Open thread.


Ladies and gentleman, after checking the forecast for this Monday’s game, we are looking at clouds but no snow. Temperatures could very well be in the single digits.

Only one thing comes to mind:


34 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro……Bear weather? Like the game they played on December 19 2004 against Houston? Kickoff temp = 9. Wind chill = -10.

    Bears lost 24-5, by the way. I don’t buy into that “Bear weather” stuff. It’s like saying Wrigley Field is great place to see a baseball game. Yeah, if you enjoy the smell of piss. Total myth.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Haha. I know. I know. I am just making fun of the meatballs. You didn’t think I was serious, did you? No worries. I am going to the game shirtless like some idiots. I am actually bundling up big time with extra pants and hand warmers.

  3. chucky Says:

    Wait. You’re going shirtless AND bundling up with extra pants and hand warmers?

    FroDog…..Who are you crappin?

  4. Cubs Suck Says:

    Well if hes still rockin the Mungo Jerry mutton chops(by cracky) at least his face will be warm haha

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I messed that up. I am NOT going to the game shirtless.

    By the way CS, I finally trimmed the chops (by Cracky). They are still in tact, but much thinner.


  6. chucky Says:

    I glad you’re not going shirtless Fro. I’ve always found that people who do that to be the very essence of meatball central. And you don’t belong there.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Wait, are you saying I am not a big enough fan? How dare you doubt my fandom!

    By the way, when you “YARR”, are you referring to what Boers and Bernstein say on the radio when talking about cold weather?

  8. chucky Says:

    No. I’m referring to what Boers and Bernstein say when someone says the word “nuts”. The old pirate in a bar joke.

    YARR! It’s Drivin me nuts!

  9. chucky Says:

    Oh, and one more thing. Taking your shirt off in single digit temps doesn’t make somebody a fan. It makes them massively dumb.


  10. genrebuster Says:

    I’ll take the spaghetti, extra meatballs.

  11. chucky Says:

    Just pay a visit to Wrigley any time next summer. You’ll get plenty of meatballs then my friend. Roughly 40,000 a game.

  12. Fro Dog Says:


    Gary Kubiak was fired as head coach of the Texans today. The morons are ESPN are already speculating on the first choice to replace him. Can anyone take a guess at who they think it will be?

    I’ll give you a hint: “This wasn’t a must-win game for us”.


  13. chucky Says:

    I heard that too Fro. Now we have to get ready for the onslaught from meatball central to just all over our asses about it. See, somebody wants Lovie. He’s a great coach. Barf. These are probably the same dumb fucks who think Tim Teblow should get another shot at playing in the NFL. These fucking idiots just make me want to gouge my eyes out. I should follow George Carlins advice and drag these assclowns out into the woods and disembowel them with a wooden cooking spoon.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, meatballs and the smell of urine don’t work for me….as for “the incompetent inept imbecile that is Lovie Smith” (courtesy of ed)…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA PATHETIC.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    George Carlin…one of my heroes. A visionary!

  16. Cubs Suck Says:

    I remember finding my old mans George Carlin records as a child and my bad word vocabulary going from 2 to about 20. Good times.

  17. chucky Says:

    I really wish the Bears were playing today instead of tomorrow night. These games today have been fun to watch. Not to mention the fact that I really hate Monday night Bears games.

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    Today’s games have been pretty fun, especially the ones in snow. The Vikings/Ravens was a classic. Too bad they aren’t playing today. BEAR WEATHER REIGNS OVER CHICAGO.

    And yes Chucky. I am going to keep making those references to BEAR WEATHER because I know, deep inside, it drives you insane. That’s our job here. By the way, the Lions lost today. If only the Bears could have won last week (!).

    Now I am ANGRY!

  19. chucky Says:

    Actually Fro, you referencing “Bear weather” doesn’t drive me insane. I’m already there.

    Really, what does drive me totally batshit crazy are the people who believe in that shit as fucking gospel. No amount of evidence can persuade them that they’re just completely wrong. That’s the kind of shit that makes my ears bleed listening to sports radio. To quote genre…..BARF!!!!

  20. Cubs Suck Says:

    Happy Ditka Day Everybody!!

  21. Fro Dog Says:


    The guys and I are going to be in full MEATBALL mode tonight. As we speak, we are already stating that the hand of Ditka will reign on the Cowboys tonight. Ditka’s speech at halftime will instill THE FIRE AND THE PASSION into the Bears which will guide them to victory.

