Cubs are playing like it really matters…but will it?


So, the Cubs are 12-3, and off to their best start since 1970.

They look great. It seems like David Ross is really connecting with the players, and taking care of business.

Normally I’d be checking the ball scores regularly, but I’m finding it hard to engage…and expecting the season to “end” before it’s completed.

Thoughts, anybody?


2 Responses to “Cubs are playing like it really matters…but will it?”

  1. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Something about Ross. They were great until Ross left. Now they’re good again (although their bullpen is TRASH). Meanwhile the Los Angeles Angels are 7-12. Joe Maddon ain’t helped them even with Rendon and Bundy.

    Will they finish? If MLB gets to September without anymore big hiccups, then they’ll do everything possible to get that postseason $.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Pie, the entire bullpen is trash or mainly the Kimbrell/closer situation? I haven’t been paying close attention, busy with other stuff…..


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