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The Rickett’s Era, Hurry up already!!!

March 28, 2009

The Padres have managed to complete ownership roles during this off-season. This fucking Tribune motherfucking bullshit has gone on for two years. As fans, we are tired of the corporate bullshit that the Tribune has dished out for too long. Get this fucking deal done soon, and allow the new owner an oppriotunity to evaluate the team and make decisions both financally and with player personnel.

What are your wishes for the Cubs new ownership to achieve? I’m not saying a World Series in the first year, but what would you guys like to see happen in the first season with a new owner?

This fucking shit has been going on for two years, and enough is enough.

At least make an attempt…

March 26, 2009

You will automatically become the greatest Bears quarterback ever.

It is  no secret that Jay Cutler could be traded here in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft. I will have my thoughts on what the Bears should do with the draft in the next few weeks. But for now, all I can say is that if Jerry Angelo does not at least make a legitimate attempt to get Jay Cutler, then he should be fired without question. This guy is the real deal. As I mentioned before, I am a big Kyle Orton fan and I believe he will be good if given the help on offense such as wide receivers and an an offensive line that can protect him.

But if all of a sudden, a Pro Bowl  quarterback becomes available, you go for it. If Drew Brees starts complaining that he wants to be traded, you at least try to see if a deal is possible. The same goes for Cutler. As much as I love Orton, he is not Jay Cutler. Cutler is more mobile and he can throw a deep ball more accurately. If the Bears can get this guy, he will still need the players around him. He is going to need a better line as well as wide receivers who can actually catch the ball.

Knowing Jerry Angelo though, this seems like a long shot. He said in his press conference  a couple days after the regular season ended that to build an offense along with a winning team, it starts with the quarterback. “You win because of the quarterback” he said that day. So what does he do? He goes out and gets Brett Basanez. Yeah. Brett fucking Basanez. That guy has Pro Bowl potential. I mean, he was on the practice squad of a team for a couple years. That guy can be great one day. Oh fuck it. This sucks.

Jerry Angelo, you dip shit, pick up the damn phone, call the Broncos and see what they want for this guy. Just try to make a serious attempt. That is all we fans ask for. Please.

Retiring #31, Jenkins, Maddux, or both?

March 19, 2009

The Cubs announced that there will be a ceremony on May 3rd to jointly retire the number 31 to both Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux. There seems to be a debate on various sites that it should be reserved for Maddux only. I disagree. Most of the people that voice their opinions have never seen Fergie pitch. I’ll never forget some of those classic games with the Cardinals when Jenkins and Gibson were matched up. The game would usually wind up 1-0, or 2-1, and would be finished in less than two hours with both pitchers going the distance. You don’t see that in todays baseball. Jenkins won 20 or more games in six consecutive seasons between 67 and 72. He only reached 20 wins one more time in his career. He was traded to Texas for Bill Madlock in 73. Madlock went on to win a couple of batting titles with the Cubs. Fergie Jenkins was aquired in a trade with the Phillies in 1966.

Greg Maddux was a product of the Cubs farm system. He was called up in 86, and struggled through his first two seasons. But he started figuring it out in 88 when he went 18-8. He went 20-11 in 92 and won the first of four consecutive Cy Young Awards. This is when Larry Himes, GM at the time, disputed a 50 thousand dollar difference during negotiations, and let Maddux walk. What a fucking dumbass Himes was.

To make a long story short, Jenkins has watched teammates Banks, Williams, and Santo be retired, but understood the situation and is happy to share his number with Maddux in Cubs lore.

It’s time for the NCAA tournament.

March 19, 2009

Let the madness ANGER begin.

Hello Everybody!!!

March 13, 2009

Let me introduce myself….

I’m ksmc2000 from the original firedustybaker site. When boddyd pulled several disappearing acts from posting new threads, I tried to contact him via e-mail to allow me to keep the old site going, but got no response. That site had a huge following and we made some great friendships along the way.

