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“I wanted to wish this website a happy 12th birthday. Dude, did you know that 12 is the number on my jersey?”

August 1, 2020

“Dude, remember back in 2005 when y’all came to a website to try to fire me? Remember when BobbyD vanished and y’all moved here? BobbyD was your horse. And when you don’t have your horses, you have to look for other ones. *Spits toothpick bits* Man, I don’t know. But dude, this guy you call Fro Dog jumped in. But a dog isn’t a horse. I mean, a dog is a mammal. It has four legs like a horse. Some dogs can run fast like horses. But it’s not a horse. Then KSMC stepped in (rest in paradise). After that, this Genrebuster dude followed up. *Spits toothpick bits* That’s three horses! By the way, does ‘Genrebuster’ have something to do with music? I like music.

You see any of the other teams I managed afterwards have websites with the mission to fire me? You don’t. But when I was in Chicago, you were writing me hate mail. You booed me. I also remember being told about a website talking about LaTroy being bad. Why? Because we’re African-American? Man, y’all racists! *Spits toothpick bits*

But hey, it’s been a while. You had your championship. *Spits toothpick bits* I would have gotten it for you if I just had my horses. *Spits toothpick bits* But dude, that’s just how it goes.

12 years is a long time. And if you go back to the first website you wanted to fire me at, dude, that’s 15 years. *Spits toothpick bits* So I guess, happy double birthday!

                                                                                                                           Yours truly, *Spits toothpick bits*

                                                                                                                                              Dusty Baker