The Bears begin Sunday and I’ve barely paid any attention.


Well, it may take me a bit to figure things out. I haven’t looked at the roster much. But I am certain I am ready for another year of shitty play-calling, blown leads, missed field goals, injuries and coaches lying about injuries. It’s just unfortunate no one will be in the stands to boo the piss out of this franchise. But like the last 35 years, I don’t think that’s worked. So hey, you never know?

The Bears are on the road against the Lions. I already hear there are injuries to “key” players. But again, does this really matter? It’s routine for the Bears to have this issue. Lack of depth is also an issue since the supposed general manager of this team doesn’t know how to draft players.

I said in May that the Bears will go 5-11. I don’t see myself shifting that prediction as I feel that’s a very accurate guess. They’ll win a game that no one expects them to. They’ll lose a few games (at least) that they could have easily won. Unfortunately, a shitty head coach is the reason why this will be the case (as it’s been the last 35 years).

Your thoughts are welcome. As always, there will be a recap after Sunday’s game.

6 Responses to “The Bears begin Sunday and I’ve barely paid any attention.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Men, I’m having a real hard time giving a shit about this game. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, here’s something that got my blood boiling. As you can see in the link below, The Kiss of Death To Chicago Sports himself, Kenny Albert, isn’t allowed to call tomorrow’s game because of protocols. He was calling hockey games in Edmonton and didn’t know about having to go through a process before traveling for a game.

    And his replacement for this game?

    The Original Kiss of Death To Chicago Sports, Dick Stockton. This fucking guy won’t go away, will he? He didn’t get enough calling tough losses for the Bulls in the late 80’s. He couldn’t get enough calling the Cubs as they were promptly being swept in ’07 and ’08. Then, of course, most of the Bear games he’s called for the last 25 years (at least). I almost want to go to Detroit just to find this guy and punch him in the throat.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Our cable service doesn’t offer NFL Sunday Ticket, I don’t have the motivation to Uber to Buffalo Wild Wings, too lazy/technologically disinclined to stream the game on my iMac or smartphone.

    Not really worth going through the effort to watch a team fail to make any forward progress anywhere on the field.

    I have a thought; George McCaskey has spent years trying to duplicate the winning formula of his father, George S. Halas: power running game, the occasional forward pass to the end zone, and a monster defense. Unfortunately, between Georgie-boy, Teddy-bear Phillips (30-plus year team president), and an unending string go GMs, head coaches and coordinators of varying quality, the bears have failed to evolve with the times.

    You can’t have a power running game (or any offense whatsoever) if your offensive line can’t open up running lanes or protect your ball handler. And a monster defense that can’t defend the other team’s forward passes (because that’s a pretty big deal these days) is not that much of a monster defense.

    So, so hard to get motivated about football. Think I’ll just wait for O’B and Hampton’s post game rants.

  4. chucky Says:

    Well, brand new season filled with misguided hope, and the same old Turd Biscuit. Fucking dork can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    And DVX, don’t hold your breath on Hamp and OB. The goddamned White Sux are going to fucking them up through October. Fuckers.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Chucky, the White Sox better be have a REAL DEEP playoff run.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  6. chucky Says:

    I hope not DVX, I’d much rather listen to Hampton and O’Bradovich than the douchecopters announcing a stupid, worthless White Sux game.


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