Alfonso Soriano OK with Yankees



GREAT. Get ‘er done.

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  1. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Hey…look! Gregg blew another save! That’s 3 blown saves in the last 9 chances…for your stat geeks out there…that’s a 66% conversion rate! Where’s Yeti at?

  2. chucky Says:

    He’s back in hiding again, like the little punk-ass bitch he is.

    Cmon Yeti, say something you dumb fucking cocksucker. Defend that four eyed piece of dog shit hero of yours. Yeti, you’re a gutless, shit disturbing fucking punk. Go fuck yourself asshole.

  3. Kevin F. Gregg Says:

  4. cubs suck Says:

    Sorry-Oh-No says he wants one more chance to play in the World Series and would say yes to the Yankees…. He said no to the Giants last year….someone remind me who won the WS please hahahahaha.

  5. jimmy d. Says:

    YES, YES, YES!!! They’re finalizing the details to ship that Sorry-Anus piece of monkey shit out of town. It looks like we’re only getting a Class-A pitcher and we have to pay most of that retarded Jim Hendry contract, but…I think it’s a win!!! Good Riddance!!!

  6. genrebuster Says:

    jimmy d. If the Cubs only receive “a bag of shells”, it’s still a great deal. I’ve been wanting that “extreme waste of money AND a roster space” gone for several years.

    Sorry-Oh-No: Great at producing when it didn’t matter so much…and absent during crunch time. Of course, he’s not the only one…

  7. Robert Says:

    So the new regime is cleaning up the old regimes mess…..the only reason they got garza was moe knew his job was on the line

  8. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I thought they would get at least one more prospect in return since they are pretty much paying taking care of his salary…but…beggers can’t be choosers! Bye bye Alfie!

  9. Christopher Kinney Says:

    Decent trade for the Cubs. Soriano wanted a chance at a World Series win? Ha! He’s batted .213 in the postseason. We should have thrown Villanueva in the deal too. Oh, and the Cubs players were so upset at the news of Soriano leaving that they lost the game last night in Arizona.

    How about the Cubs act like a group of grown men for a change.

  10. Blow It Up Says:

    Christopher…based on what most of us have observed — since Hendry put his stench and stain on the Cubs — you are asking an awful lot (grown men)!!

  11. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I think they should bring back that priest and have him “un-bless” the dugout. Since he “blessed” it five year ago, it’s gotten worse…I still want to punch Crane Kenney in his weasel looking face.

  12. Blow It Up Says:

    “Cubs players were visibly upset at the news that Soriano was leaving. The seven-time All-Star was a mentor to some of the young players, such as Starlin Castro, Junior Lake and Luis Valbuena”

    HEY! Perhaps Castro will learn how to field and throw better with a new mentor(?). Or not.

  13. Ron Santo's Legs Says:

    Soriano’s debut Friday night…0 for 5…

  14. Blow It Up Says:

    “Sori’s been kind of what being a Chicago Cub is all about, ever since I got here,” Barney said.


  15. chucky Says:

    “Cubs players were visibly upset at the news that Soriano was leaving. The seven-time All-Star was a mentor to some of the young players, such as Starlin Castro, Junior Lake and Luis Valbuena”

    Genre…I heard that Soriano LOVED his night life, and that he “mentored” guys like Castro, and Felix Pie in that area. Perhaps it was Sorianos “mentoring” that led to Castros and Pies downfalls.

  16. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I need to rant since I had to drink a few during that game earlier…thank goodness too since Kevin F’n Gregg decided to load the damn bases! Anybody notice how the team is slowly, but surely, creeping back to .500 after getting rid of Dumbo? How about this…if it’s not for that idiot Marmol…they are pretty darn close to one of the wild card spots…D’OH! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!

  17. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Yup. All those blown saves and defensive blunders in April have caught up to them.

  18. chucky Says:

    And it seems like they want to keep it going by putting that four-eyed piece of shit out there every day. There are only 2 idiots who think he should be out there: Sveum and that goddamned Yeti.

  19. chucky Says:

    Where is that stupid motherfucker Yeti now? I fucking dare you to come here and defend that cocksucker Kevin Fucking Gregg now. Come on bitch, what have you got to say for yourself now?

  20. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Pedro Strop? B-
    Kevin Gregg? B-
    James Russell? B-

    20 blown saves. I mean, WTF?

