Good riddance, Metrodome.


You want a recap of this game? Alright, here it is:

1. Fuck Robbie Gould. Overrated.

2. Fuck the defense.

3. Marc Trestman lost this game for deciding to go for a field goal on first down instead of trying to get more yards and more towards the middle of the field in overtime. That’s at least two games he has lost for this team.

4. Fuck the damn Metrodome. The Bears hardly ever win there. Well, maybe they’ll win in their new stadium. Then again, probably not.

The Cowboys are up next week on Monday Night Football. I should have thought twice before buying tickets to that crap fest. The Bears are two games out of first with four games to go. It’s probably time to close the window on this season.

I’m done.

31 Responses to “Good riddance, Metrodome.”

  1. Cubs Suck Says:

    Once again we see “The Redzone Retard” rear his ugly head. Great game Alshon Jeffery maybe now those idiots will know your name and stop calling you “Jefferies”.
    Not too late to sell those tix Fro , better get what ya can!

  2. Cubs Suck Says:

    Oh yeah before I forget, If you noticed or have a chance to watch the game again take a look at Jay Cutler… Watch him for 5 seconds and watch the turrets type neck and shoulder twitches. Its almost like Quagmire from Family Guy (Giggidey) or hes is scratching his chin with his shoulder. I have noticed this before but it is getting increasingly worse. Would explain allot if hes is missing receivers due to his turrets or involuntary spasms.

  3. chucky Says:

    Fro….they’re more than 2 games out. Remember, Detroit holds the tie-breakers by beating the piss out of the Bears in their two games. They need to win at least three, and possibly even run the table, and hope that the Lions totally shit the bed by losing their last four. Does this shit sound familiar? God-fucking-dammit!!!!!!!!!! I thought we shit canned Lovie Smith because of this goddamned bullshit. Fro…..if I were you I’d try to sell those tickets. Seriously, why freeze your balls off (YARRRR) for this fucking team?

    The meatballs that will call in to the Score tomorrow are going to be in full force. I just hope nobody suggests that it was a mistake to dump Smith. NO IT WASN’T!!!!!!! Yes, Trestman fucked up today. But if Lovie Smith was still here stinking up the sidelines the Bears would have two, maybe at best three wins.

    This defense sucks huge dick. This falls squarely on the empty heads of Lovie and Jerry Angelo. I’ve said it before. HOW MANY FUCKING YEARS DID WE HEAR “WE CAN GET ONE MORE YEAR OUT OF OUR DEFENSE”? At least two, maybe three, maybe four fucking years!!! Now they’re old. Now they’re injured. Now they’re bad. Emery has gotten the offense repaired enough to the point that they can actually score some points. I fucking hope to hell he can work some magic for the defense. Because this shit isn’t working anymore.

    BAD. BAD. BAD. And I’m fucking pissed!

  4. Kevin Hill Says:

    hey Mccaskeys mediocre, Bears 8-8- mediocre

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    The Lions are 7-5 and the Bears are 6-6. Technically, two games out but believe me Chucky, it feels like more. I know how you FEEL.

    I would sell the tickets but my friend who is a Cowboys fan really wanted to go to this game so we bought them before the season started. They are also retiring Ditka’s number at halftime so needless to say, myself and the other guys I am going with are going to be in full MEATBALL mode.


  6. Fro Dog Says:

    The meatballs have been in full force today on The Score. Chucky, are you listening? You see what happens when the Bears suck? BAD BEARS FOOTBALL MAKES MEATBALLS MORE PRESENT. DAMNIT!

  7. dvxprime Says:

    Hey, Fro, thanks for the shout-out on the last open thread.

    Even if the Bears did smuggle the division title from the potential dumpster fire that is the Detroit Lions, what would they get for it? A Trip to the Super Bowl would mean 1) hosting a Wild Card game against San Francisco, then 2) a trip to N’Awlins for the Divisional Round, and then 3) visiting sunny Seattle and playing the PED junky “Hawks for the NFC title, and a shot at getting shredded by Pey-Pey’s Broncos or whomever survives the AFC Playoffs.

    The defense the Bears have right now would literally need the Hand of God to survive such a gauntlet, never mind finding a win or two among the last quarter of the season.

    I’m with Fro Dog…play out the string, hope Trestman starts making MUCH better decisions as the season winds down, then let Emery and Co. blow up the defense…preferably cutting players five minutes after the last game of the season.

  8. Cubs Suck Says:

    Someone said one the score today Bostic should be moved to weak side LB and he should be Briggs replacement…. Sounds good to me.
    Once again time to start talking about next year.. Since the defense is going to be overhauled please make that god damned Cover 2 go away for good! Im all for a change and a consistent 4-3 or that new 3-4 Hybrid looks good if the right talent is drafted and brought in to run it.

  9. Ed Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen-I understand and share your frustration. I almost had to take several blood pressure pills last Sunday and this Sunday. But I digress. Please Please Please take a step back and be objective. These losses hurt..but let’s look at reality. We have a rookie head football coach, who was more accomplished and better qualified than any hire last year. He inherited a team that lucked their way to 10-6 last year, with an aging and broken defense and an offense that had talent but needed serious attention. They had an outstanding offseason and this rebuilt offense is performing ahead of expectations even with a back up QB. They made the correct and necessary decision to try to squeeze one more year out of an aging but effective defense with no depth. Lovie Smith was a great defensive coach. BULLSHIT. Lovie Smith was great at putting inherited and bought talent in the right places to be somewhat successful on the defensive side of the ball. Lovie Smith’s defenses fell apart toward the end of the season for the last several years because his bought and inherited talent was tired and hurt, and he had no one in the pipeline.

    That has all changed. When this coaching staff and management has the resources and ability (this off season) to address the defense the same way they addressed the offense last year…things will be looking up. We finally have competent management and coaching, something we have not had in Chicago in a decade. I know, I know, our rookie head football coach has made some bonehead decisions. Unlike the incompetent inept imbecile before him….I do believe this guy will learn from his mistakes. Many were still giving Lovie a pass on his imbecility six seven eight years into his tenure…..certainly we can give Trestman a few mulligans considering what has been accomplished overall? Ladies and gentlemen I realize winning on Sunday is what matters and I realize they have lost a few games they absolutely should not have lost. Many of you were singing Lovie’s praises when they won a few games they should not have won!

    Step back, take a deep breath, no our beloved Chicago Bears are not going to the playoffs again this year. But this is not an “ordinary” year. I submit to you that this team has addressed some of it’s biggest weaknesses this past offseason. They have a professional coaching staff, they have a professional general manager, they have a top rated offense that is overall holding its own with a back up QB, and a defense that lost out of the gate with the high profile injuries to Melton, Williams et al.

    I submit to you that this Bears team has made more progress to being a super bowl contender this past offseason and year than it has in the last decade, and it has only just begun….this is a dynasty in it’s infancy….

    This in no way absolves Coach Trestman for his errors in judgement. This team could easily be 8-4….it could also easily be 4-8. This team is right there. We are not going into another off season with the same old status quo bullshit that we have had to endure for the last decade. Be passionate. Be pissed off when they do stupid shit on the field. Yell, Scream, Hollar, etc. But please also be objective.

    This team will be a consistent championship caliber football team in a very short time. Once they sink their resources into the defense, if they come together as quickly as the offense did, and the offense continues to improve….just stand by.

    We have not, as Bear fans, had this much to be excited about for the last decade.

    Things are beautiful for Bears fans….despite being 6-6

  10. Ed Says:

    A couple more things I would like to add, for those of you invoking the term mediocre….you are somewhat correct but I must caution you. Once more and again, Lovie Smith’s reign of error was one of consistent mediocrity…that was the only consistency we enjoyed, that and bad draft picks, bad development of talent, bad coaching decisions on game day (Trestman does not yet come close to some of the stupid shit Lovie would do on Sundays)…..yes their record screams mediocrity….but in reality this year has been far from mediocre. It is not the same old shit. It is significantly better management, definitely better coaching, a retooled and rebuild offense ranked higher than anyone expected this season (much of which from a back up QB), a stellar offseason of talent acquisition, best free agency and draft we have seen in over a decade…and an incredible change in philosophy. Unfortunately all of those positives, combined with the few negatives we have remaining ends up equaling mediocrity for the 2013 season record wise. I for one am fine with that…considering what has taken place thus far. There is a lot of positive to focus on here. It will take more than one offseason to fix a near decade of incompetence, ineptness and imbecility. My only hope is that Mel Tucker is the right man to rebuild this defense. I guess we will find out soon enough.

    Now the one guy I have a huge problem with is our new special teams guy. There is no excuse on his end for what we are seeing out there. That is the bottom 1/3 of the roster and that unit has significant turn over each and every year. I am really hoping this is just a case of him being thin on that unit because of all the injuries on the defensive side of the ball, many of the back ups are having to pull double duty. I hope that is is. But I don’t think so. I have talked to Cowboys fans who were celebrating when he left Dallas, citing his special teams units consistently had many of the same issues we are seeing here (missed tackles, poor blocking, etc)…

    I am hoping that is not the case.

    Bears fans, celebrate this season. The end of the season may be similar to what we have had to accept for the previous several years record wise, but it is not the same old song and dance. This is not a case of meet the new bosses same as the old bosses.

    There is a lot of positive here. I know it is hard to see through the frustration we have had to endure over the last couple of weeks…but it is there. Embrace the change, embrace the positives, embrace all the things that are better about this Bears organization as compared to recent history…don’t lose sight of all of the positive because of a mediocre record.

  11. dvxprime Says:

    Ed, i’m not so sure this season is to be celebrated, rather than endured, but I humbly bow before your logical supremacy.

    Well said, good sir. Well said. Amen!!!

  12. Fro Dog Says:

    DVX, anytime my friend. I just thought it was fitting.

    Ed, good points as well. We get it. The whole “wishful thinking” idea, is something I fall for every year with every team I cheer for. It sucks.

    For everybody here, in other football news, the Browns have signed Caleb Hanie. He may start this Sunday and if not, he could against the Bears the week after.

    Also, anybody see Kellen Davis yesterday for the roided-up Seahawks? A pass tipped off his hands (no surprise) into another receiver’s hands for a touchdown (surprise). What a tool.

  13. Cubs Suck Says:

    Whoa!! Check out these BABES!
    Sadly I cannot find a schedule and ticket information =(

  14. Ed Says:

    DVX, this Bears team has suffered from lack of competent management and leadership.

    Fro, I absolutely understand what you are saying. This is not a “wishful thinking” ..

    This is NOT the Bears typical “status quo”

    Drastic change was needed and positive, competent changes were made.

    Everything this season hinged on being able to get another year out of an aging veteran D with no depth or developmental players.

    That went out the window with the loss of Melton and WIlliams which was early on.

    None of this absolves Coach Trestman of the poor coaching decisions he has made this year. I am going to chalk that up as rookie mistakes…..and hope it does not continue….

    That aside, this is not the Jerry/Lovie Bears where we are going to see more of the same, and there is no way we could have expected them to fix EVERYTHING the architect of failure, incompetent, inept imbecile and his merry band of mostly failures and rejects left him after a near decade of dipshittery

    The W/L record does not tell the whole story. I submit to you that even if this Bears team finishes 8-8 they are a far better (OVERALL) football team than the 10-6 team from last year!

    And it is only going to get better

  15. Cubs Suck Says:

    L.A. KISS showed off their uniforms, I like em!

  16. Fro Dog Says:

    If there was any week to try to laugh about something after pissed off from everything else, this is it. Thank you CS. Also, I have heard of the LFL (Lingerie Football League, now called the Legends Football League). It’s time we spend our time in these types of teams rather than the ones that usually make us want to throw remotes at the TV.

  17. chucky Says:

    Fro….I have NEVER wanted to throw a remote at my TV.

    But bricks, large rocks, and sometimes people are a completely different story…..

  18. genrebuster Says:

    Ed, GREAT posts. Period.

  19. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, I could have never thought that about you after all of these years. Anybody else think the same thing? I have said this before, but everyone should know better to stay out his way.

  20. dvxprime Says:

    Oh, let’s stir some shit up, shall we?

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    The Bears will probably give the franchise tag to Cutler. I heard on the radio a while back that the Bears will only have 20-something players under contract for next year. So, of course, that leaves 30 spots or so open. One would assume that everyone on defense will be out the door. The offense is ready to go for next year (maybe add an extra lineman just in case?). Emery is going to sign and draft heavily on defense. They will have even more money to spend if Briggs and Tillman aren’t brought back.

  22. Ed Says:

    Lot’s of speculation on Cutler, and Emery’s comments were very telling. It will be interesting to see how the Cutler thing plays out. The bloviating assbags in the media keep saying they will sign him long term….but I am not sure. These idiots keep saying “qbs are hard to “find” and the Bears have had no success in “finding” them”

    All wrong. QB’s are “developed” not “found”. And I don’t think there is a better coach in the NFL currently to develop one. They absolutely could franchise him, they absolutely could long term him…or they can look to the future. Trestman knows how to identify talent and potential, and he is a specialist in that regard when it comes to the QB position. He identified Russell Wilson back in college when everyone else was writing him off.