  22. chucky Says:

    Remember where Ditka came from before he was head coach of the Bears?

    That’s right….the Dallas Cowboys. Be careful about that speech, it could misfire and end up instilling that THE FIRE AND THE PASSION in the Cowboys and they end up kicking the Bears asses. Don’t count on the weather helping them either.

    Speaking of weather, I have a serious question that has gone unanswered for a long time. Yesterday there was about 5 games that were played in snow. Philadelphia had about 8 inches on the ground by the time the game ended. Green Bay was brutally cold, and temps tonight in Chicago will be barbaric (single digit temps, subzero wind chills). How the hell do these guys tolerate that weather in short sleeves? Weathermen saying how exposed skin can freeze in minutes and these guys stand around the field with their arms completely exposed like it’s 75 degrees. I’ve never understood how they tolerate it. Anybody have an answer?

    Have fun tonight my FRENDT! And stay warm. I’ll be looking for your report sometime tomorrow.

  23. Cubs Suck Says:

    I think its a combination of game adrenalin/blood circulation and that after awhile you don’t feel it anyway. Plus when they get on the sideline they bundle up and I know for a fact those torpedo heaters they have on the sideline KICK ASS. I dont get why you would do it though, Trying to be a “BADASS” or you really get that warm when you play?

  24. chucky Says:

    CS….I can’t really argue against that, except to say that I couldn’t tolerate it. My mailbox is 10 feet away from my front door, and there’s no way in hell that I could walk out there in short sleeves. If that means I’m a wuss, so be it. But thank you for your explanation.

  25. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Even if they can tolerate short sleeves, you’d think that long sleeves would give them an advantage. Tackling has to sting more without sleeves, doesn’t it?

  26. MadCityMac Says:

    It’s going to be a total “Meatball” fest tonight wit da coach. Fro, stay warm! I was out working in this shit all day; one of these damn days I’ll figure out why, besides friends family and work (and owning a house) I stay in this fucking climate. Hell, I might even go to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando to see my Badgers take on the ol’ ball coach and South Carolina just to be able to sit outside and have a few of my favorite beverages, though I doubt they’ll have any DECENT beer. All I need is cooperation at work (good fucking luck!), and 3 of my drunken friends….

  27. Cubs Suck Says:

    Let that overrated,undisciplined,egotistical primadonna go to the Titans. Great game Mr. McCown!

  28. chucky Says:

    CS…..I’m sorry man, but I can’t agree with that. If they let Cutler go, who do you replace him with? McCown? He’s 35 years old. He’ll be 36 next year. Unless they keep him as a back up, he is not a logical long term option as a starter. Draft a QB? Yeah, they need to do that anyway, but don’t expect that to pan out for at three, maybe four years. If the Bears can somehow lock Cutler up for only three or four years, then possibly turn it over to that draft pick, then OK. I could actually see that happening. But it’s still a huge gamble. I still have nightmares about that fucking idiot Cade McNown.

    I understand that you don’t like Cutler, I don’t particularly like him myself. But don’t let that dictate your thinking. You’re a smart guy. You know that you don’t need to like Cutler as long as he can play and play well. He does. He still has a stronger arm than McCown. And personally, while I do happen to like McCown, I can’t help but thinking that the Bears may have been lucky and just caught lightening in a bottle with him. He hasn’t been able to do this in his NFL career. Why is that? A lot of it has been Marc Trestmans influence. But as I noted before, McCown is getting old. He’s not a long term answer. I think they should sign Cutler for the shortest possible deal they can, keep McCown as back up, pick up a QB in the fourth or fifth round in April, let Trestman work with him for a few years, then let’s see what happens.

    Maybe that’s the wrong thing to do, but it just seems to make sense to me.

  29. Cubs Suck Says:

    I read this story yesterday and after watching the game, one of the first things I thought was let him go to Tennessee!

    Lets see what kind of attitude Cutler has when he sees the Titans are willing to overpay the shit out of him and the Bears slap the franchise tag on him, Then you will really see an even bigger douchebag then you have now.