    I’d hate to be a starter on that team. Welcome to the Cubs, Arrieta. Get used to it.

  21. Yeti Says:

    That was the first BS by Kevin Gregg that actually resulted in a loss. The others, all Cubs wins.

  22. Yeti Says:

    Pie, you realize 20 blown saves does not mean 20 losses, right?

  23. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Are you really trying to argue that blowing saves is fine as long as someone else bails you out…

  24. Yeti Says:


  25. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Then why are you bringing up the wins following blown saves? Kevin Gregg still blew the save. Even when the Cubs win, those blown saves often lead to extra innings—meaning extra wear and tear—for everyone who has to clean up those messes.

    162-game season is long enough. Don’t need unreliable closers making it any longer (or outright losing games) because they blow a save almost once every five games.

  26. chucky Says:

    So you finally decided to remove your head from your ass long enough to make another boneheaded comment Yeti? About goddamned time, moron. What do you have to say about last nights performance? Was it “serviceable”? Don’t bother bringing up the Giants series. Gregg has been on a downward spiral to his usual shitty self the past few weeks. Did you by chance notice the Brewers closer last night? Yeah he gave up a lousy single. No harm done. Four batters, three outs. I understand that closers give up the occasional base hit or a walk. When Kevin FUCKING Gregg does that, it usually ends up with the Cubs losing the goddamned game. I’m fucking sick of this shithead. He’s just another Carlos Marmol. Every fucking time he pitches his trade value sinks like a rock. Right now he’s worth a bag of empty peanut shells. In fact, he’s not worth that. Fuck Kevin Gregg, AND FUCK ANY OTHER GODDAMNED FUCKING ASSHOLE THAT WANTS TO DEFEND THIS SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Yeti Says:

    Jim Henderson? You mean the guy with a lower Save% than Kevin Gregg? That Jim Henderson? Or another, because I can’t imagine *you* of all people would defend a guy that blows saves that often

  28. chucky Says:

    Yeah, that guy. Jim Henderson. The guy with the lower save percentage than your fucking hero. He’s still better than Gregg. Now fuck off bitch.

  29. Ron Santo's Legs Says:

    The team, combined…has 22 blown saves with at least 10 of them resulting in losses…what more stats do you need? For your own good…Gregg’s saves have been less than stellar. I can only think of a few that he actually had a save with a 1-2-3 inning. That’s not very good.

    Conclusion…Yeti isn’t very smart when it comes to baseball

  30. Yeti Says:

    Mariano Rivera has had 33 saves, 11 of which have been 3 up, 3 down. That’s 33% of his saves. Kevin Gregg has had 22 saves, 6 of which have been 3 up, 3 down. That’s 27% of his saves.

    Gregg is no Rivera, yes, but Rivera has often been referred to as the best closer in the game, and his 3up, 3down percentage is not that much better than Gregg’s. Also, as far as Gregg, in 11 of his saves 1 or fewer baserunner has been allowed. (that includes the aforementioned 6 before) I would think a one baserunner allowed save is a good one.

    Chucky wouldn’t, though. He would think that any save not done by that “dork” (not sure of Chucky’s fascination with Gregg’s glasses) is terrible, even if it was 3up, 3down

  31. chucky Says:

    Don’t think Yeti. You haven’t had enough practice. You sit there like the little fucking bitch you are and wonder what my fascination with the dorks glasses. Why are you fascinated with Gregg at all. Oh yeah, he’s cheap, and he only has 4 blown saves. And you’re wrong again you fucking moron. I would think a 3 up, 3 down save from Gregg is terrible. Honestly, I’d be stunned. Hey jagoff, when was the last time that “dork” recorded a 3 up, 3 down save? I figure a stat bitch who is in love with that sack of shit would know. Here’s another challege for you you fucking dumb bastard: How many blown saves does Rivera have? Or, to be fair, what’s his percentage of blown saves compared to your worthless fucking hero? Off the top of my head I’d bet Greggs percentage is higher. When you figure that out, go fuck yourself. I’m fucking sick and tired of your goddamned bullshit.

    Stupid fucking asshole.

  32. CT Says:

    Chucky, can you let me know what kind of drool shield you use for your keyboard? I’m betting it has to be top of the line.

  33. chucky Says:

    CT….request denied. Get lost.