Then Fro Dog started this site to keep as many members as possible from the old site together. We all thank you for that. After the second three game sweep in the playoffs in as many years, Fro Dog has decided to follow the Cubs from a safe distance in 09. I can’t say as I blame him one bit. Even with a 97 win season in 08, I found myself getting pissed off many times last year. 2009 will be my 40th as being a Cub fan. I have too many miles on these tires to be able to give up. It’s what I’ve been doing since I was 12 years old. All I want is a Cubs World Series Championship in my lifetime. Is that too much to ask?

I will do the best I can to assist Fro Dog with the baseball side of the site. We might not agree with each other on alot of discussions, but the best part of this forum is that everyone has a right to their own opinion. We are all family here. You can say whatever the fuck you want without dealing with a moderator. It should be an exciting season, and I’m looking forward to talking Cubs baseball with you.

P.S. I’d like to give a shout-out to MadCityMac from the original site. I met him a few times, and he is a great friend.


Bulls get their foots stuck up their asses; Blackhawks snap skid in shoutout.

March 11, 2009

Who farted?

1. The Chicago Bulls are bad. Real bad. I said in the beginning of the season for my prediction that they would be a .500 team. Right now, that would be a miracle. Other than Derrick Rose, there aren’t that many good players. I like Ben Gordon but his defense is awful. He can have those nights where he scores 35 but he thinks he can do it every night and that leads to problems. Tyrus Thomas will never be good. This damn turd continues to take outside shots when he keeps missing. His role is to be a post player who blocks shots and gets rebounds.

John Salmons and Brad Miller have been nice additions to the team but overall, this team cannot play any defense AT ALL. I kept telling myself that it might not be Vinny Del Negro’s fault that all of this crap is still happening but lately, I am beginning to think it is. The Eastern Conference sucks so bad that the Bulls STILL lead the 8th playoff spot.

That is what I am talking about.

2. The Chicago Blackhawks got back on track Wednesday night with a shooout win against the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2. The Hawks were less than a minute away from victory until Toews got called for a hooking penalty that led to the tying goal. Toews and Kane had shootout goals with Versteeg getting the game winner. Huet was ok in front of the net and Khabibulin should be starting here anytime soon.

I still felt Antti Niemi didn’t get a fair shot. My prediction was wrong about him having a good game Sunday but I don’t think it is right to judge somebody on just playing two games by already calling him just a backup. Especially when he did pretty well the first time around. I really felt he deserved to play the next game. Instead, he had to wait a week and he ended up playing really badly. Khabibulin really needs to play well when he returns. If not, then it could be bad news. In a perefect world, Huet would just go up to QuennStache and be like “Hey, I suck. Don’t play me.” instead of “Hey, I suck but throw me out there anyway.”


March 9, 2009

1. Chicago Bulls tied for the 8th playoff spot in the East

2. Blackhawks on a short losing skid but should get out of it real soon

3. NCAA conference tournaments beginning real soon.

– Last but not least, Keith (ksmc2000) has agreed to help out and take over the writing on this site starting soon at least once or twice a week. I am just waiting for a response from him.

I will still be here talking Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and college basketball every now and then.

So once he gets back to me, you will see some of his posts real soon.

– Thanks.

Here Come The Hawks!

March 2, 2009


Finally. The coach with the awesome porn stache finally puts Christobal Huet where he belongs which is on the bench. The lady and I went to the game Sunday buying standing room only seats for $20 each. There were empty seats scattered around the upper deck so we did find a place to sit and that was a relief. I’ve said this quite a bit lately but attending a hockey game is really exciting. I recommend any of you that are thinking about going to do so. It does get a bit chilly in there though especially if you are close the rink so bundle up.

I spoke to Forklift of last week and I asked him why Antti Niemi wasn’t getting a shot to start. I believe he said something along the lines of Quenville (The man with the porn stache) that he is trying to get Huet in a groove for the playoffs. That is fine and dandy but if the guy sucks and he continues to suck then he needs to be sat down. I just wanted Niemi to get a chance to see what he can do before he gets sent back down with Khabibulin returning.

The way I see it, in any sport, you do not know if someone is good or not unless they get a fair shot. It can’t be just one play or one period/quarter but one game or a set of games. Huet has had some good games but lately, he has been a shit stain. Niemi has earned  another shot in my opinion especially if Khabibulin continues to be on the shelf.

That is about it. Til next time.

– Fro Dog