Another ex-Cub is gone.


Lou Brock has left the building.

Worst trade in MLB history? You be the judge.

Countdown to Opening Day: 24 Days – The trade of Lou Brock

3 Responses to “Another ex-Cub is gone.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    In other news…a Cub reliever pitches a 1-2-3 ninth inning. Joy!

    IRT Brock for Broglio: just look at the stats for both traded players and the playoffs/pennants/World Series for the Cubs and the Cards. End of.

  2. chucky Says:

    My very first game I saw at Wrigley was Cubs vs. Cards, July 30, 1973. Rick Reuschel vs. Bob Gibson. Lou Brock led off with a base hit, stole second, and scored. Cubs scored three off of Gibson in the first, and that’s the way the game ended. Gibson pitched all 8 innings for St. Louis too. Great memories.

    RIP Lou, and thank you for the memories.

  3. erniesarmy Says:

    I recall that trade in 1964, and at the time, as a 14 year old, I thought, “Good, the Cubs need pitching.” Sore armed Ernie Broglio for Lou Brock! That shows you how much I knew. However, in terms of Cub management, I was General Manager material! It was a great trade for Lou; he won a World Series his first year there and had a Hall of Fame career he would never have had with the inept Cubs.


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