holy shit. What a night. I actually was comfortable up until the fourth quarter when the warmers inside my shoes stopped working. Those extra layers and warmers I had in other places did wonders. For the meatball in me, it was complete. We were lucky enough to see Ditka at halftime and right before closing time, the neck beard (by Cracky) himself, Kyle Orton made a cameo. More importantly, however, I don’t think I have ever seen an offensive performance like this from the Bears to my memory. The Bears scored on every single drive (kneel down at the end being the exception). Seeing how bad the Bears have been on offense since I can even remember, this is unbelievable. To me, it’s really rare for any NFL team to go an entire game and score on every possession because of the law of averages. The Bears beat the Cowboys and now, are tied for first once again.

Offense: You would think that the defense of the Bears is the worst in the NFL and no other team can match that. Rethink that thought. The Cowboys were just as horrible. Like I mentioned above, I find it rare for a team to score on every possession in a game, but it did. But holy shit. Josh McCown. I know it was against the Cowboys, but it’s still an NFL team and he shredded them apart. Alshon Jeffery is fucking awesome. What a touchdown catch he had. The Bears played flawless for the entire game on offense. They ran the ball well with Matt Forte (I love this guy). Oh, hey, even Michael Bush (by Cracky) actually gained some yards. In fact, I think he had more yards on Monday night than he had all year. The Bears had nearly 500 yards of total offense. You ever seen that by them in your lifetime? I didn’t think so. (Cue Yeti) This is why Trestman was brought in. It doesn’t make up for the horrible decisions in the last few games, but as we all know, if the previous regime is still in tact, the Bears only have three or four wins at the most.

With Josh McCown, I get it. He’s been playing like Peyton Manning latley. But please, let’s all keep the idea that Cutler is still, better than McCown. Because he is. I made this point when Cutler was hurt (again) against the Lions: A healthy Jay Cutler is better than Josh McCown. He must be 100% healthy to get back out there. The Bears are doing fine with McCown. However, when it comes down to it, if there is a fourth quarter and the Bears need a game-winning drive, I am going with Cutler a hundred times out of a hundred.

Defense: You would think that the Cowboys would just play like a small, high school style offense and run the ball all night. Wrong. The first drive or two, the Cowboys would run it and run it well. Even at halftime with the Bears up 24-14, they could have just stuck with the game plan. Instead, Tony Romo is throwing passes on second and third down which are resulting in punts. The defense of the Bears couldn’t stop a nose bleed. His receivers were either dropping passes or they were overthrown to. By the time Orton came in, they started running again and it worked. DeMarco Murray had only 18 carries for 146 yards. For you stat geeks out there, that’s just over eight yards a carry.

Special Teams: Hey, Robbie Gould nailed all three field goals. Wow, it’s so hard kicking chip-shot, 24-yard field goals. He’s really good. In fact, he’s the most accurate kicker in NFL history! When you kick all of those chip-shots over the years, you know, because your teams sucked so bad in the red zone, they couldn’t get touchdowns, your overall percentage rises tremendously? Yeah. That’s Robbie Gould. Want him to kick a 47-yard field goal in a dome? NO. CHANCE. IN. HELL.


The Bears will take on Jason Campbell, Caleb Hanie and the rest of the Cleveland Browns this coming Sunday.

Open thread.

December 5, 2013

Ladies and gentleman, after checking the forecast for this Monday’s game, we are looking at clouds but no snow. Temperatures could very well be in the single digits.

Only one thing comes to mind: