Does it feel like football season?


If anything, the NFL should just cancel the Bears. I don’t even want to waste my energy writing about that fucking team at this fucking moment.

If anything, you can just read any article I’ve written about the Bears (along with the comments in them) since the inception of this website 12 years ago. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

3 Responses to “Does it feel like football season?”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Does anybody know when football season i supposed to start? Asking for a friend…

  2. chucky Says:

    DVX…the season starts Thursday, 9/10, Texans vs. Chiefs, then the rest of the schedule starts on 9/13.

    Fro….the ONLY thing I’m ready for is for OB and Dan Hampton losing their minds at Nagy’s utter stupidity. Aside from that, the Bears can go fuck themselves for all I care. I know I don’t need to tell you this, but get ready for another year run right into to a ditch. With any luck Matt Nagy’s head coaching career will come to rest right where it belongs.

    At the bottom of a ravine.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    …and maybe if we’re lucky, Chucky, Ryan Pace and that fat bastard Teddy-Bear Phillips will join Matt Nagy in NFL career jail.

    Phillips is kind of a stretch, but I think after six years, even georgie-boy might be tired of Pace’s stupidity (if he still cares at this point).


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