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Open thread.

January 30, 2013

Your thoughts on the Super Bowl and anything else. Have at it folks.

A pitiful display of basketball.

January 27, 2013

Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards

Saturday night, the Bulls added another team to their list of pathetic losses this season by losing to the almighty Washington Wizards by double-digits. It wasn’t even that close. The Bulls had a whole bunch of turnovers and that’s what did them in. In the last 30 days, the Bulls have lost to the Bobcats, Suns and Wizards. What contending team loses to three of the shittiest teams in the NBA?

This all lies on head coach, Thomass Thibodeou. It’s one thing to be in the game and lose because the other team is better but it’s another to not show up. The Bulls always play down to their competition and it’s the coach’s responsibility to have his team ready and for the most part this season, that’s not the case. Their record doesn’t mean anything either. Look at all of the games they have had double-digit leads only to see them piss it away in spectacular fashion. When I was at the game in Toronto two weeks ago, the Bulls had a 19-point lead, blew it and should have lost the game but thanks to a blown-call at the end of the game (Deng pushed off a defender for the game-winning shot), it didn’t happen.

On Monday night, Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats return to the United Center. This is going to be tough. The Bobcats are the only team that can match up well with the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Open thread.

January 23, 2013

Fire away.

RIP Stan Musial and Earl Weaver…

January 19, 2013

Gentlemen (and the rest of you)…baseball lost the great “Stan the man” Musial  and Earl Weaver today.

It’s safe to say that Weaver was the more “colorful” of the two…and since we’re still in recovery from the “less colorful” Lovie, I offer the following for your pleasure…or displeasure.

Obit Earl Weaver Baseball

A fiery personality, to say the least. And the most successful manager in Orioles history.

“You’re here for one reason, to fuck us good!” – Earl Weaver





Marc Trestman press conference

January 18, 2013

After hearing the press conference with new Bears head coach Marc Trestman, did you feel refreshed? To finally hear a coach for the Chicago Bears not shove bullshit in our faces, did it seem awesome? At least in my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never heard a coach for the Bears be forward by saying “We have a sense of urgency to win”. Did Lovie Smith ever mention that there was a sense of urgency to win? The answer is no. Our good friend Chucky was the one who noted that Lovie always told the media that some games weren’t “must win” but after it was too late, then it was all of a sudden that way.

From what I heard, Trestman also said that his priority would be to protect Jay Cutler. Basically, he’s implying that he is aware that the offensive line sucks and that he wants a new line that can actually protect Cutler so he can have more than two seconds to run the ball. Anybody else agree with that too?

Before all of this, it was “we have a good football team” and “we like the players we have now”. In addition to all of this, the entire Lovie regime of assistant coaches are gone. I was fine with Marinelli staying but he decided to leave on his own terms. You see Bears fans? This is how franchises build teams that win a Super Bowl. The Packers let Favre go and they won the Super Bowl a few years later with Rodgers. The Steelers put in Ben Rapistberger after Tommy Maddox started to suck and they have won two Super Bowls in three chances since 2006.

Listening to Emery and Trestman can make anybody jump on board with what they do and as a Bears fan, I am finally feeling good about the future of this team.

Jimmy Johnson was right.

January 16, 2013

Many were thinking Jimmy Johnson was a lunatic last week when he said that the Bears seemed to have found their coach in Marc Trestman. It turned out he knew more than we did.

I am sure most of us here had no idea who this guy was until two weeks ago. He’s been around for about two decades in the coaching world and everywhere he has been, it’s been a success as far as the offense is concerned. I am fine with Rod Marinelli still being the defensive coordinator although it has been frustrating to watch the Bears in late half and late game situations when the I-Pass defense makes their presence felt. Side note, it turned out that the Broncos did their best impression of the “Cover Who” defense on Saturday. Ouch.

