Bulls notes: Gar Forman fires the wrong coach; Tony Snell is excited to play 3 minutes and 48 seconds this upcoming season.


It makes zero sense to me why the Bulls want to keep their draft picks because, as we all know, the dumbass who is also a head coach doesn’t like to play rookies. He enjoys playing his starters for 40+ minutes a game and when they are injured, they are still out there playing. I don’t need to refresh everyone’s nightmares of specific players, but feel free to check old articles from the previous seasons. The Bulls took Tony Snell from New Mexico in the first round and Erik Murphy from Florida in the second. From all of the reports, Tony Snell looks like a steal for the Bulls. The guy can play forward or even shooting guard and he can play good defense. Some say he may be a bit undersized but I think that is overrated. With the way ThomASS coaches, neither of these picks will see much of the court this season. PATHETIC.

Then, a mere few days later, general manager and village idiot, Gar Forman decides to fire assistant coach, Ron Adams. From what everyone says, this guy was one of the most respected assistants in the league. It was reported that he might have been fired because he disagreed with some of the decisions being made with the roster. It’s nice to know if you voice your opinion to try to make things better, you’ll get fired. Then, Forman says in his press conference that all decisions being made go through him and that he has the final say. So Gar, you fucking hack, you don’t like ThomASS either so why don’t you fire him?

This whole “plan” of trying to win an NBA championship is falling apart as we speak for the Bulls dis-organization. Instead of trying to make this team better, things are getting worse. The sad part about all of this? It could have been prevented if Derrick Rose isn’t playing late in a playoff game that is not in doubt. Now, he isn’t the same. The top center on this team has two bad feet but continues to be used instead of just resting. Deng and Boozer are still decent but just pieces of the puzzle. The most important pieces aren’t there (an actual head coach and a healthy superstar).

Welcome to NBA hell. It’s going to be a while.

One Response to “Bulls notes: Gar Forman fires the wrong coach; Tony Snell is excited to play 3 minutes and 48 seconds this upcoming season.”

  1. cubs suck Says:

    I think the Tony Snell undersized thing comes from not having any muscle, hes kinda of wirey and needs to get in the gym or will be thrown around like a little rag doll bitch just like Teague did.I think he will get playing time, he plays good D and has the best pull up jumper in this years draft. As for Eric Murphy I agree with you, I dont see him getting much playing time if any at all. I read a few days ago that the Ron Adams thing had to do with money, pry bullshit but whats done is done.Also read that Mike Dunleavy will be a Bull, good move because that guy drains 3’s all day! Give Thibs another chance. Five Dale Sveum!


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