    Emery said the franchise tag does not make sense if there is no potential for a long term deal. I can’t Trestman wanting to commit to him on a long term basis as the future of this franchise when he does not have much of a future left in football.

    I am kind of torn on this one…not sure how to look at it.

    I had a dream that Dallas hired the incompetent inept imbecile that is Lovie Smith to replace Jason Garrett and gave him some significant GM type power. Lovie then trades Kyle Orton, two first round picks, and third round pick for Jay Cutler. Emery trades up in the draft to pick Clowney. Goes on to pick a top QB prospect….the future of the franchise. Through free agency and the draft the rest of the D is addressed….and Garza is replaced with the new Center of the franchise to come along with the new QB.

    Orton and McCowan battle for the starting position (unless the incoming rookie is NFL Ready), the Offense continues to improve as the defense is rebuilt.

    2015 Offense and Defense are clicking…free agency and draft replace the last of the aging veterans…and they can finally start drafting best available instead of a need based offseason.

    Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

  23. Cubs Suck Says:

    Good story dvx but I could see him maybe going to the Titans with his Vandy groupies right up the street, Fro is pry right the franchise tag is likely.
    Stirring the pot even more… Your the Chicago Bears, its the 2014 Draft, its your choice and Johnny Manziel is available, you take him??

  24. Fro Dog Says:

    I am not one to decline someone because of height, but Manziel is, by NFL standards, “short”. So is Russell Wilson and look what he is doing. The only thing is, Manziel is a douche. So is Cutler. But did Cutler ever get arrested in college and get in trouble for taking money? The only thing that worries me about him are the arrests and if he were to do it again, it could be costly for the team.

    I think CS mentioned this a while back, but Bridgewater could be a better option. He is bigger and stronger than Manziel.

    And Ed, can you please not dream about Kyle Orton? Trust me, I love the neck beard (by Cracky) more than most but he is not better than Cutler. I want the Bears to have the best quarterback they can possibly get to start for next season. If there isn’t anyone better, then Cutler should still be here. I get that he’s had some freak injuries but McCown is not better.

  25. Ed Says:

    Hey Fro,
    I did not mean to imply Orton was better than Cutler (nor is McCown)…my point was simply “if” such a situation were to take place, They would have a new QB that is the new future of the franchise (and he would have the potential to be better than Cutler).

    If this was still Lovie’s show, Keeping Cutler at any cost would be required….as Lovie and his merry band could not develop talent…especially skill petition talent.

    The Orton thing was tongue in cheek-With THIS staff, it is very possible that the very best option will be a draft pick this coming off season.

  26. genrebuster Says:

    “the incompetent inept imbecile that is Lovie Smith”… HA HA HA HA HA HA …sheer poetry!

  27. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, back to your headline about the Metrodump; I’d love to be the guy to push the button that implodes that shithole. Saw 2 games there over the years- Brewers-Twins in 1988, and the Badgers beating the Rodents on a blocked punt recovered in the endzone back about 7-8 years ago? Fun times, but what a shithole….and their crappy 3.2 beer.

  28. Fro Dog Says:

    Indeed Mac. I can’t stand that stupid horn sound or the explosion when they score a touchdown. Vikings fans are the worst in football.

  29. chucky Says:

    Mac….I can’t remember if I asked you this before. If so, forgive me. I know I’ve mentioned it before. Have you ever tried Elephant beer. It’s NOT 3.2 beer! It’s actually 7.2%. I tried it once many years ago, and it’s like drinking wet cement, it’s so heavy. I know how much you love your beer. See if you can find it in your travels some day. It’s brewed by Carlsberg.

  30. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, the main thing about Vikings’ fans is they have no sense of humor. The deserve that team, that shitty stadium, and Zygi Wilf as an owner. Chucky, I have indeed had Elephant Beer before. Back long before the craft brewery days, I tended bar at a place in Madison called Arnold’s Breeze Inn, and Elephant was the strongest beer on the market at that time. That said, there are some Imperial IPAs and Russian Imperial Stouts out there that easily run in the 11-12% range. Really tasty, but they even knock ME on my ass, so 2 is my limit on those at any one time.

  31. chucky Says:

    That’s some heavy duty stuff there Mac. I’ll be honest with you, I could only do one. And that was pushing it. Like I said, wet cement. And it would just sit in my stomach for hours like cement too.


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