  34. CT Says:

    Get lost? And miss seeing what the stupidest person on Earth is going to do next? No way.

  35. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Let me just say, that yes…Chucky can get a bit over the top here…we get it. But let’s put it this way…when you put up with this fucking team for much longer than any of us have ever had, that’s what will happen. He has every right to be pissed off here and we’re ok with that…it doesn’t help that some idiot continues to defend this team and bullpen even after all of the proof that has been displayed.

  36. genrebuster Says:

    CT…I think Mike D is callng for you, as his urine-soaked diapers probably need changing (?).

    Chucky is a long-time contributor to this site, like it or not. As far as I’m concerned, he has earned the right to rant…

    If you’ve added anything of value to these “discussions”, do tell.

    In the meantime, it’s safe to say that most of us here are just fine without your “contributions”. Capiche?

  37. chucky Says:

    CT….if you want to see what the stupidest person on earth is doing, just look in your mirror. Now go fuck yourself, bitch.

  38. CT Says:

    Then a serious question – why are you getting so worked up over the Cubs’ having a losing season when the front office told you before the season started that the team would be terrible? Are you surprised?

    And don’t give me this shit about “I WATCHA CUBES FER A LONGD TIME SO I EARNT IT BOY”. Nobody has seen the Cubs win in their lifetime, just because you managed to go this long without being killed in an industrial accident doesn’t make your fandom “special”.

  39. chucky Says:

    Here’s your serious answer.

    I’m not upset with the Cubs having a losing season. What I am upset about is repeating past mistakes, namely Kevin Gregg. I understand what Epstein and Hoyer are trying to do. Bringing in Gregg has not helped what they are trying to accomplish. No, I’m not surprised that this will be a losing season. Hell, next year will be another losing season. They finally manage to unload Marmol, and they replace him with something just as bad. THAT’S WHY I’M FUCKING PISSED OFF YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!! And when did I say I was special? Why do you think that I think I’m special? Obviously, you think you’re special, but I can’t figure out why. Is it because nobody has locked you a portable outhouse and set it on fire yet?
    All you have done is prove that reading is indeed a skill. When did I claim to watch the Cubs for a long time? When did claim that the Cubs having losing season would surprise me?

    The next time you read one of my posts take the time to try to comprehend what I’m saying. If you can’t do that, then just go back to own planet, and leave us all alone. I’m getting tired of dealing with asshole mental midgets like you and Yeti.

  40. CT Says:

    Fair enough on the special part. that was more insinuated by your mates Genre and MSSF. Truly to them you are the beautiful, fragile flower of this blog commentariat.

    Anyway, I guess I missed the part where the Cubs gave Gregg a long term extension and named him closer for life. Take a look at the bullpen, it was constructed with one thing in mind: sign some relics to short, low paying contracts to get through the season, and if any of them pitches well enough to be trade bait, then that’s bonus. Gregg’s not going to close any games that matter, so who gives a shit if he’s here now?

  41. chucky Says:

    1) “Anyway, I guess I missed the part where the Cubs gave Gregg a long term extension and named him closer for life.”

    No, the part you missed, and continue to miss, is the part where I said he shouldn’t have been brought back in the first place.

    2) “Take a look at the bullpen, it was constructed with one thing in mind: sign some relics to short, low paying contracts to get through the season, and if any of them pitches well enough to be trade bait, then that’s bonus.”

    You sure as hell don’t have a clue. Let’s run down the list of relievers.

    Michael Bowden, DOB 9/9/86, age 26

    Kevin Gregg, DOB 6/20/78, age 35

    Matt Guerrier, DOB 8/2/78, age 35(tomorrow)

    Blake Parker, DOB 6/19/85, age 28

    Hector Rondon, DOB 2/26/88, age 25

    James Russell, DOB 1/8/86, age 27

    Eduardo Sanchez, DOB 2/16/89, age 24

    Pedro Strop, 6/13/85, DOB 6/13/85, age 28

    I see only 2 guys on this list that could be considered relics, and in all honesty, 35 isn’t all that old, especially for a relief pitcher. The average age of this bullpen is 28.5. Just what is your definition of the word “relic”. The only reason no one here is signed long term is because there’s nobody on that list that anybody in their right mind would want to be saddled with, long term. And there is nobody on that list that will bring anything more than a bag of batting practice balls in return, including Gregg. Personally, I’d say your agruement just fell on it’s ass. You must have been getting debating pointers from that dumb bastard Yeti. More often than not he gets his ass handed to him, even with his bullshit stats.