I am on board with this hiring. In fact, I am with Phil Emery on all of his decisions so far. He has said all the right things and unlike Angelo, he actually explains his actions rather than insult media reporters (whistle Dixie!). If anything with this hiring, it’s a breath of fresh air from the last guy. I am confident that we will not hear the phrase “We get off the bus running” anymore.

Your thoughts in the thread.


January 13, 2013

Hello friends. Welcome to Fire Tom Thibodeau. Over the last three seasons, Tom Thibodeau has been fucking the Bulls out of contending for a championship. For a list of reasons why he needs to be fired, I advise you to click on “Reasons To Fire Tom” which is on the side of the homepage. An example would be playing his starters too much and never giving them a break. We call that Dusty Baker Syndrome.

On Wednesday, the Fire Tom Thibodeau crew (just me) will be in Toronto to witness the Bulls play the Raptors. My seats are pretty close to the bench so if I get a chance, I will voice  my opinion on this idiot.

For all of you newcomers, Bears fans and the regulars, no worries. We are just getting started here. We will keep it going with the Bears talk and other things as we have over the last few years after other people were fired.

Addressing needs in the draft and free agency.

January 8, 2013

While the search for a new head coach and offensive coordinator continues, I am going to dissect what the Bears should do with the draft and free agency coming up in April. Before that though, I heard a report that Mike Singletary is scheduled to be interviewed for the head coaching position. I want to assure everyone that this is simply the “Rooney Rule” taking place and he is not seriously being considered for the position. While he was a great player, he was a horrible head coach and I think Emery knows that.

Now onto the draft and free agency. As it has been for what it seems to be forever, the Bears need a lot of help in more places than one. Last year’s draft was just a start and while we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to out of the guys drafted, this next draft will prove to be crucial. I was wrong last year on the new additions the Bears brought to the offensive line. I thought they had enough to make things work and a combination of injuries and an idiot walking out on the team because he was benched contributed to the demise of the 2012-2013 Bears.

I saw something on ESPN I believe a few weeks back on a team, which I can’t remember drafting four offensive lineman in the first six rounds one year. That may be what Phil Emery needs to do in April. Last year, it seemed as if he went defense heavy and this year, it needs to be the opposite. I am going to guess that the Bears have at least seven picks so that if they get, three or four lineman (early rounds preferred), that gives them three more picks to try to pick up positions like another wide receiver or running back. If there is a spare pick or two after all of that, then try to get a linebacker or safety. In fact, the Bears need about two linebackers at the very least, two safeties and a cornerback. Too many needs, not enough picks so we may have to wait another year on all of those.

As far as free agency is concerned, this where the Bears need to get at least another offensive lineman. Jake Long should be a free agent but I am sure health is a concern with him so unless he comes at a cheap price, the Bears should probably look elsewhere. With the backup quarterback position, the Bears should just thank Jason Campbell for stealing $3.5 million and tell him to go suck somewhere else. I actually liked Josh McCown as a backup but Lovie insisted on cutting him in favor of Campbell, who by the way, sucked in the preseason as well. There aren’t many options in free agency for a backup so maybe they should save one of their draft picks for a quarterback if they are going to be stubborn and not resign McCown.

To recap:

Draft (Seven possible picks): Three to four offensive linemen, quarterback, running back and linebacker/safety.

Free agency:  Wide receiver, offensive lineman, linebacker and safety.

It’s no secret that Phil Emery has a lot to take care of in the offseason. As I mentioned earlier, not all of the possible needs can be addressed in one offseason. I said that same thing last year, but it needs at least two to three years of fixing since Jerry Angelo failed miserably at this. I am sure most of us will agree that after seeing Emery’s press conference on New Year’s Day, he is saying all of the right things. For the first time since I can remember, the Bears finally have a general manager that speaks clearly in press conferences without mumbling his words and sounding like a complete tool in the process.

…does Jim Hendry work for Theo now?

January 6, 2013


Happy New Year,  everybody. This could be the year!

Open thread.

January 3, 2013