A pitiful display of basketball.


Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards

Saturday night, the Bulls added another team to their list of pathetic losses this season by losing to the almighty Washington Wizards by double-digits. It wasn’t even that close. The Bulls had a whole bunch of turnovers and that’s what did them in. In the last 30 days, the Bulls have lost to the Bobcats, Suns and Wizards. What contending team loses to three of the shittiest teams in the NBA?

This all lies on head coach, Thomass Thibodeou. It’s one thing to be in the game and lose because the other team is better but it’s another to not show up. The Bulls always play down to their competition and it’s the coach’s responsibility to have his team ready and for the most part this season, that’s not the case. Their record doesn’t mean anything either. Look at all of the games they have had double-digit leads only to see them piss it away in spectacular fashion. When I was at the game in Toronto two weeks ago, the Bulls had a 19-point lead, blew it and should have lost the game but thanks to a blown-call at the end of the game (Deng pushed off a defender for the game-winning shot), it didn’t happen.

On Monday night, Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats return to the United Center. This is going to be tough. The Bobcats are the only team that can match up well with the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

11 Responses to “A pitiful display of basketball.”

  1. DVXPrime Says:

    My lazy ass didn’t turn this game on until the fourth quarter, and then I was like WTF??? Why are we down twenty points to these assclowns?

    Like I said earlier…the calendar says January, not April, but damn! It is just mind-boggling that the Bulls can’t handle some of the worst teams in the NBA. They’ve actually won the last three Friday night ESPN telecasts, and won two of a stretch of three straight OT games; then they turn around and drop turds like the New Year’s Eve debacle against Charlotte.

    And Fro Dog, you called it again: I’m sick of watching this team squander twenty point leads. This team, with or without Derrick Rose, is NOT built to turn it on/turn it off. They need to come out and be ready to play every night!

    Speaking of Monday night…the Whizzards are hosting the Sacramento Kings that night. Wonderful…some dumbass lobbyists making six-figure salaries are going to wander through DC traffic on a cold night to watch two of the worst teams in the NBA.

    Go Bulls.

  2. Tony Cossio Says:

    I went to the game against the Pistons last week and it hurt my eyes. They were behind the game by double digits into the 4rth. We got up and left and as we made our way down they started to make a comeback.

    This team sucks, I mean they are horrendous to watch. I have no idea how they managed to win against good teams. Other than luck.

  3. Yeti Says:

    The Bulls won last night.

  4. chucky Says:

    So what? The Hornets and the Lakers won on Sunday. What’s your point?

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I pulled a Yeti last night and didn’t watch the game. I had too much to do. HOWEVER, I did read that the Bulls blew a 14-point lead in the 3rd only to squeak out a victory by single-digit points. I’ve watched enough games over the years to be eligible to read what happened rather than see because it’s the same shit everytime. Usually, when a team is up by that much especially to a team owned my Michael Jordan, they should smother those bums into submission. Instead, it’s a fight to the finish. Bravo my dear friend Yeti. You can go back to your cave now.

  6. Yeti Says:

    Ok, Fro, name good teams with good coaches. I know the Bulls don’t fit your criteria for that, but I want to see who you think is good. The Heat? Thunder? Who else is in your “good team and coach” category?

  7. chucky Says:

    I’m still waiting for your answer Yeti.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    That’s alright Chucky. I got this.

    1. Gregg Popovich – San Antonio Spurs: Four NBA Titles in eight years. The Spurs this year are close to the best record in the NBA along with the Thunder (more on them in a minute). You want to know something also that I like about Pops rather than “Thibs”? Pops rests his players because he knows that he needs them by the playoffs.

    Duncan, Parker, Ginobli, etc. all receive games off or play limited minutes throughout the season. Unlike the coach for the Bulls, who plays all of this players nearly the entire game. Then you wonder why Deng is hurt or why Noah continues to have foot problems. But that’s OK though. The next game, Deng will probably play his 45 minutes. I am sure when the Spurs are up double-digits late with two minutes to go in a game, Popovich will have already sat his starters.

    2. Erik Spoelstra – Miami Heat: As much as I hate to do this, I was wrong about LeBron never getting a title. I admitted that. It sucks because now, they probably will be in the Finals again against either the Spurs, Clippers or Thunder but it’s no big deal. The Heat have won two titles since 2006 and Spoelstra, say what you want about him, has one of them.

    3. Scott Brooks – Oklahoma City Thunder: Sure. No title. Yet. But they have a much better shot to win than the Bulls do. They are in a much better conference too. If the Bulls are in the Western Conference, they aren’t in third place like they are now. They would probably be sixth or seventh. If they win it this year or the next, you will horrible in your argument.

    4. Mike Woodson – New York Knickerbockers: Carmelo, Amare and Chandler. Their defense has played much better since Woodson took over last year and they have a better chance just like other teams, than the Bulls do to win a title. Besides, they came back from 20+ point deficits against the Bulls in their two meetings this year and nearly pulled off a miracle. Easter Sunday last year, they actually did come back and win against them when Carmelo hit a three with a few seconds left to force overtime if I remember correctly. If memory serves correct, that lead was around 15 in the fourth.

    I would add P.J. Carlesimo of the Nets but they have C.J. Watson and Keith Bogus on that team so I think those two guys will prevent them from doing anything. They do have the best record in the NBA since he took over after Avery Johnson’s firing. Same with Vinny Del Negro. I don’t like the guy but that doesn’t mean I don’t think the Clippers are good. They are, but not as good as the Thunder or Spurs. Time will tell though.

    I have a FEELING that I know what you are going to do now. You are going to dig up the schedules of all of these teams and see if they lost to the Bobcats, Wizards or Suns and then, present your rebuttal towards me. Go right ahead though.

  9. chucky Says:

    He’s all yours, fitness friend.

  10. Raymond Says:

    Greetings to all. First, congratulation in playing a part to cause Lovie go. Hopefully, the new coach will bring more excitment to the Bears next season.

    As for the Bulls, I have to disagree with your assessment. Thibs is not the best coach in the NBA, and I agree that Popovich is certainly a better coach particularly offensively. There are two problems with the Bulls in my view. First, their offensive sets are too predictable. They definitely need a lot more creativity in that department. Second, they lack a top notch scorer who can create his own shot and beat others one on one. Great players make coaches look great when they knock down difficult shots. Bulls simply do not have that player, even with Rose included. Until they get that player, it is very unlikely that they can advance in the playoffs, or beat a team like Heat in a 7 game series.

    For instance, you look at Cavs with or without Irving, there are just two different teams. The same can be said about the Heat without LeBron to a lesser extent of course. And by the way, Heat lost to Washington too.

    Given all the player changes and some draft errors the Bulls had, I think Thibs has done a good job. With this group, he has no choice but to play strong defense and hope that their shots fall through. Yes, you can criticize him for playing Deng too long, but that is not a cause for his firing. I think it will be very difficult for the Bulls to find someone better than Thibs at this time.

    My critic of him mostly goes to his offensive sets. I think with a team that does not have a great scoring talent, you have to implement a more diverse offense such as the Triangle, or the equal opportunity offense. I think triangle sets will work better with this group. You have two playes who can post, Deng who can slash and shoot, and gaurds who can move the ball and run around posts to get free. Or, they have to come up with a lot more creative offensive sets that create good open looks.

    Have a great evening everyone, and again congrats for helping to end the Lovie era.

  11. Kory Roberson Says:

    But Wall is excited about the challenge and what his team can accomplish in the final 41 games.


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