  42. CT Says:

    “No, the part you missed, and continue to miss, is the part where I said he shouldn’t have been brought back in the first place.”

    And you haven’t explained why anybody should give a shit why he was brought back. His being terrible (or servicable – Yeti) doesn’t mean shit. His presence is meaningless to everyone but you.

    True, the bullpen is younger NOW. But at season’s open is also included:

    Shawn Camp – 37
    Kyuji Fujikawa – 32
    Hisanori Takahashi – 38

  43. forklifthockeenight Says:

    They never should have gotten a reliever that they used to have because if they used to have him they should have never gotten him again because guys who used to play for you and then play for you again means that you didn’t remember they couldn’t play for you in the first place so why are they playing for you now when they can’t play for you now?

  44. Thrillho Says:

    > “And there is nobody on that list that will bring anything more than a bag of batting practice balls in return, including Gregg.”

    So what’s the complaint exactly?

    Is Gregg somehow blocking some “kids” somewhere from “developing”? The Cubs have churned 18 arms through their bullpen in the past 4 months. Including such lights as Alex Burnett, Kameron Loe, Zach Putnam and Brooks Raley.

    By my count, only the Astros, Angels, Padres and Blue Jays have given more pitchers chances to earn bullpen spots (19 each).

    Who in this group of slapdicks would you have closing in Gregg’s place? And what material difference do you expect it would make?

    Why, when you think the bullpen is top-to-bottom scrubs, should you or anyone else give two shits about *which* of those scrubs is closing out games for the 49-58 2013 Cubs?

    I mean, honestly… Who cares this much about Kevin Gregg? It’s certifiably insane.

  45. chucky Says:

    What exactly is the purpose of bringing back a pitcher that’s useless. You haven’t answered that. He doesn’t improve the team, and every time he pitches his trade value decreases. That’s why I give a shit about him being here. Have you heard the latest? They are going to give him about a month or so, hoping that he can have some decent outings, then maybe do a waiver trade to a contending team. That worked out real well the last time they tried something like that. You remember that pitchers name? Carlos Marmol. How’d THAT work out? They never learn.

    “His presence is meaningless to everyone but you”.

    If that’s the case, you have just declared he has zero value to everyone else. If you had any brains you’d figure out that he’s worthless to the rest of Major League Baseball. Keep in mind where they found him: The Unemployment line. He was cut by the Dodgers.

    “sign some relics to short, low paying contracts to get through the season, and if any of them pitches well enough to be trade bait, then that’s bonus.”

    Now onto the three guys you just listed.

    Shawn Camp – 37- Designated for assignment on July 3, 2013.

    Kyuji Fujikawa – 32- Ruptured UCL in his right elbow. Underwent Tommy John surgery on June 11, 2013 in which he could miss the start of the 2014 season.

    Hisanori Takahashi – 38- Designated for assignment on April 16, 2013.

    Great plan! I wonder what they’ll get for those three so-called relics. If what you said is their plan, I’d say they need another plan. This one sucks. Not to mention that it’s not working.

  46. chucky Says:

    Dorklifthockeenight…..Go fuck yourself.

    Thrildo….mind your own goddamned business, and shut the fuck up.

  47. Thrillho Says:

    > “Thrildo….mind your own goddamned business, and shut the fuck up.”

    Request denied. Now go fuck yourself, bitch.

  48. chucky Says:

    That was original. Weren’t you banned from this site? Keep it up asshole. He’ll do it again, I’m sure.

  49. Thrillho Says:

    But, seriously… What explains the ongoing obsession with Kevin Gregg and his relative “serviceability” or lack thereof, in a season when it clearly doesn’t matter one whit? And is it anything that’s covered by the DSM-5?

  50. forklifthockeenight Says:

    Gee Chucky, why the hostility? I’m taking your side here. The Cubs should not waste their time with useless pitchers, especially if they want to hang onto that fourth-place position.

    In fact, they should get rid of everyone but Wood, Samardzija, Russell and maybe Jackson, since he’s pitching well lately. What else do they need – most of the years they won it all they did it with less than 4 pitchers. They need to stop treating these guys like pussies and make them tough like A.G. Spalding.

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