    Lastnight was the best offensive performance I have seen out of the Bears in a LONG TIME and I think part of the reason is because Cutler was on the sideline. McCown makes good decisions, accurate throws, and manages the game very well. His offensive linemen also seem to like him and want to work for him more. Hypothetical question Chucky…. Your an Offensive linemen and you have 2 quarterbacks that are equally skilled, one of them is Fro and the other is Yeti, who do you work harder for? Thats what I thought.

    I keep saying and Im not changing my stance… Draft the best available QB in the first round and you fucking play him! Let him sink or swim. I was kinda onboard the franchise Cutler for a year thing but after these other teams potentially throwing a shit ton of money at him I think he will be a cancer playing under the tag and you keep him the fuck away from your rookie.

    To all those that say Cutler is better then McCown please tell me why? Because he can trow farther? Not trying to be a hard ass but I can throw a football farther the Josh McCown and Im not better then him lol
    Maybe overall career Cutler may have a statistical edge but RIGHT NOW Josh McCown is better!

  30. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Marc Trestman is an offensive guru. I’d trust whoever he sides with.

  31. chucky Says:

    CS…..I guess we just need to agree to disagree on this one. Yes, Cutler is a douche. I don’t care about that though. Monday was the best offensive performance you’ve seen because for far too long we’ve been saddled with assclown head coaches that focused totally on defense and only wanted a “game manager” for a QB. But that isn’t all. Offensive game planning for this team has sucked massive dick for years too. The game plan from Mondays game could just as easily been run by Cutler. McCown was just the one guy who did got the opportunity, because of Cutlers injury. McCown will make for a great back up on this team, but he’s too damn old to start. He’s 35.

    I can’t answer your hypothetical question. For openers, I believe Cutler is the better QB.(STRICKLY MY OPINION. I don’t want an argument over that!) Obviously, you know about my issues with one Mr. Yeti. About the only thing I can say is that I would want to win, and I would try my hardest to do so. On the other hand, I’m sure Tim Tebow is actually a pretty nice guy, but nobody has enough money to play for him. So, I don’t think that question is really a fair one.

    Drafting a QB. In the first round could be a mistake. Let’s say for arguments sake, the Bears let Cutler go. First off, what kind of contract will this new guy get? That money needs to be spent on defense, specifically, run defense. I’m hoping Emery spends at least the first three rounds on defensive draft picks. Get a QB in the fourth or fifth round, and let Trestman work whatever magic he has for a couple of years. And in the meantime, keep both Cutler and McCown for the next couple of years. As it stands right now, we have two QBs who are really good and can play. We have absolutely no run defense at all. You saw what happened in that game. One big reason this game got out of hand for Dallas was because they gave up on the running game. I was afraid that the opening drive was an omen. Had they stayed with the running the outcome may very have been different. And something else to consider is this: The Bears may not have the worst defense in the league. Dallas is right there with them. The Bears shredded the Dallas defense because they really, really suck.

    Lastly, thanks for not being a dick about this like some people have done before, like with the name calling and shit. It’s fun having a legitimate debate about something without it turning into a bloodbath. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen for it, and I’ve hated myself for it. We may not agree about this subject, but at least we can remain civilized about it. And I do appreciate that.

  32. Cubs Suck Says:

    The point I wanted wanted to make with the hypothetical question in all fairness was to question team chemistry. I think team chemistry is a legitimate factor and I truthfully believe a player plays harder for a guy he genuinely likes over someone he does not.

    No need for thanks pal, I was brought up to treat people the way I want to be treated and if I don’t get that in return then fuck em! I also appreciate the legitimate debate and its good we can talk about sports in a civilized manner. Shit if everyone agreed on everything in sports it would just turn into a massive stroke fest and become boring.

    Sorry some people have to be dicks about it but hey.. Fuck em!

  33. Cubs Suck Says:

    This is what you pay the new guy….
    The last 2 years the first QB to go(Cam Newton, Andrew Luck) got 4yr@$22mil=5.5mil a year. I still think that is better then paying Cutler the $16.2mil to go out and throw 1-2 INT’s a game and sitting on the sideline hurt half the season doing his weird neck twitches and giving his skank wife a potentially bigger child support check.. Just sayin”

  34. chucky Says:

    You need to be nicer to skanks. Calling his girlfriend/wife/whatever the hell she is a skank, that is insulting to skanks all over the world. You need to apologize to them now sir.

    As far as the “stroke fest” is concerned, fuck that shit! Who needs it? In all honesty though, a little courtesy DOES go quite a long way. It was a good debate for me too.


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