Kimbrel strikes – err, I mean WALKS – again!


Your comments welcomed…IF anybody even cares.

7 Responses to “Kimbrel strikes – err, I mean WALKS – again!”

  1. chucky Says:

    David FUCKING Ross is simply the next link in the chain of fucking useless Cubs managers who continue to trot out useless, stupid, and mentally damaged closers to lose very winnable games. Didn’t anybody from the Cubs front office wonder why nobody signed Craig FRUCKING Kimbrel? Something happened to this guy. Theo has a goddamned hard on for this worthless bag of fuck from their days in Boston, so now we’re stuck with this shitstain. Another bullshit contract. Hiya Edwin Jackson. I’m sick of these goddamn useless motherfuckers!!!!!! How goddamn many have there been anyway? LaToya Hawkins, Prick Aguilera, Carlos Marmol, Pedro FUCKING Strop, and, of course Kevin FUCKING Gregg. All of these worthless sacks of fucking dog shit should be fucking shot, along with the fucking idiot managers who keep sending them out there, and the fucking idiot general managers who signed their sorry asses.

    Fuck em all.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Between your long memory of the bullpen failures of the Chicago Cubs, and your Fire and Passion, I’m not even gonna attempt to top that one, Chucky.

    Let the bleacher bums say AMEN.

  3. chucky Says:

    Thanks for the kind words DVX. But I must tell you, the reason I have that long memory is because I suffered long term psychological damage from watching these assclown pitchers. I may never recover.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    EXCELLENT post, chucky…(despite omitting references to heavy mining equipment).

    I was initially rooting for him…but Craig FUCKING Kimbrel may very well become the new King of PATHETIC before this is all over.

    Who knows what Theo was thinking? I hope he allows Ross to bypass Kimbrel in close games. In this shortened season little mistakes are magnified.

    Perhaps the Cubs should to hire a full-time psychotherapist to work with their so-called “closers”…

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    “Your comments welcome…if anybody cares.”

    Nope, not me. When the Cubs and their plantation owners, MLB, decided to hold hands with BLM and Antifa in common cause, they lost me. They might as well join hands with the KKK there is no difference.

  6. chucky Says:

    From the “You gotta be fucking kidding me” file. This is only a portion of this article, with my snarky comments thrown in.

    The Chicago Cubs agreed to a minor league deal with Pedro Strop on Friday, bringing back the popular reliever after he was released by Cincinnati.

    Who in the goddamn hell thinks this is, in any way, a good fucking idea? Whoever it is MUST be bashed in the face with a fucking piece of heavy mining equipment today.

    A person with direct knowledge of the contract confirmed the deal on condition of anonymity because it was pending a physical.

    Which he shouldn’t pass. So far he’s made 4 appearances for Cincinnati. He was sidelined by a right groin injury last month, but he was reinstated from the IL on Aug. 26 and then designated for assignment. So, in order to bolster a bad bullpen you sign a guy a mental fur ball who can’t pitch when he’s healthy. Time for some douchecopter to be thrown screaming for a helicopter.

    Strop will report to the team’s alternate training site in South Bend, Indiana. The Cubs are leading the NL Central, but their bullpen has struggled at times.

    And they think this dumb motherfucker is going to help? In what universe will that fucking happen? Time for some stupid bitch in a suit to be disemboweled with a wooden cooking spoon.

    Wearing his hat off to the left, Strop became a fan favorite in Chicago after he was acquired along with Jake Arrieta in a 2013 trade with Baltimore for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger.

    Strop wore his goddamned hat off to the side because his empty fucking isn’t screwed on right. I guess they didn’t learn their lesson when they brought back Kevin FUCKING Gregg for a second run. YOU DON’T BRING BACK A WORTHLESS MENTAL DOUCHEBUCKET WHO IS INJURED AND SUCKS ON A GOOD FUCKING DAY!!!!! GOD FUCKING DAMNIT JED. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?

  7. chucky Says:

    Strop wore his goddamned hat off to the side because his empty fucking head isn’t screwed on right.

    Sorry, I’m so fucking pissed about this I can’t think straight.


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