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Being optimistic.

July 27, 2013

Camp is underway for the Chicago Bears in Bourbonnais and if you read into what is going on, you will see that things are very different from what we have witnessed in years’ past.  None of us know what will unravel in the next year or two, but you cannot help but feel 100 times better now than you did a year ago (I am looking at you, Chucky). Lovie Smith is out of town and I am still happy about that. What is going on at camp is putting a smile on my face. Who cares if the guy is “weird” by saying odd things. If the guy can coach an NFL team and win games and eventually, a Super Bowl, then that’s all that matters.

1. First, the idea that Trestman has for the Bears this year is something you have to feel good about. When Lovie was here, he always took it easy on the players. No wonder some of these guys were mad. When you don’t have to work so hard or so much, would you be complaining? Probably not. This year, the practices are balls to the wall and all drills are done promptly and quickly.

2. The schedule the Bears practice will be different throughout camp. Trestman has the team practicing at times that they would usually be playing games to help them get use to the times. One practice will be at noon, another, for example will be around 3:00. I like the concept.

3. Devin Hester. Finally, a coach who gets it. Devin Hester is a very important piece to this team. I know he was being a cry baby when Lovie was gone, but we all knew that would blow over. He is where I have been saying he should have been all of these years: Kick and punt returns only. With Lovie and Angelo in charge, they screwed up this guy even more by shoving bullshit down all of our throats by saying this guy will be a number one wide receiver. I don’t ever want to see him on offense again and Trestman is smart enough to know that without even coaching a single game.

4. Another point I should add is what Phil Emery when players reported to camp a few days ago. He said that it is very doubtful that there will be any contract negotiations for any player during the season. I am fine with that. Jay Cutler, Robbie Gould and Charles Tillman are just some of the players who will be free agents after this year and while I am sure they all want to stay, they will have to prove they are worth what they think. The way I see it, Joe Flacco had a point to prove last year and he did what he said he was going to do. I have no problem with Jay Cutler doing the same thing.

While the Bears have lost Urlacher, I still feel the defense could be better without Lovie’s coveted “I-Pass” system. I am already sick and tired of Aaron Rodgers “Danza Slapping” the Bears’ defense into submission twice a year. Mel Tucker will be in charge to make this doesn’t happen. Newcomers like D.J. Williams and rookie Jon Bostic should help the linebackers.

I said this a while back and it’s worth repeating, a new regime is here for the Bears and I’m on board with what they are doing.

Alfonso Soriano OK with Yankees

July 24, 2013


GREAT. Get ‘er done.

Open thread.

July 19, 2013

Who’s ANGRY today?

The Cubs are no Giants, that’s for sure.

July 14, 2013


….from our good friend Matt Stairs Superfan:

“Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for throwing a no-hitter.  You see..he wins Cy Young awards, then has a couple of bad years but has found a way to bounce back even with his team below .500…yet he still finds a way to throw a no-hitter.

You see everyone how a pitcher can bounce back with the correct mentality unlike some other pitcher who blows saves like they are going out of style and then, has the balls to tell the media that it’s the fans fault for not supporting him…take notes Carlos”.

When it comes to signing – and hanging onto far too long — worthless bums, over-rated has-beens, and psychotic assholes; seems to me that the Cubs dis-organization has arguably proven to be second to none, in the history of MLB.

I am in love with Elena Delle Donne.

July 9, 2013


Alright. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire WNBA game. Ever. Since it’s inception in 1997 I believe, I have watched bits and pieces throughout the years. However, a certain young lady who has came to Chicago has made me watch a little bit more. Don’t worry. I won’t be writing any articles anytime soon about how the Chicago Sky need to do this and do that to get better and who sucks on the team. I am only concentrating on one person: Elena Delle Donne.

I first heard about her about two or three years ago when The Lakers Crisis Network (known to others as ESPN) ran a story about how she made certain decisions that affected her both personally and academically. I am too lazy to research the entire story but in short, she was recruited to play basketball at UConn which has had one of the best women’s teams in the country for quite a while. After being at UConn for just a short period of time, she transferred to The University of Deleware so she could be closer to her family; especially her older sister who had both autism and cerebral palsy.

I think it was also reported that many people were saying that this would hurt her draft status by playing basketball at a smaller school rather than a powerhouse like UConn. She ended up being one of the best players in college along with Brittney Griner over their college careers. Griner was taken first in this past year’s draft and Delle Donne was second. Currently, Delle Donne is the leader in All-Star voting and it’s the first time a rookie has done so. The Chicago Sky are on their way to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Well, hey. At least one Chicago professional basketball team is doing something good these days.

I cannot admire a woman as much as I do with her. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s also, quite the babe. Do I give a shit that’s she 6’5? Fuck no. Unless your superficial, that means nothing. I have made it well known on this site over the years that my taste is usually in older women but holy shit. Elena Delle Donne. Even the name gets you interested. She has the look as well as the brains. A woman needs both to get me interested. Now for the party-pooper part and I am praying this changes soon: She’s apparently, becoming friends with residential HOOR, Sarah Spain. Elena, stay as far away from this woman as you can.

That’s it from me. Here are two more pictures for you to drown in:

Open thread.

July 4, 2013


Bulls notes: Gar Forman fires the wrong coach; Tony Snell is excited to play 3 minutes and 48 seconds this upcoming season.

July 4, 2013

It makes zero sense to me why the Bulls want to keep their draft picks because, as we all know, the dumbass who is also a head coach doesn’t like to play rookies. He enjoys playing his starters for 40+ minutes a game and when they are injured, they are still out there playing. I don’t need to refresh everyone’s nightmares of specific players, but feel free to check old articles from the previous seasons. The Bulls took Tony Snell from New Mexico in the first round and Erik Murphy from Florida in the second. From all of the reports, Tony Snell looks like a steal for the Bulls. The guy can play forward or even shooting guard and he can play good defense. Some say he may be a bit undersized but I think that is overrated. With the way ThomASS coaches, neither of these picks will see much of the court this season. PATHETIC.

Then, a mere few days later, general manager and village idiot, Gar Forman decides to fire assistant coach, Ron Adams. From what everyone says, this guy was one of the most respected assistants in the league. It was reported that he might have been fired because he disagreed with some of the decisions being made with the roster. It’s nice to know if you voice your opinion to try to make things better, you’ll get fired. Then, Forman says in his press conference that all decisions being made go through him and that he has the final say. So Gar, you fucking hack, you don’t like ThomASS either so why don’t you fire him?

This whole “plan” of trying to win an NBA championship is falling apart as we speak for the Bulls dis-organization. Instead of trying to make this team better, things are getting worse. The sad part about all of this? It could have been prevented if Derrick Rose isn’t playing late in a playoff game that is not in doubt. Now, he isn’t the same. The top center on this team has two bad feet but continues to be used instead of just resting. Deng and Boozer are still decent but just pieces of the puzzle. The most important pieces aren’t there (an actual head coach and a healthy superstar).

Welcome to NBA hell. It’s going to be a while.